Written by Andy

9 Dec 2013

Although my wife, Louise, was a virgin when we got together, over the past few months we have enjoyed some great times sharing her and letting her experience other men. After each session we often make love while discussing what she did and how I felt about it, watching her.

I have always told her that when she is with another I can focus 100% on her pleasure, seeing her pleasure on her face, taking every detail of her body's reaction to the mens stimulation. For example, if a man is licking her pussy, I watch how her nipples harden and how her skin gets goose bumps. Or how her whole body stiffens while she orgasms.

One of the most erotic sights was while she was being fucked doggy style, her partner was using slow, long strokes and as she came I was watching here arse hole pulsing.

One night during one of these discussions she said that she would like to watch while I had sex with another woman. Over time we discussed it and when we were both sure we set about trying to arrange it. We had no luck finding a "single" woman that we felt comfortable about so decided that we should look for a couple.

Last weekend we met up with Donna and Steve at a hotel in Sheffield. It was lunch time and after a bite to eat and just a couple of drinks we were feeling very comfortable indeed. After only a brief discussion about what we all wanted sexually, we went back to their room.

We were lying on the bed kissing our own partners and as Louise and I held each other I was aware of more hands trying to get a feel of her tits. when we looked down, it was Donna! Louise rolled onto her back and allowed Donna to unbutton her top revealing her 36Ds encased in a nice white lacy bra. Donna just gently tickled around the mounds before pushing the bra down and leaning in to take Louise's nipple into her mouth.

Louise reacted by pulling her knees up and letting her legs fall apart, her skirt riding up to reveal her white panties. On a closer look I could see the wet patch forming on the gusset. Oh, was she horny!!

Soon, both women had undressed one another and were touching and feeling each other. This was so erotic, my cock was straining to escape from my pants.

Steve and I both undressed and Louise beckoned me over to her. She took hold of my hard cock and just as I thought she was going to put it in her mouth, she guided it towards Donnas.

Donna took me in and gently started to kick and suck me.

"This was what we wanted, yeah?", Louise said.

"Oh yeah" I replied. As Donna was sucking me she was gently rubbing Louise's clit which was very swollen, very pink and very wet. Steve was rubbing Donna and said, "how far do you want this to go?".

"Anything goes" said Louise, "but I need to watch them fucking".

Donna lay back on the bed and told me to get in her. I climbed between her legs and lay my cock on her open pussy. "Wait" said Louise and she climbed up to sit on Donnas face. She looked me right in the eyes and said,"you don,t mind, do you?".

I lifted Donna's legs up and pushed into her. She was very wet, hot and tight and I was soon sliding full lengths in and out of her as Louise watched. She was looking me up and down, from my eyes to where my cock entered Donna. Her hips were rocking back and forth as Donna licked her slit.

"Oh my fucking hell - I'm cumming" she said and her body stiffened. Steve leaned in and took one of her tits into his mouth and sucked so hard, Louise yelped but was lost in the intensity of her orgasm.

She climbed off and told me to kiss Donna on the mouth. I could taste the fantastic sweet musk of my wife's pussy and began to pump harder as my own orgasm was building.

"Take her doggy, so I can watch her arse" Steve said and Louise encouraged me to do it too. Donna was up on her knees and I was ramming up her hard and fast. Louise reached under and started rubbing Donnas pussy. I could feel her tighten on me, to the point where it was as if she was trying to push me out as she came hard. Her arse hole was pulsing like mad and and Louise was staring at it in amazement.

I told them I was about to cum and Louise said "pull out, cum on her arse", and as I did so she rested her head on Donnas back. Spunk shot out of me, splatting on Donnas arse hole, her pussy and onto Louise's face. Steve wasted no time in replacing me in his wifes pussy but Louise said "hey, my turn" and lay on her back legs wide open. Steve moved over and mounted her, fucking her hard and deep. "You cum inside me" said Louise and soon he did. A long groaning cum which sent spunk running out down Louise's arse crack.

Louise looked at me and said, "Lick me out". I looked at her, unsure. "Please", she said. So I did. I had tasted my own spunk in the past but never anyone elses but soon I was sucking Steves spunk out with enthusiasm. Louise came on my mouth, squeezing more juice out of her and I was aware that my cock was stiffening at the excitement of what was happening.

Steve too was hard and we took each others wives as the other watched. Louise came again hard and long, pussy juice dripping from her and soaking into the sheets.

And so the day went on. When Steve and I were between erections, the girls pleasured each other, at one point 69ing after we had cum up them.

We will definitely meet up with Donna and Steve again and are now talking about maybe getting involved in a bigger sex party. Maybe, one day, just maybe.