Written by Dave

9 May 2008

its a long story, but its true and its worth it.


It was my wife’s birthday and I had arranged a surprise for her. We had spoke lots of times about her going with another guy and she said she would like to, so that she could try another man, she’s only ever been with me for the last 8 years, she’s 27 and im 31.

Whenever we spoke about this she became more turned on by it too as I did but she always said id never let her do it anyway.

Anyway as it was her birthday I thought id arrange for another guy to take her also, I did all the work and managed to sort it all out, the plan was for me and my wife to go to the bar in this hotel, have a few drinks etc and then go to the hotel room, as I said this was a surprise for her and she thought I was just been romantic and that there was only going to be us pair.

I made her dress for the night very sexy/slutty, she has a nice short length tight fitting very shiny black PVC dress which just drives me wild and gets her lots of attention which I know she enjoys when she is out, with this, black leather knee boots, black fishnet style holdups, some PVC knickers, her blue demin jacket and bright red lipstick she looked awesome.

My wife is about 10 stone, 5\'8\" and has green eyes and shoulder length straight blonde hair.

Knowing what was going to happen this night I had a hardon all the time after she had got ready to go out until we got to the hotel bar, the bar was quite crowded and I could tell the effect that she had when we walked in, most of the lads and men with wives sort of looked but not like we were the centre of attention but enough to make a point, she liked this I could tell.

we managed to find a table to and I got the drinks, when I got back I said god you’re turning into the centre of attention, she said I know, do you think any of them would like to fuck me on my birthday !, I laughed at this and said I bet they would, I would, so why wouldn’t anybody else, and me knowing what was really planned anyway for later made it even more the better.

I don’t really like my wife to smoke but its her only real vice that she has well up to now anyway, but I thought it did make her look even more slutty when she was dressed like this so was only to happy for her too smoke when we were out.

I could see she was looking around and trying to act tarty and look as slutty as possible as she knew I loved this when people looked at her, as you have to go outside now to smoke, she said that she would be back in a minute, so off she went and instead of using her lighter to light her cigarette she went over to one of the group of lads, there were about 6 of them, to get a light, you could see them all looking and smiling and I was pretending not to look so they could flirt a little with her and her back too.

By this point I bet most people in the bar were thinking if she was like say an escort or prostitute or the like as she was the only one really dressed slutty and acting tarty. we had a few more drinks and she carried on flirting some more etc and then I suggested we went to the room I had arranged for us to have for the evening, by now she had had enough gin and tonics to have lost most her inhibitions and was starting to act like she wanted it and would have took control I guess to get what she wanted.

we went up in the lift to the 3rd floor, when we got there I told her I had a surprise for her and at that we started kissing passionately, I was feeling her all over and the feel of tight pvc against her body really got me going, I had to hold back from taking her there and then at this point, she was more up for it and I had to say wait until we get in the room, she seemed a little disappointed but agreed and we headed off down the corridor to the room, I knocked the door twice before putting the keycard in the swipe handle, she said what are you knocking for nobody’s in there !. Earlier in the day when I had done the arrangements this was the plan for me to knock before entering so that when we did enter there would appear to be an empty room.

When we got into the room, she started to kiss me and I had to back away and tell her to hang on, I said I needed the bathroom, I went into the bathroom and she went over to the window took off her demin jacket and lit a cigarette.

I walked out of the bathroom and said \'look\', she turned and she had the most shocked look on her face id ever seen of anybody, and seemed to go into shock or something, just looking and staring, I said this is for you darling, have a happy birthday.

she just carried on looking and then took a deep drag of her cigarette and said what now?

I said, its your birthday present, its up to you, at this she said, are you really sure, by this point there was really no turning back anyway and said yes I really am, enjoy yourself, at this I thought god im going to enjoy this just as much if not more anyway.

Standing beside me at the bathroom door were 2 both well over 6 foot, black guys, one with dreadlocks style hair and one with a shaven head, good well toned and defined bodies, in just there boxer shorts.

When they saw my wife I could tell straight away they were impressed and both began to grow big bulges in there boxers, I grinned and said I thought you would approve !.

my wife has never kissed let alone been with a black guy before, let alone 2 but when I was looking for suitable guys for this evening on websites, it became apparent that black guys like white wives and from what I could gather white wives also enjoyed the feel of a black man, and these pair came a double act so to speak.

my wife looked at me and said really again, at this I said yes, she then said well im not sure but as its my birthday and these are my presents then I had better not let it go to waste !!, at this she took a last drag and stubbed her cigarette out and walked over to us, she said my god they are so big and muscular, she then put her hands against each of there boxer short bulges and said jesus christ, they are massive, never been with a black man before said Jerome the one with dreadlocks, the other Ryan just laughed a little.

She looked at me as she pulled down Jerome’s boxers I think to just get a look to believe, god I was amazed too it did seem huge, and it was only semi hard, but hung down massive, she seemed nervous and that but as they both started to caress her pvc

clad body and compliment her on she looked in it she seemed to respond back by smiling and saying thanks.

She looked at me again now with a look in her eye for reassurance as she was now about to cross the line of just looking at this massive cock, she held it and then started to slowly pull it and then slowly bent her head forwards towards it and licked the end before circling the head of his cock with her tongue before putting her lips around it and begin to suck him off, god at this point I could have came but I just watched, the size of it now and the dark black colour with her white face and red lips clenched around it was unreal, she just carried on doing this sucking up and down and saying god its so big, she was now rubbing the other guy Ryan through his boxers too, he was hard now and then she started pulling his shorts down, at this she looked up at them then at me and then said I think im going to enjoy tonight, no shit so was I.

She then started to swap between them taking one black cock in her mouth then the other and rubbing the one she wasn’t sucking, they were quite similar in size, although Jerome’s was what seemed thicker and jet black compared to Ryan’s.

She now seemed in a world of her own and was just taking them one after another as if it was going to end any moment and she needed to savour it till the last, I could she had never been so turned on by the way she was sucking them and licking there balls with such intensity, they were saying god, is she always like this, I said no but I wish she was, she looked and smiled at me and then said, I guarantee I will be from now on though honey ! there hands were all over her as she sucked, they said shall we get on the bed, it wasn’t like she needed to be asked twice though, they positioned her so she was lying down and Ryan got his head between her legs and Jerome stood sort of over her so she could suck him as Ryan went to lick her pussy.

Ryan slightly lifted her dress, but not much as it was so short anyway and said mmmmm, I like pvc panties, so slutty on a little white wife, I had to agree, he pulled them off and said to me to take a look, god they were so wet with my wife’s juice all over the inside, it was like she had cum in them already.

At this Ryan started to lick and finger her pussy, she was moaning and at first couldn’t cope with this and suck Jerome’s cock too, Jerome had to help her by pushing her head to it to carry on but she was moaning and panting and seemed to lose a little interest with his cock, then I guess she came around and just started to go hell for leather at it again like no tomorrow, they both kept telling her and me how she was so hot and up for it, calling her a dirty little slut, each time they did she moaned and bucked herself upwards so Ryan’s face would bury deeper into her pussy, she was in heaven.

They swapped around and Jerome took position between her thighs and commented on how good she tasted, Ryan just bent over her and fed his cock into her face.

I by now was sitting in the chair watching and rubbing my own cock, then I remembered the camera, I got it out the bag, with my cock fully hard and oozing a little cum, started to take pics, the guys were ok with this as id already sorted and agreed, she then looked at me and said, you dirty pervert, do you like seeing your wife getting it on with 2 black guys, I said hell yes.

After what seemed like ages and quite a few pictures the guys swapped again, my wife was getting a birthday present from heaven I thought, at this Ryan pulled her down the bed a little and took a condom off the side table, after he had undone it and was about to put it on, my wife said, honey as you know im on the pill, so we could do it without the condom couldn’t we, I looked in amazement, I wasn’t prepared for this, so said ok I guess so, she looked and said, well if we are going to do this we might as well do it right eh, the guys looked at each and then me, and said hell fuck, this little bitch wants it bad.

Ryan, then rubbed the head of his cock against the now wet and ready pussy that my wife presented to him, she just pulled her legs apart and then I saw him start to feed it in, it was much thicker than mine and I could tell she was at first wondering if it would go in, he told me and Jerome how tight she was and that it wouldn’t be tight anymore after they were finished.

She moaned gently as he started to push and she helped by pushing towards him, she told me how thick it felt, he slowly started to get up some rhythm and slowly but surely started to sink its length into my wife’s more than eager pussy that had never seen a black cock before, Jerome was now ready to sink his cock back into her mouth, what a sight, my wife lying there in a shiny black pvc dress, knee length leather boots, legs spread wide, with one black cock in her mouth and another black cock in her pussy fucking her unprotected, god what a sight, I started taking pics again, I had to record this for the future, I just looked and thought what a slut. I bet the lads and people from the bar wouldn’t be surprised seeing this sight after seeing her like she was in the bar but this was all new and not usual.

Ryan was now really fucking her hard, she was moaning like never before and then she started to scream more or less as she had never been fucked like this before, she shouted god im cumming, fuck me harder, I was shocked by how quick she had cum,

she was lying there just taking it and sucking Jerome harder now, it really was a sight, I never thought anybody could just act like this with no prompting or experience in these situations.

Ryan carried on for what seemed an age, then he told her he was going to cum up her, I was unsure, but she told him too,she said yes cum up me, let me feel that black cum inside me, god I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, he did cum up her, it seemed like a bucket full, he cum up her far more I ever had, then when he pulled out you could see a gaping hole left where his cock had been and cum slowly oozing out, god the camera got another good load of pics from this sight.

That’s when Jerome moved down from having his cock sucked to between her legs, god not only had she just been fucked by a black guy she didn’t know but another black guy with an even bigger cock was about to fuck her straight after, god what had

she become or what had I made her become, anyway I wasn’t bothered I was just in awe of it all, fuck when Jerome got his cock by her wet pussy I could see from the hole that she was leaving open for him to fill, that his cock was quite a bit thicker than Ryan, I wondered whether she could take this one.

Jerome again like Ryan slowly started to push his cock into my wife’s now used wet pussy, as he did I could see that it had to open up a little wider than it did for Ryan, god I wondered if I could ever feel the sides after this again, Jerome managed to get it in and when he pushed for the first time all the way in I thought I could see her belly lift up, it seemed in that far, she was really stretching her legs open now to try and make it easier for him, eventually he managed to get a rhythm up to fuck her immensely, she was moaning louder and louder and again let out a scream that she was going to cum, fuck, she had experienced her first multiple orgasm tonight, both orgasms to different black guys, Jerome carried on fucking her for ages, and then she told me she was cumming again, I couldn’t believe this, she had cum 3 times now to 2 black men.

I was now wanking furiously at the sight before me, Ryan told me to cum over her, I agreed to this so I went over to her and came across her PVC dress so she looked really slutty, I took some more pics after that of her with cum over her PVC dress and Jerome still fucking her now well and truly used pussy.

Jerome told her he was going to cum too and again it would be up her pussy, she told him yes, cum up me, I could see him buck and he kept spurting loads of cum up her, she was moaning at this and when he pulled out I could see how wide she was now open and the amount of cum that was oozing out was unbelievable, I took some more pics of this truly amazing sight.

At this point I thought that was it, both guys had fucked my wife, cum up her pussy and left her gaping wide open with cum dripping from her well used pussy, Ryan was now hard again and I thought god there’s now way he can go again, I was wrong, he got between my wife’s legs and placed his cock at her pussy entrance, he then started to enter her again, she at this point wasn’t bothered and happily accepted his cock, he carried on fucking her for some time and then Jerome was my wife’s

mouth to be willingly accepted, Ryan fucked her for some time before he told her to turn over, I thought he was just going to fuck her doggy style which he did to start with but then he pulled his cock out and probed her arse, I watched in horror as my wife had never done it anally before but she didn’t seem to mind him trying to push it in, he said fuck this is tight, my wife looked and told me that as she had never done it before it was worth trying, I was amazed that she could even think of this, I mean not only had she never done it anally but now here she was with a black guy ready to take her for the first time up her arse, as he tried I could see it was tight and difficult for him but with a little cum from her pussy and slow movements he managed to enter her, Jerome was now on the bed beneath my wife who was on all fours and she willingly sucked his cock whilst Ryan was slowly fucking her arse, again I took some pics but I was too drained to have another wank so I just watched as they went about fucking and using my wife even more.

she was again moaning loudly as he fucked her arse, i could tell she was enjoying it even though it was new to her, Ryan let out a scream as he cum up her arse and then pulled out and rolled on to the bed, this was a signal to Jerome to take his turn, he got from the bed where my wife was sucking him and then took his turn fucking her arse, he has a little more difficulty getting his cock up but he managed too, after a little fucking my wife started to orgasm again, i didnt know that this was possible for her again.

Jerome carried on fucking her before he again cum up her arse, this was my wife with 2 black mens cum up her pussy and her arse after 1 nights fucking, i thought what a slut.

After he had cum Jerome pulled out and said he was done and too lay on the bed.

My wife turned over and lay back, her pussy and arse both wide open and dripping of spunk from these 2 black guys, and her dress still covered in my spunk.

She got up lit a cigarette and lay down to i guess savour what had happened to her this night, she said that the fucking was the best she had ever had and could never hope for better, she said that from now she was going to be fucking blacks more regularly as they did to her what nobody else had or could, she suggested that we find her a black lover or if these pair would like the job on a regular basis, they agreed but said we may invite a few other guys to help out too, the only comment my wife made was only if they are black, and if so then yes.

After about 15 minutes or so of us having a few more drinks i said should we go and get some drinks from the bar, they all seemed a little surprised by this but i said it would be nice for her to go back to the bar where we were earlier as she was with all 3 of us, i did this so whoever was there could see her for what she was now a dirty black cock loving slut.

when we went back down to the bar she was just wearing her pvc dress and boots, no demin jacket this time and looked even more slutty than before, there were still quite a few people there, my wife looked a total mess, cum still evident on her pvc dress and me and 2 black guys in tow for drinks.

As we entered people just looked and stared really as it was no doubt a sight to behold, every one must have known what had gone on and were just shocked to see us back there.

After a drink, the guys decided to make there way home, they both kissed her openly and passionately in the bar before leaving and then me and my wife both headed back upstairs to the hotel room, when we got there i fucked her more intensely than i ever had but it felt so loose and wet that i came in no time, she told me it was her best night ever and that she was definitely going to be seeing them again.

This was my wife’s first but not last interracial experience.