Written by May

9 Apr 2014

A few months ago doing a bit of window shopping i heard a voice from behind say hello Mary, now I have not been Mary since I was at school. I turned around and there a tall,tanned grey haired man standing with a big grin on his face, a bit puzzled I was about to ask how he knew me when it dawned on me it was Danny my school mate and ex lover who had taken my virginty all those years ago. We embraceed kissed and said all the things you usually say to someone you have not seen for 35 years. The first thing of course what was he doing here as the last time we had seen each other was the night before he left with his parents for Australa me in tears he swearing his love for me and when he got a job he would save up and send for me. I laughed saying it had taken him a long time to come and get me.

We went to a wine bar to catch up he was home for a neices wedding and it was just by chance he had decided to come into the shopping centre. We talked for hours untill we heard last orders and we got up to leave I felt 17 again all those walks, discos, it all came flooding back, our first time in the back of his Dads car how we said we were soul mates, I sighed as we left the bar he murmured old memories good ones I hope, I linked arms with him making our way to the taxi rank. As we strolled he said would you like to come back to my hotel, I knew his wife was not with him and I did not have a partner, I squeezed his hand and he told the taxi driver which hotel.

Now I have gone back to a few hotels in my time but this was one of the top hotels in the city, door held open for us reception did we want an early call all very plush. He did not have just a room he had a luxury room with the biggest bed i have ever seen. He helped me off with my coat turned me towards him and gave a long deep kiss and it was like stepping back in time his kiss still made me quiver. The kiss became more urgent and we started to strip each other until we were both naked our bodies no longer youthful but not bad for our ages. We lay side by side on the bed just running our hands over each others bodies, he started to kiss me lips, throat, tits, belly until he reached my pussy, spreading my legs his tongue started licking until I had my first orgasm. My hand enclosed round his cock I heard him gasp as I started no wank him pulling his foreskin back and then I sank my very wet mouth round it working my mouth up and down. I gently squeezed his balls running my fingers round and round, he pushed me onto my back and pushed his cock in, so good so wet he murmured, ride me hard Danny its been a long time and he obliged his thrusts were hard and at times brutal his mouth sucking on my bottom lip his fingers entangled in my hair and soon we were at that place where he arched his back and with one last thrust his spunk errupted into my pussy me giving out a long low moan of satisfaction.

We again lay side by side our fingers trailing over each others bodies Isank down taking his sticky cock into my mouth and again started to suck and fondle till he started to harden hi hand pressed the back of my head pushing my mouth down his shaft, with a groan he said suck me dry and I sucked and sucked till I heard him groan he was about to cum I kept my head down tasting his salty spunk as it went down my throat. Well he said you have learned a few things since we last met which sent us into peals of laughter remembering our first time when we hardly knew where to put it.

We both fell asleep my body cacooned in his arms until I awoke to the feeling of a mouth kissing the back of my neck and a finger probing me from behind I pushed back feeling his cock pressed against my arse. I put my hand behind me guiding him into my pussy, fuck me hard Danny and again he did grabbing my shoulders and thrusting for all he was worth this was so good my orgasms were just quivering through my body and soon as his cock started to throb he unloaded another load of spunk.

For the next 3 weeks we learned a lot of how far we had come sexually me telling him I never did find another Danny I was allways looking and had many sexual partners which included quite a bit of swinging. He said he had a good marriage but an open one his wife just liked variety and with a grin he said he went along for the ride or as he laughingly said many many rides.

We are still in contact by skyp he left it on one night while he fucked his wife me very jealous so I let him see me being licked out by a young stud I met at my gym unforunately before we got to shag he notice the skype was still on so he left not happy with me, youth????

I retire in a couple of years and Danny want me to visit he told his wife how we met up not that we had shagged but he said she wiil try to get me interested in a 3 sum she thinks I am a quiet spinster, oh Danny i may not be able to wait a couple of years.