Written by horny plumber

25 Jan 2009

My mate Ted and I are two plumbers who work togeather a lot and as we are both horny sods and allways talking sex and working miles from anywhere a lot we have been helping each other out sometimes he wanks me or sucks me and sometimes I do the same for him, well this progressed to him asking round to his house at times, well his wife is well fit and after a few drinks she gets horny, one night she asked him to tie her up and blindfold her and said both of you fuck me and see if I can tell who is who,as both our cocks are cut and about the same this worked well and she just didnt know who was fucking her,as we both took turns to fuck her and I was getting near shooting my load I withdrew and Ted grabbed my cock and tossed me off onto her tits and face then as he pulled out out I grabbed him and tossed him off as well, she didnt know who was shooting over her, before we took the blind fold off we sucked each other,s cock,after a couple of hours we started again this time we managed to get both our cocks up her cunt at the same time after a bit of fisting with KY to stretch her she was going mental as we all cum togeather, she wants to try 3 blokes next so we got to sort someone out will let you know what happens.