Written by bjinbrighton

27 Dec 2009

I was at home last night by myself and decided to drop in to visit the older guy who lives upstairs from me. We've been neighbours for a few years now and have shared the occasional drink with each other. He's divorced, must be in his late 50s, is a tall masculine guy with crropped grey hair. I'm 34, gay, in pretty good shape and have always thought of him as just a good neighbour.

Anyway, I rang to see if he was free and he said to drop by. I took some bottles of beer strolled round about 10 minutes later. He'd obviously been drinking and we spent the next hour drinking and catching up on what the other had been up to. The subject got round to sex, porn and the net. I mentioned this site to him and he told me about some sites he used to watch films on. "I'll show you if I like" and with that he got up and went tohis desk to switch on his computer. Pretty soon we were watch straight hard core porn. I was getting pretty turned on by the idea of him enjoying this and could see what looked like a pretty impressive erection in his jogging pants. I'd never fantasised about Phil but know I was starting to wonder what his cock was like.

He asked me what I though of this film of two French guys fucking a young dark girl and I told him it was pretty sexy and that actually the guys were doing more for me than the girl. "I thought so. She looks like she's really enjoying sucking that guy's cock." I told him that I really enjoyed sucking cock and well, I guess you can guess how things developed. He told me how he enjoyed getting blown but it had been a while as he hadn't had a girlfriend for several months. He pushed his chair back a bit and I could definately make out his erection. I told him it looked like he was enjoying the film and our talk and he suddenly asked me if I'd like to suck him. He'd never been with a guy but he was really turned on and it was that wank off. Even tohugh I'd nbeen thinking about tihs I was still taken aback and wondered if he was trying to call me bluff.

I reached over and began stroking his hardness. It was a bit akward as still wasn't sure if this was really going to happen. But he seemed relaxed and was getting in to it. He asked me if I liked the feel of his cock and what I was gonig ot to do now.

I got down between his legs and pulled down his joggers. He raised himself so I could get them down to his ankles. He legs were muscular and hairy. He was wearing boxers nad his cock made a tent of them. I reached inside the fly and pulled out a thick, hard, hairy cock. About five inches and very thick with a drop of pre-cum on the tip. I bent down and flicked my tounge down to pick up this drop of cum. Looking up he smiled at me and told me too take my time. I then ran my tounge down his shaft before teasing the tip again and gently pushing his foreskin down with my lips.

He leant back in his chair and groaned as I slid my hands up under his t-shirt to caress his hairy chest whislt taking his cock fully in my mouth. He put a hand gently on the back on my head and guided me up and down till we had a rhythm going. He was breathing heavily and saying "Yeah, just keep doing that, oh yeah" whilst I was licking his shaft and trailing my tounge down the underside of his cock to take his low hanging balls in my mouth.

This went on for about 10 minutes. His boxers were on the floor, his legs wide open and I was wanking him with one hand whilst sucking his thick bell end. He liked me pumping quite frantically and was telling me he was gonig to come, "yes, yes, yes". He let out a loud groan and thick white cum pumped out of his knob, drenching his shaft and my right hand. I kept pumping until he was done and then sat back.

I needed to cum know and so I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard cock which was dripping with pre-cum. I knew I wouldn't last long and started to wank with my hand still covered in his cum. I stood and wanked my shaft and in about a minute I let rip a stream of cum in the air which came down on his arm. He laughed at this and wipped it off with with his t-shirt.

I left soon after that he said we'd have to get together again. I'll let you know what happens.