Written by stuwy9

12 Jan 2018

I have posted a few stories over the last few years and I love reading what other kinky people get up to. last week I was at a family funeral and my second cousin mark was there who I had not seen for about 10 years. I live locally but he was staying in a hotel near by so we had a few too many beers and ended up at a local pub with a few others. Mark is a bit younger than me and is a real laugh. I last saw him properly at his stag weekend, but he is single again. We ended up in the bar of his hotel as the others all left and he reminded me about his stag night and how we had both ended up in bed with some bird, along with a few of his other mates. Mark said it still turns him on when he thinks about it, I had an instant hard on and as I was more than a bit pissed I said I liked the feel of his cock rubbing against mine as the bird sucked both our cocks at the same time. Mark asked me if I had experienced this since and I said I had but would like to do it with him again. Mark said he had his laptop in his room and we could look for a local escort or brothel . Well we searched locally but found nothing so I said to Mark 'just put some porn on and we can look at that instead'. Mark brought up a porn site and we looked at a few dogging films and then Mark said 'have you watched any of the BI porn?' of course I fucking have you idiot I thought, but I just played innocent. He found one and we both sat back on the bed watching it with my hard on starting to need attention. 'fucking turns me on and I'm always wanking over BI porn' Mark said....'does it turn you on?'. at this point I thought fuck it and I got my cock out and started to wank it...'does this tell you?' I said. Mark got his cock out too and we were both wanking and watching each other and at this point in the film the two guy's were sucking each other whilst wanking the bird off with a large dildo. 'suck me off' Mark suddenly said to me, and I knelt over and took his hard cock in my hand and then started to suck it. he was moaning and started calling me a fucking spunk hungry cunt, which was true at this point! as iv said before I love dirty talk during sex and I could feel his cock at the ready to spunk stage. I was still wanking and I was also ready to shoot. Mark put his hand on my head and was face fucking me and telling me to swallow his spunk and although I hate the taste of spunk I did swallow as he pumped my mouth full. He then withdrew and lay on the bed and said 'shoot over my face', I just managed to get into position before I too started to shoot and I was amazed at how much came out and with such force and it caught his face and most landed on his hair. We both lay there for a while until I said I would grab a quick shower and needed to get home. It was about 11 at night at this stage. When I was ready to go Mark said to me 'keep this to yourself mate'. I said I would but I wanted it to happen again but in a group next time. He said there was a local gay sauna near him and a lot of BI guys went there and some swinger club rented it out too and there was often Birds wanting Bukkake parties, we could meet there and see what happened. I got home and had sobered up a bit and went onto the porn site and had another wank... been a few more since ! Mark messaged me yesterday and next weekend we plan on visiting the sauna so hopefully loads more cock and perhaps a bit of cunt too! It seems as I get older I must be more relaxed and more things happen. I posted recently about TABOO cinema in Birmingham and I'm back up there next month so hope to have a horny wank filled afternoon visit.