Written by randy r

5 Aug 2008

A few years ago, when I was in my late 30s I had a very horny and erotic encounter with a tall, handsome, sexy 19 year old, Pete was one of my employees. He was a labourer and aswell as running the Department, I sometimes had to help out with the manual side of things too.

We were both in relationships at the time, but mine was long-winded and going nowhere so I was feeling a bit low. I often had to work late, and having nothing much to rush home for didn't mind. Pete started staying late aswell to finish off his work, and often came into my office for a chat. The evening chats developed into flirting sessions and it was quite obvious that there was a strong attraction between us. We sometimes had to go out on jobs together and Pete became very touchy/feely when we were together. We had to be quite secret about our friendship as it would have been frowned upon by our employers. Our job took us to all sorts of places and the contact between us got more and more physical. Once when we were in a large shopping centre, Pete took me behind a pillar and slid his hands up my t-shirt so he could play with my nipples. As he kissed me I could feel his hard cock inside his trousers pressing against me. It was obvious that Pete was up for more and I was starting to realise that I was too.

A few weeks later the whole department had arranged to go out for a drink one evening. It was important that evening that Pete didn't show any physical contact with me as that would have got tongues wagging. I still felt quite excited and incredibly horny at the prospect of going out with him and dressed in some sexy black undies with a buttoned blouse and short skirt.

The evening was great fun, and both Pete and I had quite a lot to drink so were feeling very relaxed and by the middle of the evening, completely off guard. After a few drinks I got up to go to the toilet, catching Pete's eye as I walked past him. On my way back I noticed he was no longer with the crowd so decided to take a look outside. Pete was standing leaning on the back wall of the pub. He pulled me towards him and started to kiss me at the same time sliding his hand into my blouse to play with my very hard nipples. He then started to rub his hand on my bum and slide his fingers underneath my panties. My pussy was getting very wet and I was hoping his fingers would slide round my front. Without saying anything he pulled his hand out of my panties and led me back into the pub.

I sat back down on my seat with my pussy aching with desperation. I could feel the juices starting to drip into my panties and soon they were soaking. Pete then came over to sit beside me and discreetly slipped his hand up my thigh so that he could feel my wet panties. I was beside myself with lust and knew that I had to fuck him that night.

Shortly after that the party broke up and we all wandered outside the pub. Not caring what people thought now Pete and I got in a taxi and headed back to my flat. When we got into the taxi Pete pushed my skirt up my leg and started stroking my thigh. This made me moan with desire and I could feel my pussy get even wetter. He then undid the top couple of buttons of my blouse and start to play with one of my nipples. I could see the taxi driver watching us from his mirror, and I was really turned on to think that he could probably see my naked nipple being played with.

When we got to my flat we started to climb up the three flights of stairs. Pete walked up behind me and when we were about half way up he stopped me on the stair. He pushed me over to lean on the step and slid his hand between my legs from behind. His fingers slid underneath my panties and rubbed all round the rim of my very full clit. My tits were both hanging out of my blouse as I leaned towards the floor. I spread my legs as wide as I could and he thrust his fingers right up my pussy back and forward until I was groaning and moving back and forward in rhythm with his fingers. My juices started spilling all over the step as I tried to walk up the stairs.

Once inside the flat, he took off my blouse and started to suck my hard dark nipples whilst standing in the hall. He then took off my black lace bra and again slid his fingers right inside my fanny causing my juices to start running down my thighs. He finger fucked me until my juices were dripping down onto the carpet, then took me through to the bedroom, pushed me down on the bed and pushed my skirt right up round my waist. He put his head between my legs and ran his tongue round the edge of my clit licking all the juices and making me groan with lust.

By this time I was absolutely desperate for a fuck but Pete still had all his clothes on. He eventually took his t-shirt off to reveal an incredibly fit and toned chest. I couldn't wait to see his cock. I wasn't disappointed. He took down his trousers and boxers to reveal the largest and hardest throbbing cock I have ever seen. He pushed my legs wider open and thrust his cock inside my pussy. He started off fucking gently and after a few minutes, took his cock out and pulled me up off the bed. He then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me forwards so that his cock was completely covered by my mouth. I sucked it slowly then quickly, riding my mouth up and down until he pulled it out and pulled me on top of him thrusting his cock back into my pussy. He fucked me really hard until I could feel all his cum shooting inside me.

We fell asleep and in the morning I woke before Pete and was showered had put on my make up and dried my hair before he woke. As he got out of bed and headed for the shower I couldn't help but admire his toned young body.

As I had to attend a board meeting that day I dressed in a cream silk bra with matching suspender belt and thong, lace top sheer stockings a cream blouse and navy skirt which sat just above my knees and a pair of navy heels. Just as I had finished dressing Pete came back from showering and remarked how sexy I looked. He stood towelling himself as I sat at my dressing table with my eyes fixed on his big young cock; god I needed it again. I walked over to him and taking his semi erect cock in my hand said it's breakfast time and my pussy needs some cream. His cock grew in my hand as we kissed and I wanked him as his hands explored my suspenders through my skirt. He slipped his hand up my skirt feeling my stocking tops before rubbing my now wet pussy through my damp thong. I sank to my knees so I could take his huge young cock in my mouth. His cock seemed even bigger than the night before as I sucked and licked it whilst playing with his big balls.

My pussy was aching with desire as I pulled up my skirt so that I could stick my hand into my panties to play with my clit as I sucked him. The sight of my stockings and suspenders caused him to swell even more in my mouth and he began to fuck my mouth faster as I played with my clit. He then pulled me to my feet and pulling my thong to one side thrust two fingers into my soppy wet pussy as he pulled my tits from my bra. He fingered me vigorously as he sucked on my hard nipples until I came all over his hand with my first screaming (believe me scream I did) orgasm of the morning.

Pete then turned me round and bent me over my dressing table before thrusting his cock into me from behind. I could feel his balls slapping against me as he fucked me with long deep strokes whilst playing with my nipples which were now rock hard and loving the attention. I came for the second time and felt my juices running down my thighs to my stocking tops. I turned to look in my mirror wardrobe doors to see the most erotic site ever. There was I in my late thirties bent over my dressing table fully clothed albeit with my tits hanging out and my skirt around my waist with an incredibly fit big cocked nineteen year old fucking me from behind. I watched as he started to fuck me harder pulling at my suspenders as he thrust his beautiful cock into me. I could feel him get even bigger causing me to scream out as he fucked me faster until with a loud groan he began to empty his cream into my pussy. As he pulled out I took his still hard cock in my mouth and sucked the last few drops of his cum as he told me what a dirty bitch I was;...... and he loved it.

I had to change before we set of for work as my stockings and thong were soaking and my skirt and blouse rather crushed.

We never got a chance to repeat the evening as everyone at work knew what had happened and our affair was stopped abruptly by our employers.

Nine months later however I started fucking a married colleague, but that's another story.....