Written by Jane

1 Dec 2007

We had a few friends round for drinks but it got a bit horny before the night was done, let me tell you what happened, but first about me, I\'m Jane 36 married to Bob, I\'ve just been on a diet and had lost a stone getting back to my former eight stone and my figure is almost as good as it was when we married, 36D 24 36, yes I\'m not the usual stick figure we have got used too now but a proper curvy woman, with as Bob calls them child bearing hips, that he uses as handles when he fucks me from behind.

Bob had bought me some new clothes to celebrate my new figure, but as he bought them they were to say the least a bit sexy, short skirts and low tops, you know what men like, and as he was paying who was I to complain, so there we were all drinking wine, and some on shorts, but because of my diet I was on diet coke, not much fun, as the night drew on several of the girls got drunk, one by one crashing out in the spare bedrooms, till there was just me the only female still standing and stone cold sober.

The blokes were all a little tipsy including my Bob, but when they started to get a bit naughty I was shocked to find Bob was encouraging them to flirt with me, I\'m no prude but five blokes and one girl! did I want this, well yes I did, I\'ve dreamed of being taken by several men so often in all sorts of situations but never though it would happen, they all wanted to dance with me then it got much more sexy I was being fondled by several men at the same time, then my clothes started to disappear, first my top then my bra, I was still dancing topless with men touching my body in every place where my skin was naked.

I was in the arms of Mat my husbands best friend when I felt the zip on my skirt being pulled down,he held me tight against his chest, his lips fastened to mine, his tongue trying to find my tonsils, my skirt fell to the floor followed quickly by my thong, all I had left was my stockings and suspenders, I guessed they would stay, because you men like girls in sussies don\'t you? my bum was being fondled by someone I really don\'t know who, but my Bob was watching his face a picture of delight, he has always talked about me having another man while he watched but I thought it was just male talk, his face told another story, this was his dream coming true.

The music stopped and I was led to the sofa, by two blokes both of whom are my best mates husbands, I knew this was not right but was unable to stop it, because I wanted it so much, the talk was all about mens cocks they were saying that a woman couldn\'t tell the difference between them, as size didn\'t matter, they asked me, I told them the truth, I had only ever seen one my husbands, someone decided that it would be a good game to blindfold me and let me handle their cocks to see if I could tell the difference between strange ones and the one who had been my only lover.

I was blindfolded and knelt on the floor, one by one they stood in front of me so I could feel their erect cocks, one or two were quite easy as my husband is shaved, so the hairy ones were soon eliminated, then it was down to two others and my husband, I was told to feel them again but it was hard to tell the difference, I\'m not sure who suggested the next test but I was told to suck each one and see if that helped my decision, one after the other they pushed their cocks into my mouth, I knew instantly which one was my husband not by the size but by how he used his cock, it felt so familiar, but I kept quiet and pretended not to know, hoping that the next test would be to fuck me.

I was spot on the next thing I was bent over the back of the sofa and one by one they stuck their cocks into my very wet cunt, again I knew my man but didn\'t let on, this could get really good, so the next test was for each of them to fuck me properly, at least until they came inside me, now I didn\'t know who was actually fucking me but some I could feel the hairs around the base of their cocks so they were all having their fun with my body, as you can imagine I was so turned on I was coming most of the time after the fourth cock I was almost a wreak, but as soon as he pushed it up me I knew this was mine, he took hold of my hips in his oh so familiar way and drove that cock up into me in a way that only he knows how and I screamed into the biggest climax of the night, by the time he had finished with me I was almost unconscious.

Someone made some coffee and I took off the blindfold, we sat drinking the hot reviving drink, all of us as naked as jay birds, the blokes were all spent and their cocks hung down nothing to distinguish them from each other, they wanted to know what it felt like to have strange cock stuck in my mouth and my pussy, I told them the only one that felt different was my hubby because he had been the only man to make love to me, but it was the way he did it rather than the feel of his cock, I should have been embarrassed sitting there with five blokes who had all just fucked me but it seemed OK, it was too late to worry about it now.

At last we decided to go to bed, but there was another problem, two of the girls were in the one room, the other two in the second room, where did the men sleep, we only have three bedrooms, I knew what was coming next but waited till my husband suggested that we all go to our room, yes we have a huge super king size bed, but four men and me! I just went along with it, not that I had much choice, we climbed into bed me in the middle, at first it was just all getting some rest but before long hands were exploring my naked body, it was no different to being blindfolded, it was dark, I had no idea who was doing what but within a few minutes several hands were fondling me awakening the desire in my loins all over again.

I can\'t remember all the details but I was fucked and fondled all night, by five randy men, taking turns to actually fuck me but all of them getting some bit of me, at one point I had a cock in both my holes another in my mouth and both nipples being sucked, this was even better than my wildest dreams, I never knew just how much sex a woman can enjoy in one session but this was teaching me things I didn\'t think possible, by morning I was covered in spunk and so fucked that I just slept till lunch time, after a shower I went down to meet my husband how would he react after last night, but he was the one who started it not me, however I was a bit apprehensive.

I needn\'t have worried he was so pleased to see me and was so full of praise that I was taken aback by his enthusiasm, he thought I had been terrific, he told me that the men had asked him to swear me to secrecy and not to let their wives know what had happened, as if I was going to admit I had been gang banged by my best friend husbands, no way, I was pleased that they were worried because it meant they would keep quiet as well, but it has taught me a lesson, I now want to explore just how much sex I can take, last night was at least ten times if not more probably nearer fifteen and to be honest I wanted my hubby as soon as I got up, how many cocks can a girl take? I intend to find out, perhaps I will keep you posted as time goes on.