Written by lucky blackpool

29 Aug 2010

I recently rediscovered my liking for cock even though I am now much older than I was when I first discovered cock. Back then I was 19 years young and like most young men I played lots of football went drinking with mates and did the odd bit of jogging. It was while I was jogging that I got my first cock . I was running through the park and needed a wee so went off to the public toilet, it was run down building and I new that not many people go there. I headed in and the place stunk of piss while I was stood pissing I became aware of a bloke stood just behind me as I turned to see who it was .he was stood with his cock in his hand slowly wanking not expecting this I kind of did a double take only the second time I looked my eyes were fixed on his cock. He smiled at me and with his head he nodded in the direction of the cubicles. I just wandered over and went in he followed and closed the door. I sat my self on the toilet and he shoved his cock in my mouth., it was really salty as I sucked the pre cum from it. He must have been wanking for a while as he did not take long to cum, as he did he had placed his hand on the back of my head to stop me pulling away. He nipped my nose and told me to swallow it. Then he put his cock away and said I’ll be here next week if you want some more. With that he left and I carried on with my jog thinking what had just happened and how much I had been turned on by it. The next week I set off on my jog but my heart was beating fast as I new I was going to head back to the toilet for more of the same. As I arrived I first looked around then went in again he was stood there with his cock out slowly wanking . I walked strait to the cubical and went in he followed. This time as I went to sit down he took hold of my arm and told me week two would be better. He directed me to turn around and then started pulling my running shorts down. As they dropped to the floor I stepped out of them. He reached around and began playing with my cock and rubbing my arse. The hand that was playing with my cock stopped and he started messing with something in his pocket. He then placed something under my nose and told me to take a good sniff . While I was doing this he squirted something on to his hand then rubbed my arse again. Soon I felt his cock pressing against my arse hole. He was pushing quite hard against me until eventually his bell end entered me then I could fell his cock sliding in. When he was all the way in he started to pump away at my arse He had both hand on my hips kind of pulling me back to meet his thrust then with one bug push he tensed up and empted his load in to me. He pulled out picked up my shorts wiped his cock on them and left. I felt really dirty but liked the feeling. I went back for two more weeks but never seen him again.

Shortly after that I met my wife to be. We were both 19 and soon fell deeply in love. We did the usually thing that a young couple do partying . Drinking and lots of sex amongst other thing I had put my encounter with the guy in the toilet out of my mind. But then again maybe thinking back this is probably were my desire for my partner to sleep with another man came from She did not share in this desire and refused point blank. We eventually got married and had a son but I always had the thought of seeing her with another man. And every so often would keep asking her. Our son was now 9 and we were 30 when we went on holiday, we never had much money so could only afford to go to a caravan site it was near to Blackpool so we planed to go there. On our arrival we went to the caravan and started to unload the car. Our son started to play with a boy who was already there. It turned out that this lad was in the next caravan to us with his dad. As our son was playing we decided to sit on the chairs out side the caravan the kids dad was in his caravan and the kids were going back and forth between us and him. After a couple of hours the kids dad (glen) came out to ask if we were going to the club on site for tea as his son wanted our son to go for tea with them. As I turned to except my eyes were on level with his cock and I must say it looked massive in his shorts . My wife (Nicola) and I went into our caravan to freshen up and Nicola said those shorts are to small for him you can see the shape of his cock. I laughed and said his cock could be just to big for those shorts. Nicola smiled and not been one to miss an opportunity I asked her to flirt with him, but again she refused. We left and walked the short distance to the club , we sat down and ordered drinks and some food while the kids were playing in a soft play area. We chatted and he told us his wife had walked out leaving him with the kid. Nicola looked sympathetic of his situation . We all eat and had a few drinks then he said his son would be getting tired and he was heading back to the caravan but he did have some cans of larger he would share if we fancied heading back. We collected the kids and set off walking back. One of the kids fell over and Nicola bent over to pick him up as she did glen stepped back and checked out her arse . She was wearing a short skirt that rode up as she bent forward and you could see the checks of her arse. We arrived back at the caravan and the kids went in to glens to watch a dvd we sat out side and enjoyed the sun while drinking the cans of larger. As Nicola drank the larger I noticed she was not as in control as she normally is and her skirt had rode up revealing the bottom of her knickers. Glen kept looking and eventually I managed to catch his eye as he was looking at her. I winked and he smiled . He got up to check on the kids who were by now fast asleep. Glen reappeared with a pack of cards and we started to play jacks twos and eights. We (glen and me) then thought it might be fun to play strip poker Nicola said she had not played before and would need to be shown how to play glen explained the rules and she agreed to play, to my surprise. We went in to glens caravan and moved the kids to one of the bed rooms we closed the curtains and glen said the looser (the naked one) has to do a for fit that is decided by the winner (the one with the most cloths) we also agreed that five loses was the looser to make it fair. We started to play and Nicola lost the first game and removed her saddles, the look of disappointment on glens face said it all, but it did not last long as she also lost the next two games removing her top and skirt. She stood there for a short while as glen admired the view she then sat down and the next games got under way but this time glen lost two in a row so was down to his boxer shorts and I think it was me who was right before his cock was to big for his shorts . Nicola lost again and removed her bra then again and removed her knickers with out a word of protest . Glen had a good view of her totally shaven pussy and judging by his shorts liked what he seen . Nicola sat down and glen said as I won it would be me who gets to pick the for fit. Nicola new what was coming and got up to go to the toilet the seat were she had sat had a small wet patch on glen lent over and licked the chair. I asked him if he fancied having her for the night to do with as he pleased . To witch he replied to fucking right I do. Nicola came back in to the room glen asked me to tell her what the for fit was. I told her but I think she had already guessed glen stood up and pulled his boxer shorts down to reveal his cock that must have been 10” long and about 6” thick. Nicola was still standing up and glen walked over to her. He placed his arm around her waist and they began to kiss. I watched as there toungs darted in and out of each others mouth . Then glen asked her to suck his cock , she went down on her knees and began to lick his cock before place it in her mouth. And sucking him as far in as she possibly could . Glen soon emptied his seed in to her mouth and she turned to me to show it to me before swallowing it down. Glen and her then went off to our caravan to enjoy them self’s. I eventually fell asleep at about 1am and was woken by glen at 5 30am. Glen was still naked as I woke he said that’s your wife sorted now for you and placed his hand down my shorts as he played with my cock his started to stiffen and I licked the end. Glen said I could suck my wife’s pussy juice from his cock. As he placed it in to my mouth he told me he had also fucked her up the arse . I sucked for ages before he started to cum in my mouth. I did not get much cum as Nicola had taken it all. Glen wanked me till I cum then I got up and left taking our son back with me. He was still asleep so I placed him on the bed and went in to see Nicola. She was laid on the bed with her legs open and all I could see was glens cum running from her. I laid on the bed and with out saying a word began to lick her pussy. Glens cum tasted nice and as I licked Nicola told me about how glen had fucked her and how is big cock had felt in her pussy and up her arse. She told me that she had enjoyed having a big cock up her and said if it was ok with me she would do it again when we got home. Later I asked glen for a phone number and to asked if he wanted to repeat the whole thing again he gave me his number and said that next time we should all get on the bed for fun. Glen left that day and my wife and I enjoyed the rest of our holiday . On the way home I told her what had happened with glen when he came back to the caravan, she looked shocked but said she thought I was also interested in men as she had seen me checking them out at the gym and at the swimming baths . She as asked me if I would let glen have me. To witch I replied if the mood was right. Glen is coming up to ours in a few weeks so time will tell.