Written by jessica xxx

11 Sep 2007

good afternoon my name is jessica (jes ) for short im 18 years old im going out with sam not his real name

anyway i just like to tell you what happened last weekend when i was over at my boyfriends house the night before we had all been out his parents and me and their son we went for this meal because of his mums sister had come over to stay for a few weeks anyway while at the meal his dad starting rubbing my leg under the table i was getting so turned on thinking it was sam when i realised it was his dad i thought oh my god maybe its the drink and just passed it by but when we all got home he kept on trying to feel me up on whatever chance he got i was still very turned on by this after awhile every one went up to bed me and sam sat in the kitchen having a drink then he went up to bed cause of football in the morning it was very early morning about 3ish so i then i quick went to the bathroom which is downstairs before going up to bed when i heard the door go i thought it was sam but there stood his dad in his tight boxers with a huge hard on i couldt help but notice he pushed open the bathroom door i said what you doing im on the toilet i couldt get up that quick to close the door he said mmmmmmm jes i have always wanted to watch you take a pee what a turn on could think of other things that would turn me on apart from this he then got on the floor in front of me and pulled my legs wild open so that he could see my shaven pussy mmmmmmm come on let me see you pee as he pushed his huge fat finger in me and started to finger me nice and slow at 1st then it got faster and faster i knew i was about to cum let alone pee then he said stand up and bend over the toilet for me like a good little girl which i did and there he licked and fingered my hot hole making me cum loads my pussy was wet from being on the toilet which made him lick even more i felt his face rub all over my pussy god what a turn on it was then he told me to stand there and then i felt his cock rub up and down my pussy and arse as he bend me right over then he just rammed his cock up my soaking wet pussy fucked me fast and hard then he pulled it out and spunked all over my arse as it dripped down my legs he must have cum loads then he just pulled his boxers up and left the bathroom ! i didt know really what to do after that never been used like that before the next morning i was in the kitchen making a coffee sam had gone to football his wife had gone shopping with her sister and her husband came in and said i know that you loved it this morning and he was right i did but didt like just being left in the bathroom after then he came up behind me and put his hand up my nighty and played with me till i cum then he put me up on the kitchen side opened up my legs pulled my thong to one side and licked me out mmmmmmmm i did love that he licked me for it seem like hours kept telling me what a lovely juicey pussy i had and how he loves to fuck it then he fucked me again over the kitchen side but this time i felt all his spunk go inside of me as he pumped away calling me his dirty little cumslut and shouting at me to say i was loving it and wanted more and more we fucked most of the morning :) i love staying over at sams now and we still fuck when ever we get the chance too