Written by Mr H

16 Sep 2017

Mrs H and I have fantasised for many years about having another guy join us in the bedroom, the thought of her looking into my eyes whilst she has another cock in her mouth drives me wild, and when we discuss it she orgasms almost instantly and repeatedly, but as much as she loves the idea she has always been a little hesitant to actually go through with it as she felt that I would feel different about her afterwards, and maybe even leave her, however she couldn't be more wrong...

...finally after what seemed like an eternity she agreed that we should try it at least once, but on the condition that she is blindfolded throughout and doesn't actually get to see or have to speak to the guy! Immediately I signed up to this site, posted an advert and we were suprised just how quickly we found somebody who wanted to join us.

So we booked a nice hotel nearby to where the guy we chose lived, which was far enough away so there was very little chance of anyone we knew bumping into us, upon arrival we had a nice meal and a few glasses of wine for Dutch courage before going back to our room to get ready. An hour before he was due to arrive Mrs H took her time in the bathroom making sure she looked and smelled nice, and when she came out in just her lace underwear and see through robe I just wanted to tear them off there and then, but I had to resist, I couldn't believe we were actually going through with it, I was finally going to see Mrs H touch and be touched by a complete stranger, my heart was racing and stomach doing somersaults but at the same time it was the most turned on I think i've ever been!

Just before our guest was due to arrive, Mrs H positioned herself in the middle of the bed and put on her blindfold, I then went and left the door to the room ajar so he could just walk in. I moved back to the bed and lay down beside Mrs H, I stroked her body and whispered into her ear, and like me she was extremely nervous but incredibly excited at the same time. Then finally a few moments later, we heard the door open and then close after our guest had quitely walked in.

Without hesitation or saying a word he lay down next to Mrs H and started caressing her body whilst kissing her neck and shoulders, he then moved down to her breasts and within moments he had pulled down her bra exposing her nipples, which by this time were like bullets, he took one into his mouth, gently kissing and licking it, whilst I did the same with the other, in the thirteen years we've been married i've never heard Mrs H make noises like she was at this point!

Our guest then started moving down Mrs H's body, slowly kissing her stomach along the way, he kissed around her inner thighs for a while before slowly removing her knickers, revealing her shaven pussy, if you've ever experienced watching another guy remove your wifes underwear you'll know just how mind blowingly incredible this is.

He then positioned his head right next to Mrs H's pussy, parted her lips with each hand and started kissing and licking her out, I pulled out my cock at this point and knelt next to Mrs H and she immedietally took it into her mouth and licked / sucked it like never before whilst cupping my balls, within a few minutes Mrs H had the most intense Orgasm of her life, and when our guest rose from between her thighs you could see from the juices on his face just how much she had enjoyed it, I reached down to feel her pussy and couldn't believe just how soaking wet she was.

Our guest then came up and positioned himself next to Mrs H's head, he took her hand and placed it on his groin, she then used both of her hands to undo his belt and pull down his trousers and boxers, his cock was already hard and a good size, Mrs H seemed to very much like it anyway, quickly taking it into her mouth. Looking down at Mrs H with a cock in each hand, taking it in turns sucking on each, whilst her naked body was being touched all over by two sets of hands was everything I thought it would be, she must have climaxed at least three or four times before I could take no more and came on her chest & stomach, and as if on command shortly after our guest also came, but unlike me he came in Mrs H's mouth, usually she isn't that keen on swallowing but this time she couldn't get enough and sucked out every last drop of our guest, who then just pulled up his boxers and trousers, whispered thanks into Mrs H's ear and left the room.

On reflection, we're so glad that we finally had the courage to enact our fantasy and it has opened a new world for us, and yes we both love eacother everybit as much as we did before, if not more!