Written by M.K.

10 Mar 2007

I’m a sales service engineer (45 years old married for 20 years) for a large office equipment company, we had just merged with our northern area which meant closing our local office.

The new office is over 200 miles from where I live so I’d never been until last week.

When I walked in my eyes were drawn to C. She’s only 29 but dresses like she knows what a man wants. She’s married to one of our bosses and as I found out he doesn’t appreciate what he’s got.

I phoned the office the following day and spoke to C and jokingly asked what she was wearing the reply I got was behave!!! I thought Oh dear crossed the line. Later on I got a text message on the company phone saying skirt, boots, stockings and suspenders. Wow I nearly crashed the car. I sent a message back on my private mobile, I’d like to see that. Later on that evening I received a picture message of her skirt round her waist showing her stockings and suspenders.

The next day things took off. Starting with a few raunchy text messages, I told her I had a massive hard on, she said I’d like to see a picture of that. So next customers I went to I dropped into the gents took a pic and sent it to her. She loved it. I don’t think I’m that big (6”) but she was getting all worked up about it.

Things really progressed by the end of the week, me sending a video clip of me wanking and her the same with her favourite dildo. She rang me on the friday and said we need you here today. We were pretty quiet so I said to My boss I’m going up to the office giving the excuse my laptop was playing up. I got there about 4pm, there were only about 3 cars in the car park. I walked into the sales office and C jumped on me ripping my clothes off. She had her coat on but underneath she was naked apart from hold up stokings. She swallowed my cock. I was getting nervous that somebody might catch us so we went into her husbands office and had her on the desk. She was insatiable, she loved me licking her lovely shaved pussy and when I licked her arsehole she went berserk. Nobody had ever done that to me before she said, so you’ve never had anal sex I said, no came the reply. I proceeded to ease my cock up her arse she loved it. Her pussy was squirting its juices all over the desk. I’ve never gushed like that ever she said.

We stayed in the office until 6pm. In all I had her 3 times. I was knackered and I had a 200 mile drive home. We’re still texting and I’m going back upto the office next week for a 2 day conference. She said she’s booking a room at the hotel as well on the pretence of looking after us blokes and make sure we behave.