Written by andysig

15 Oct 2009

Four of us out on the pull and not much happening then as a last shot we went to a local lap dancing bar.Youve seen one youve seen them all £150 quid down and we were on our way out onto the Taxi rank at Bridge street moaning about the prices we were charged for fuck all.Older woman and her pal were taking the piss saying they could do better.One short mini bus ride over to Torry and we were in the ladies flat all sharing a vodka or two.Some music on and Jan starts to dance in the middle of the room to appreciative cheers from the boys.Her mate siting next to Allan the worse for drink starts rubing his leg asking if its as good as the club.Not bad he lied but at least we got to feel up the dancers.Mary puled his hand up to her tit and shouted to her pal to show her arse.Jan realising this was getting a bit out of control said to Mary we would have to leave as she had to get back to her husband.Mary told her to go if she wished she was having fun with the attention of the four boys.Jan trotted off leaving us all alone with tis now horny milf.She sat forward on the satee her low cut top revealing a little more clevage than before with her skirt riding up without her noticing Brian began kissing her and fondaling her tits not wishing to miss out I slowly slid my hand up her leg to the edge of her pussy.I could feel the heat and damp through her tight knickers.She spread her legs a little alouging my fingers up her snatch before clamping her legs closed around my hand.She started to look worried saying she wouldnt fuck Brian and I in front of the other two.Scott and Gavin protesting edging closer said come on your gagging for it

She looked up and said Ill give you a hand job each and then you go.Cocks out in a flash she started to slowly wank the two boys while Brian and I took turns fingering her tight hole.Before long Gavins cock was in her mouth and Scott was being wanked at a furios rate Pulling her towards the floor lifting her leg I started to slip me cock into her tight cunt.Scott pulled out shooting his spunk into her mouth causing her to choke.By this time the previously shy lady wanted cock and wanted in hard.

Calling Brian names and telling him to fuck her harder we all got a bit rougher and started using her like a total slut hole after hole was used to the fullEndingup standing round her wanking the last of our come over her face her cunt and arse swollen and red what a night.I do hope ther are more out there like Mary cant beet group sex.