Written by Tony

3 Feb 2010

This happened last week. Tammi, my wife works as a secretary for the owner of a mail order company. She has worked there for about a year and gets on well with him which is just as well as I lost my job last year. Tammi tells me how nice he is, but on the occasions I've met him he has been pleasant if she about but if not will take the piss out of me, doing everything to put me down, in front of his friends. Tammi is 23, 5'6", slim with long toned legs and firm 32d tits. She came home from work and told me he was having a party at his house for 6 or so of his suppliers. Caterers would prepare the food and he had offered her £100 if she would go along and serve the food and drinks. I'd seen what he was like after a few drinks and said to agree, but only if I could go along and help you in the kitchen to which he agreed.

On the night I watched Tammi get ready. She showered, shaving her legs and fanny, then dressed in matching bra and thong, hold up stockings, a mid thigh length skirt and blouse, buttoned to show a bit of cleavage. We arrived at the house, Dave explaining what he wanted, touching her bum as he showed her where everything was. While she was talking to the caterer he quietly said "She looks good enough to fuck. Why does she stay with a jobless wanker like you". I felt myself turning red as he laughed and added "Just keep out of sight" and walked away.

His guests, all male, arrived and Tammi served drinks, when she came back a couple more buttons of her blouse were undone revealing her bra. I commented that I could practically see her tits and she said that Dave had asked her to do it. The meal was served, I could see Dave and some of the other men touching her and getting a good eyeful of her tits as she bent over. When they'd finished she cleared up before going back with more drink. A minute later she came back and said "He's offered me another £100 if I'll take off my skirt and blouse". I'd been helping myself to his booze and replied "You may as well, you've flashing your tits at them all evening". She shrugged handing me her skirt and blouse and stood there. I knew I should have stopped her. Her nipples were hard and the material of her thong hid nothing, her shaved pussy visible.

She walk into the lounge, greeted by whistles and various comments. They all had drinks and from the hall I could see her sitting on the arm of Dave's chair, his hand stroking her stockinged leg. I'd turned off the lights so I was in shadow, he said something to Tammi who reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, dropping it on the floor. He pulled her onto his lap and grabbed her tits, playing with her nipples. I wanted to stop him, but was getting hard watching and we needed her job and the money. It wasn't long before he had his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy then pushing her thong down for her to kick off. Her fanny must have been soaked by now and he said "Lie on the coffee table and give us a show". She got up, disappearing from view for a moment then lay back on the table holding a candle about 12" long and about 2" thick in one hand, a the other stroking her clitoris and fingering her pussy. Her pink hole was wet, the lips parted and shining with her juices as she took the candle in her mouth wetting it, sucking suggestively before using her free hand to hold her cunt open and slide the candle inside. Her cunt stretched as she lay fucking herself, taking 8 or 9 inches then pulling it out so the could all see her pussy gaping open before sliding it back in. She continued for several minutes pushing it in and out and rubbing her clitoris until she started thrusting her hips onto the candle crying out as she came.

Dave got down beside her and sucked on her tits and pushed his fingers in her pussy. He looked around and said "Anyone want to shag her. Look at her cunt, wet and waiting for a stiff cock to give it a good hard fucking". Then glancing to where he obviously knew I was continued "I don't expect her old man is giving her enough". Tammi sat up and said "Why don't you all have me. I can take being fucked by 6 cocks". They all stripped and she got on all fours sucking one cock and taking another from behind being fuck hard.

She soon had a mouth full of spunk, which she swallowed before taking a prick in both hands pulling them to her mouth as the bloke fucking her jerked spraying his cum inside her cunt. He was immediately replaced and her cunt took another cock. He came quite quickly and pulled out, strings of sperm dangling from her twice fucked pussy as she was pulled on top of another bloke who slide his cock in to her. She was a slut on heat as she bounced on his cock, cumming again as she turned her head to suck on another prick until he sprayed his cum on her face and hair. Another load was deposited in her willing cunt. Dave and one of the others hadn't had her or been sucked off. The bloke lay back on the coffee table and Tammi straddled him, lowering her pussy onto his shaft as he thrust in to her. I could see his prick giving her pussy a pounding and from the noise as she orgasmed again, was loving every inch of cock she'd taken. Dave was to one side and opened a bottle of lubricant, pouring it on her arsehole. He slipped a finger into her shit hole then worked the top of the bottle in and squirted lube in her arse before pouring some on his cock. She had always refused to let me fuck her up the arse but was going to let her boss take her anal virginity. He pushed her down so her puckered whole was exposed above the cock still fucking her cunt. Getting behind her he put his hands on her bum cheeks, spread them then moved his cock against her bum. She kept still and gasped out loud as he prick stretched her tight hole as he slid his length up her and fucked her arse. Between moans she was saying "Give it to me harder. I can feel both your cocks. Fuck my arse. Cum in my cunt, spunk up my arse". She took a load in her cunt and his cock slipped out then Dave gripped her bum tight banging his cock hard up her arse as he came with several hard spasms and Tammi came, juices and spunk running from her cunt as she did so.

I thought she might leave then but she was already sucking cocks hard again and being fucked. She was fucked by all six before Dave ordered taxis to return them to their hotels. When they had gone he called me through to the lounge where they were both still naked. Tammi was stroking his prick and he was fingering her cunt. "Enjoy watching your wife being fucked? She certainly enjoyed all that cock didn't you Tammi". "Best fucking I've had" she said leaning over and taking him in her mouth. He looked at me smirking as he said "She's staying here with me tonight you can stay and watch me fucking her if you like".

I stayed and took her home in the morning when I got to taste her fucked pussy and fuck her before she showered. I found the whole thing arousing and now when she is at work I wank thinking about her being fucked. We've talked about it and I told her how horny it was watching her cunt stretching as she took one cock after another and how I liked the smell and taste of her cunt afterwards. She wants a repeat performance which I'm happy to go along with as long as she lets me fuck her after. Dave has been fucking her in the office and when she comes home she strips and lays on the bed so I can lick and suck her pussy before she lets me fuck her.