Written by Joshuaj

7 Feb 2007

This happened just yesterday (Tuesday). I was waiting in for a delivery from a local store, getting frustrated and horney with being couped up all day i decided to put one of my fave pornos on. As i'm sure all you guys will back me up here it only takes a few minutes into the film before we start to fel the urge to remove our jeans and have a play! Getting well into the film and taking my eye of the clock my cock was covered in pre-cum, without warning there was a face at the window looking at me stroking my hard cock. Pulling my jeans back on as fast as i could i went to the door and rather embarrassingly said hello. I gave the lad a hand bringing the item in. He looked at the TV and i realised that i'd left it on. He said he was sorry for disturbing me and was there anything that he'd like me to do. I told him that i was still very horney so he sat down infront of me and pulled down my zip and took me in his mouth, i didn't think that i would get so hard but his mouth was fantastic. I shot my load down his throat at he drank it all. So you could say i took his load and he took mine.