Written by bethanhubby

5 May 2014

As I lay alongside my wife,my cock in her tiny hand,with my friend John grinding away on top of her, it was difficult to believe that just a week ago we had been a normal married couple with the dreams and aspirations of any young married family.Financially we were reasonably secure,our own home,car,regular holidays and above all good health.The only thing missing from my point of view had been the longing to live out the fantasy that had been all consuming...to know my wife had a lover.Someone who did for her more than I could.

I suppose the majority of men would think me crazy,but there are many who share my fantasy,and those lucky enough to have had it become reality will know and understand exactly the thoughts that were running through my mind,the dryness in my mouth,the aching in my loins as I lay there in my bed,sheets soaking from the endeavors of Beth and John.Both so wet they might just have stepped from the shower.Each thrust,ever deeper and stronger of his manhood into her love tunnel was registered on my cock by the squeezing of my wifes fist,Harder when he hit the spot,more relaxed when he eased back.He was fucking both of us,or so it seemed.

Beth loved penetration.Many times she had told me it didn't bother her too much if she couldn't climax,she just longed to feel cock inside her,filling her,she always wanted it there,needing to be fucked for hours.She loved even more the final few moments before the mans climax,as the cock filling her grew harder,the strokes stronger and finally the heat as semen flooded into her.This was always tinged with a little disappointment at the realization the fuck was over.She would usually masturbate herself to orgasm immediately afterwards,always bemoaning mans ability to maintain erection.What we were doing now had changed all that.

I thought my turn had come when John finally eased his cock from its new home after what seemed like hours of the non stop pounding of Beths cunt.

She shouted at him,"Why have you stopped,ratbag.Fuck me,please fuck me" squeezing my dick so hard I gasped in pain.John laughed at her,sliding the pillow from under her head down along her back until it rested under her bum,lifting her sloppy wet pussy higher for easier access.

He was up on his knees now cock in hand,slapping it hard against her lower stomach.She was giggling,calling him a tease,she even threatened him jokingly,"If you don't put it back in Kevin can fuck me" Charming I thought.Using the threat of me taking his place to force him to fuck her.I had certainly become the outsider in this 'menage a trois'

He continued to tease her,now sliding his manhood up and down the full length of her crack in full view of me,in the dim light from the window,the mixture of love juices covering his impressive,curved and very swollen cock glistened as he cranked up the tension in Beth.

Finally he slid into position again,ready for more as he slowly but steadily took aim,"Don't you dare" cried Beth,"No,stop it,don't John"she shouted before gasping.She moaned softly in pain as he thrust his pelvis forward and his cock slowly but steadily disappeared from view.

Beth was gasping for air,she had let go of my dick and was grasping my arm,digging her nails into me,"Please go slowly"she said to him,"It hurts"

I ran my hand down her soaking stomach,onto her mound,with it's covering of fine but sodden hair,the perfect triangle whose lowest corner pointed to heaven,seeming I always thought the invitation to anyone viewing it to say 'this is the way in'.My fingers found her crack and slipped easily into her.Her cunt was empty save for my fingers.

John was fucking her,much more slowly than usual,Beth was bucking and writhing,crying softly,imploring him to stop,but then telling him just to be gentle.She had climaxed almost immediately,and then again within a few seconds.She had lost control of her body.

Anal had been off the agenda for me for more than five years.We had done it twice before she banned it.Both times she had multi orgasms but still it had been banned. Now John,my friend, had without permission, broken the rules He was pumping away,hurting my wife whilst at the same time leading her into ecstasy.

I cannot explain my feelings,my jealousy was intense.She was allowing my friend into her most private place,where even her husband isn't allowed,oblivious of my presence or feelings.

I wanted him to stop,for Beth to push him off and tell him to go.To fuck him off!But my loins wanted him to carry on,to ignore me and shag her till she cried.The anguish was unbearable and I could't take it for much longer.I would have to say something.Thankfully nature intervened before I could spoil things.

John grunted and groaned,Beth in unison was gasping,moaning softly and crying,maybe in pain...but more probably with joy as John pumped wave after wave of his seed into her before slowly leaning forward and softly kissing my wife and then rolling onto his side their mouths still locked together.

After a long silence,punctured only by their heavy breathing,Beth laughed quietly,punching John in that feminine way,with the inside of her little fist,"You bastard" she said,"You're not allowed in there,I'm burning inside now." He pointed out that she had loved every second of it and not to deny it to which she replied in typically female fashion."It doesn't matter.It hurts.I don't like doing it.Next time ask first"

We all drifted off to sleep soon after although I must admit I had to wank very slowly,unable to wait for her to be ready for me and unable to sleep without relieving my throbbing,raging hard on.I turned my back on them,cum hot and sticky trickled down my stomach onto the sheets.

Next morning Beth was extremely loving towards me.Waking me with a kiss.She climbed on top of me, guiding my erection into her still sticky cunt and then slowly fucking me,constantly leaning forward to kiss me,teasing her own nipples and frequently moving her arm round her back to stroke and tickle my balls.This time it was Johns turn to watch,this time it was his cock that she toyed with.I think her attentions were something of an apology.She knew she had overstepped the mark.

Needless to say I didn't last long and then after a while as we lay talking,laughing and joking I was dispatched downstairs to make coffee.

My return with refreshments was, as expected greeted by the sight of Beth this time riding my friend whilst at the same time chatting away as one would about the weather,or what had happened in work today.This was her at her most typical.Getting on with the day with the feeling of cock inside her.We had often planned the days agenda as we fucked.Now she was doing it with John.At some point before he shot his load into her she made sure she told him I would be working away on the coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

She would be lonely."Maybe you could keep me company?" she suggested.No discussion with me it seemed.My head was swimming as he accepted the invitation."I'll phone you" said John.