Written by John

11 Oct 2011

In the past I have written about a threesome my ex & I had with a black guy when we worked on a small island overseas.

We normally took our threesome to the beach on Sunday nights, on this particular Sunday I was working evening shift & didn't get off until midnight. She had asked me ithe pair of them could go ahead without me as she fancied having some time with him by herself. I agreed, basically because I knew that she was completely addicted to his enormous penis & rather than have her do it behind my back I felt she should have my permission to enjoy herself sexually with him.

My shift finished & I drove to the beach taking about 15 minuAs I approaced our normal secluded beach where the three of us fucked to our hearts content I saw that there was a bar-b-cue going on. From a distance I could see that his car was not there amongst the others, so I turned towards another beach that we had never used for our menage a trois before, because access to the beach was difficult during the day let night. Spotting his car I parked by it, found the path down to the beach a some how gingerly made my way down to the beach some 70 feet below.

The night was pitch black so it was very hard to see making it difficult for me to find them. Trudging through the sand & scrambling over rocks I eventually came to a cliff at the waters edge so couldn't go any further. So turning around I retraced my steps & after about 300 yards I could hear her screaming out for him to fucker her harder as she was comming. I hadn't heard them when passing them as he didn't have her in that state of orgasm that only he could give her.

As I moved towards them I was shedding my cloths & found him riding her dog fashion. My trousers & under pants came off & as they did I moved myself towards her face. Even though she was in a high state of orgasm she knew what she had to do Her mouth engulfed my penis, taking it down her throat & began to work on it. His deep thrusting at her caused her mouth to move in unison to his thrusting on my penis. She was having a hard time working on me as her orgasm normally needed her to be very vocal.

She worked on my penis in unison with his thrusting for a good 5 minutes or more before his thrusting into her became more urgent as his climax was being attained. This in turn made me reach my orgasm , with my sperm being ejaculated from my penis which was as far down her throat as it had ever been. She had just given me the best blow job I ever had or ever would have. Her mouth began to allow my penis pull from her but not completely as she sucked on it drawing every last drop of the baby making fluid that it had produced. Eventually the three of us collapsed on to the sand in sexual satisfaction.

Normally I would fuck her after he had taken her, but on this occassion I just lay there savouring the blow job that she had just given me & listening to the pair of them as they started to fuck each other again.

At home that night in bed I told her that she had blown me like never before, to which she told me that it had been her intention to as she had thoroughly enjoyed the time I had let her have by herself with him. As I fell asleep she told me that in the 5 hours that they had been together he had fucked her around 15 times.