Written by fuckbitch

20 Mar 2009

I am a 20yr old girl who loves sex. I have fucked so many men that I have lost count. I enjoy all types of cocks whether it's young or old. The thought of a hard cock in my small and throbbing pussy really turns me on and I go out to find the nearest man to fuck me.

I will share my recent fuck. My car was playing up and my dad asked me to take it to his friend's garage to get it sorted. So on Monday morning I drove it to John. As soon as I saw him, I wanted his cock inside me. He was about 6ft, really muscular and looked really rough in his stubble and overalls. I told him that it doesn't start at times and he opened the bonnet and looked inside. I took this opprtunity to get really close to him and brushed my large tits against him. I could tell he was interested and that he started to get a hard on. I then felt his hard cock, boy it was huge and thick. He lifted my skirt up and started to feel my legs and wet pussy. I didn't wear any knickers and he lifted me up on the bonnet, spread my legs and finger fucked me.

I let his three long fingers inside me and he fingered me really hard. I made him take his overalls off and he exposed his 9 inch cock. He lifted my legs and fucked me really hard. His huge cock felt so nice and within minutes he made me cum so nicely. I took his cock out and sucked him deep in my throat. He wanted to cum in me so he turned me around and fucked me from behind really hard. I felt his balls pushing against my buttocks and he soon shot his load deep inside me.

We cleaned up and he replaced my starter motor. It was our secret.

I'm getting horny , thinking about it, so might go tommorow again for another fuck in the meantime i'm going to use my large vibrator in me.