Written by jock69uk

23 Mar 2007

At last Spring has arrived, and walking the dog on such a glorious morning is a real treat.I could see Harold and Hilda (nicknanes from 70,s sitcom as this couple allways wore identical gear, long outback coats, and matching hats when walking their dogs)way in the distance well on with the usual route.

I set off up the hill at a good pace the dog ,as usual rushing around asa if he had never been out.After 25 minutes or so cresting the hill I thought it was time to take in the views and have a well earned cigarette ,the dog of course could not keep still and darted about usualy in sight but regularily returning to check on my whereabouts.

I suddenly realised he had not returned for a couple of minutes and finishing my secong cigarrete whistled him in ,no reaction so I walked on my normal route,I could here some barking in the distance so imagined he,ed found another dog ,I loooked down the hillside and there he was with two large alsatians, hurtling around with no sign of H&H the alsatians owners.

After a few calls he returned and the other dogs began to mve higher up the hill finally stopping at the side of a small depression,they sat their quite happily as we continued our walk.

Somme 10 minutes later we were returning on the opposite side of the valley and I noticed the two alsations were still sitting in the same place and could not help now seeing that H&H were laying in the depression Hilda's coat open and Harold payong close attention to her lower anatomy, even though I was 150yards away I knew she was watching my reaction so averting my gaze I carried on as though I had seen nothing,the dog however had other ideas see the alsatians he shot off in their direction clearing all obstructions with ease. When he got to the depression I was surprised to see Hilda get up and stroke and fuss my dog before shooing him back towards my general direction.Imagine my surprise when he finally retuned to see he had an extra collar on,obviosly one of her dogs,with a phone number on the rear of the disc. I put the second collar in my pocket and continued home,totally intrigued and resolved to ring the number on the disc later in the day.(To be continued)