Written by boredof hants

23 Feb 2009

I have been married tewn years happily. My husband works long hours and I have small children. I am 29 size 8 and blonde petite. Recently we moved to a new part of the country and I was feeling lonely. Hubby away working and children at nursery school. We needed new windows and the I was pleasantly surprised when the two guys who come to fit them arrived. It was summer and hot. I wore a short mini denim with a fitted t shirt. They guys were friendly and I was atttracted to one of them. We flirted and I was having fun. One afternoon one needed to go and get some parts. K the one I liked was carrying on. He removed his shirt and I was feeling wet. I thought I would ave some fun and took my t shirt off and wore a bikini topand sunbathed on the patio. He kept looking at me. I made an excuse to push past him in the doorway and we stopped and looked at each other. I dont know what came over me I touched his naked chest and ran my finger down it. He lent forward and we kissed. His hands were on my back and then pulling at the stings to my bikini top. My breasts fell out and he groped them and put his mouth over them licking and biting. I was groaning, I want you I said, fuck me. He needed not asking twice. He pulled up my skirt and lifted me onto the kitchen table. He opened my legs and pulled at my pants to remove them. We kissed and he pushed his fingers inside me. I cam instantly and pulled him towards me. He pushed down his shorts and pants and his large hard cock spung out. He said would you hold it for a while. I did and wanked it. It felt good. He pushed it inside of me and we moved together frantically both moaning loudly. He grabbed my cheeks of my arse and pulled me to him whilst kissing my neck and whispering god your horny. I wanted to fuck you all week. I wrapped my legs around him and soon he shuddered and came. Just in time actually as we got dressed and his mate came back with the parts. The next day we managed to grab a quick fumble whilst his friend was on hi mobile. Then we asked me if his friend could have some action too. I was very horny at the thought. So one afternoon I took them both to my bed. these guys 25 years of age. Spent the entire afternoon fucking me. J shall we say couldnt wait to open my legs and get his tongue between my clit. He slid it in my whilst I sucked on K cock. He rammed it into my throat and I slurped and sucked tasting his salty precum. I wanked J and took him in my mouth also taking it in turns to taste and suck he cock in turn. They fingers my pussy and then J was fingering my arse. He pulled apart my arse cheeks and lick my arse hole. I came crying out loudly. Soon he was filling it with his hard cock and fucking me. W was wanking into my mouth and he soon came and his spunk squirted over my face and hair. J soon came inside my arse. After more oral on me they flipped me over and W entered my arse as I sat on Js cock in my pussy. He all moved together. I was cumming and screaming. Its heaven and I dont think I can go back to one cock in me again. Soon they both came and squirted their lovely sperm into my body. they left me there exhausted on the bed dripped and covered in come. They left me very sore, full of spunk and very happy. This was the start of me going out and looking for sex. I am now adicted and need it every day.