Written by humle

21 Sep 2014

My wife Tanya is 36 years old about 5-10" tall and has a lovely slim body. Tanya is highly sexed and loves dressing in short sexing summer cloths. She also loves showing off on the local nudist beach. A couple of months ago we met Judy at the nudist club we go to. She is a little older than Tanya but very like Tanya tall with long black hair and both have great tans. Last week we went out for a meal together and came back to our house for drinks. Judy told us she had been single for 11 months. She seemed very relaxed and enjoying the wine. Then Tanya ask if we minded if she put the TV on. I just love watching Spartacus Tanya said. "Oh me too"replied Judy. We watched the TV when Judy and Tanya both a bit tipsy on the wine. Both commented on the Roman mistress being bathed by a nude slave girl. I was feeling very horny and could see the sign Tanya was too. Why don't you two play it out slave a mistress. I suggested very mildly. To my surprise Tanya jumped up I will be your slave Judy. Judy then stood up. Is that ok with you Ben.FINE by me. Then strip slave and address me as mistress and Ben as master. Judy looked at me. "I CAN SEE YOU HAVE A HARD ON WELL ENJOY THIS" Tanya removed her cloths and Judy told Tanya just imagine you at a slave auction and we are examining you. Ok Tanya replied. Judy slapped Tanya lightly on the arse. You address me as MY mistress. Is that clear. Tanya responded YES MY MISTRESS. The room was highly charge with sexual arousal. Judy cupped Tanya breast ran her hands over her body and finally put a finger into her cunt. Your dripping you slave whore. Ben come and finger her. Instead I opened the fly on my trousers and slipped my cock into a hot burning cunt. Judy looked at Tanya. Do you what to be fucked slave. Yes my mistress came a husky reply. Ben!.Judy asked would you mind removing your cock and let me fuck her first. Not at all I smiled I will wank off watching. Judy produced a large strap on cock from her bag. Slave when were you last fucked Judy demanded. This morning came the answer. Did your master allow you to cum. Yes my mistress . Well as my slave you have to have my permission to cum is that clear. The reply she gave was just what Judy wanted by the look on her face. I am your slave I obey you my mistress. This was sexuality at its best. Judy and I took our slave to the bedroom placed Tanya on the bed. Judy stripped nude put on her rubber cock.

She notice me looking over her nudity. Ben tomorrow we can fuck while our slave looks on.

That would be ideal I told her. She did have a great body. They just about fucked each others brains out while I enjoyed wanking off. Judy later informed Tanya the next time I fuck you which will be outside on the rocking coves near here. You will only be allowed to cum with your master or my permission. ANY QUESTIONS SLAVE. . Tanya asked.Master mistress what if someone sees us tomorrow. Your a slave you silly cunt I do not give a fuck. I rudely replied. Judy told her. Slave!! tomorrow you will even walk from the car park to the coves a good 15minutes walk in the nude. Also we will get a slave collar for you. And one other thing you will be punished if you fail to keep cunt shaved as Ben I want you ringed. Tanya asked what type of ring master. Judy butted in A SLAVE CUNT RING.

Tanya,please master mistress may I SPEAK. Yes slave we both replied. I WILL BE A GOOD AND OBEY YOU BOTH and will be proud to show off my slave ring at the beach.