16 Jul 2018

I was online (working from home) earlier this summer, it was a hot day, so shorts and barefoot for me. I find my self thinking “sod it let’s see if I can get me a little bit of action”. My wife I knew was going to be out till late. So I nosed around the Bi chat rooms. And started having a private chat with a guy 90 odd miles away. There was no picture on his profile and he was 63... he said he loved to kiss!) Anyway it got more and more horny the chat. I found myself thinking I am wasting my time here 90 miles away and I rather fancied having a lovely horny play not just a chat (too many hours wasted doing that!) as it is not that often I can plan for 4 or more hours….). So should I start looking for more local meet or log onto another site’s chat? Then blow me (see later lol!) he (Peter) then revealed he had a hotel room nearby and was travelling up later! Not only my ears pricked up !

So I found out where (10 min drive away) , then said I loved to have a drink to help me relax, before a play and he said no probs, and offered to meet me in pub carpark near my house and give me a lift there and back! Next followed a pic of a fit medium build distinguished looking man…mmm. We fixed a time, I then went about getting myself nice and clean, and for first time used some veet ! Nearly went over 4 mins...it was funny trying to do it in the mirror whilst sitting on the bathroom floor. In the end my balls and crack were nice an clear, a bit of trimming of the rest of the pubes (not so Mrs would notice…) . And as action at home is a bit of closed shop after recent surgery…) Jobs a good un.

I poured myself one largeish Vodka (love the Polish Bison brand) and cloudy apple juice. Text comes in Peter was on his way…I walk the long way to pub, 300 yards out text in..”I’m here” . I cross the road, see him climb out of his car…pictures do not do him justice…Within a minute we are driving to his hotel. On the way we chatted , talked about what we had been up to (playing wise!) . My cock started to grow so I reached across and felt his growing cock through his jeans. We continued horny chat this time it was what we were going to do to each other. We arrive at his hotel and just walk straight up to his room…door closed, and then we grabbed each other and snogged deeply…(love it love it love it!) . Though bi (guess 30 /70 m/f) I just can’t play unless my playmate snogs (and ideally well). My word Peter could snog. We slowly undress…(he had some really horny briefs on) I lay on the bed..he said let’s chill for a min…he produces a bottle of really nice Red wine..(he had read my profile)..so we have a drink (him sipping saying only a glass for him…mmmmmmmm). Nice chilled and relaxed.

He then went down on me. I was so excited I had to get him to take a break, so he then sucked my nipples, and then I went down on him. He had a lovely though slightly stubby cock, about 5 inches…I thought “well I might be taking this later”. I gagged taking him deep as I lay with my head over the edge of the bed as he face fucked me. It was gently done, and he seemed to sense the point I was struggling at same time I did….Then sixty-nine, lots of it, and for his next trick (I didn’t realise how flexible I could be but he rimmed me whilst I rimmed him. Heaven. Another break “Slick I love your cock but I don’t think I manage to take it”…., I was in no hurry we had time (so so much better than car fumble) more cuddling, snogging, I then got him to kneel in front of me, pulled his cock through his legs and then licked it from its tip along its length ending tonging him deep in his lovely clean ass and back. How I did this for I ain’t clue but it seemed popular. Then I thought let’s kick it up a bit. I gradually introduced first one, then two fingers as he pushed back on them…then pulled them out and tongued him again, all the time working spit into his hot hole…finally three fingers….he was almost purring. Right after this a snogging session another chug of that vino (that bottle was going to be finished). He then got me to lie on the bed, and bloody hell can Peter rim. So hot being on the receiving end of that tongue. He came up for air I wanted more snogging…. He then asked me to fuck him…my first time as a top.

I was so hot and up for it..had bit more wine, got out my lube, and condoms. No hurry or pressure, just felt relaxed an natural thing to do…he wanted to mount me reverse cowgirl (or should I say cowboy!) As he wanted to control the first penetration . Oh my god, how tight it felt, but good tight, he moved up and down three or four times on 4 inches or so then buried all 7’’. He just squatted there for best part of a minute and rocked slowly on my cock, me balls deep. He then climbed off slowly (breathless) turned round, looked me in the eye and sat on it in one go, his eyes closed (in ecstasy as he sank down), feck it was sooo horny to see. He then leant in and rode my cock whilst snogging me deeply. I warned him he needed to slow down as after a few minutes this hot scene of reality was boiling up in my balls, he yelled” let it go give it to me Slick”…how I shot and shook. He rode me more slowly, snogged me gently. A few minutes later he slid off my cock. Peeled off the condom and sucked me very gently. He then tipped the condom contents into his mouth and then leant in to snog it back to me. Shit how hot is this guy! I had to lick his ass, even though I had shot I was still sooo fecking horny.

Mmmm . more kissing and cuddling I am chilled tad more wine me thinks…he then asks if he can fuck me. Mais Oui ! I told I wanted to kneel to take it, he rims me some more then lubes me up, 2 fingers in…(I think. I had quite a buzz on by now). He then condoms up, and slowly enters me. My, my I am enjoying it as he pulls my head round to snog me as he is driving it home. He then asks me (whilst still in me) to line flat on the bed, and shimmies up my body a little and drives his cock deep. (it was bit sore at first with this new angle of attack), but then I relax and just float. He shags me for good knows how long, leaning in snogging me, sweat dripping off him. I ask him how does he wants to come as his speed builds. I am egging him on….really enjoying him pounding. He says he wants me to swallow his come…I kneel up ..we reverse down the bed a bit so he is standing on the floor, building and building as he drives into me…he pulls out…condom off quickly and turn , I take a massive mouthful, gagging a little, but I know I shall be snogging most of it back (lol) . We have horny kiss. I was still charged if there was someone else in the room Male or female I’d have jumped on them.

More wine and chat. Next time he is coming up he will give some warning and we will try and sort a naughty three or more some. Like me he is BI. So the perms are endless. A nice slow shared shower, back in the car. 5 miles home. Dropped off round the corner. My dick is hard again as I put the key in the lock, Peter has taken my bi experience to a whole new level.