Written by Tony

1 Nov 2009

Across the road from me, live a nice mature lady named Pat, she’s just turned 60 and married but has had no kids, she is one of those people that it’s impossible to tell their age by looking at them. She has no wrinkles except a few lines around her eyes when she smiles. She’s a size 14/16 with a lovely pair of tits. I’ve known her and her husband since I moved there 11 years ago, and if I bumped into her when I was coming from the pub, she link my arm as we walked down the street and last year at a party, she snogged me.

Bye the way, I’m 45.

Two months ago I bumped into Pat and asked her how life was, as you do and she simply replied “Boring” Two days later, when we met, I said hello and asked how she was, and she repeated, “bored witless”

Pat’s husband goes out to the club each Saturday and stays for the duration, then comes home and goes to bed. That Saturday, I saw Pat out of the window in her front garden and so I jumped in the car, a big people carrier and pulled up beside her gate and asked if she was still bored, she answered that she was and so I told her to get herself changed and get in. She studied for a moment and went into the house, then came out and got into the car.

We drove for about 30 minutes till I came to a secluded lay-bye that I knew and pulled in. Fortunately there were no other cars and I switched of the engine and reached over and kissed her passionately on the lips, I half expected a rebuke but non came , so I then slipped my tongue into her mouth. I started to undo the buttons down the front of her dress and slipped my hand into her bra and felt her heavy breasts. Pat’s hand went straight to my cock and rubbed it through my jeans, then finding my zip, fumbled about till my cock was out and in her hand.

She broke the kiss, but kept her hand on my cock saying “oh I’m pleased you had this in mind, I’ve not had a fuck in ten years” I was taken aback by her use of the word fuck, she was such a reserved lady. She then leaned forward and put her mouth over my cock and sucked, her tongue doing wonderful things to my cockhead. I held her head pushing it up and down and in 30 seconds I blew my spunk into her mouth. I’ve never had my cock sucked like that before.

Pat swallowed the cum,“Right” she said “now you will last longer when you fuck me, you are going to do it aren’t you?” I nodded yes

She resumed kissing me and I unbuttoned her dress all the way open and slipped my hand into her pants. I found a wonderful hairy bush and her gash. As I probed her gash I found her clit sticking out and hard. Pat slipped down the seat a bit and |I found her fuck hole, she was soaking wet.

I played with her clit and brought her off there for the first time. Pat was panting and wanting me to fuck her, but it was still daylight and I was a bit worried about other cars coming so I told her to button up and we went down a footpath at the end of the lay-bye.

We found a more secluded spot off the footpath and Pat removed her pants and after a few minutes of fingering and wanking, I turned her round and she leaned against a tree and I entered he from behind. That feeling as I sank my cock into her hot wet hole, was like my first fuck all over again. I was fucking my cock in and out of her and using one of my hands to feel her clit at the same time and soon Pat was coming again.

Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something and stopped. It was a young bloke about 22ish, he was watching us from behind a tree.

Pat asked why I’d stopped and I told her. “I don’t care just keep fucking me will you” she said. I started again and the lad got bolder and came within a few feet of us.

Pat’s dress was open all the way down the front and thrown up over her back. The lad hadn’t said anything, he just stood watching, so I nodded to him and indicted that he should feel Pat up while I fucked her.

He laid his walking pole against the tree and went straight for Pat’s tits and that made her even more horny and she rammed back onto my cock meeting my thrusts. I felt my cock swell and I filled her with my cum.

Pat held onto the tree and taking a chance, I pointed to her rear end and nodded to the lad.

He had his cock out and up pat in a flash. I stood back and watch as he pounded away and Pat came again. The lad didn’t last long and I saw him tense and he filled her with cum too.

By now of course, I was hard again, watching her being fucked This time, I turned her around and leaned her against the tree but this time fucked her facing her while the lad sucked on one of those fantastic tits. For the second time that day I filled her with cum. The lad was ready again, but Pat said she couldn’t stand any longer and so we adjusted our dress and went back to the car.

“Are you still bored?” I asked her “No” she said but I probably will be in a day or two”

Since then, I fuck Pat on a regular basis, 3 or 4 times a week and she reads these stories on here, sometimes with my cock embedded up her.