Written by Brookes

17 May 2012

It was close to midnight on a Friday near the end of the summer last year when I drove into the car park at Togg Hill. There were about half a dozen cars parked but no obvious action happening. After waiting about half an hour I was just thinking of leaving when I saw a large Toyota 4X4 arrive, it reversed against the fence overlooking the view point and turned its lights off. I was'nt sure but I thought I could see that there were two people sitting in it.

A few men left their cars and headed over towards the Toyota. I got out of my car, locked the doors and followed them. As I got closer I could hear a womans voice, she was talking and laughing to several men grouped near the rear of the car. When I got closer I saw that a chubby middle aged but quite attractive blond was sitting on the rear seat with her legs outside but what really surprised me was she was just wearing a black bra and knickers.

She was chatting to the gathered men about the weather and how warm it was, the driver of the Toyota was sitting in the front, watching. The woman suddenly reached behind her and unclipped her bra and tossed it to her partner. She cupped her large white breast in her hands and said that we could touch them. Several men reached out to squeeze and stroke them and ran their fingers over her large nipples.

She then lay on her back on the seat, raised her legs and pushed her knickers down her legs before handing them also to the man in the front seats. She parted her legs and began

to play with her shaven pussy, pushing her fingers into her cunt.A man standing next to me had already unzipped his trousers and had pulled his prick and balls into view, his hand was wrapped around his cock and was slowly wanking. The nude blond reached for him then stepped out of the Toyota and crouched in front of him. She pulled his prick towards her mouth and started to suck him. She cupped his balls in the palm of one hand as she wanked him into her mouth with the other. After just a few minutes of this the man told her that he was about to cum, he tried to pull away from her but she obviously wanted him to cum

in her mouth. I watched as he gave a few small jerks and then relaxed and she allowed him to move away from her. He tucked his tackle back into his trousers and returned to his car.

She stood up and said "Who wants to be the first to fuck me"? I moved foreward and she asked me if I wanted to fuck her with a condom or without. I said that I wanted a condom and then her partner handed one to me. She moved back onto the backseat and crouched on her hands and knees with her arse outside. I rolled the condom on my erection and positioned myself between her thighs. She reached between her legs and gripped my cock then guided me to the entrance of her cunt. I held onto her hips as I pushed myself deeply into her. She pressed back at me as I fucked her. She called to the other men and asked for someone to go to the other side of the car so that she could suck another cock at the same time as I was fucking her. Soon a man was on his knees on the seat with his prick buried in her mouth. There were at least seven or eight more men crowded around the Toyota and after I had come and pulled out of her my place was soon taken.

I was handed a wet wipe and I cleaned my self, the driver held open a plastic bag and asked me to put the used condom in it. After the next guy to fuck her had finished the woman walked to a nearby picnic table and lay on her back.I stood close by watching for the next half hour or so, in that time another four men fucked her including a one guy who had the largest prick that I had ever seen. Several others wanked and came over her face.

She then decided that she had had enough and returned to the Toyota with cum dripping off her face and tits and drove off.