Written by Kelly-Anne

8 Aug 2007

For years my husband has pestered me to go out without underwear. As I’ve no major objection to this I have on many occasions obliged and fulfilled his little fantasy. A few months ago, he got me to go to work wearing a dress with nothing on underneath. It’s not a particularly revealing dress or anything, but it is quite tight and comes to just above my knee and I suppose it is quite sexy in its own way. And I have to say that I felt a little self conscious for a while because I could feel my boobs jiggling slightly as I walked around. After a while I sort of got used to it and forgot about it and went about my business as usual.

Later in the afternoon I became suspicious that one of the lads in the accounts department had noticed that I was braless and I kept catching him looking at me. Due to my dress being quite fitted I couldn’t be sure if he’d worked out that I didn’t have any knickers on either. After another short period of self-consciousness, I became quite happy about this and I ended up walking past his desk more than I actually had to. He wasn’t in my department and I didn’t know him very well but by the end of the day we were exchanging smiles and the odd comment. I was convinced that the only reason he’d noticed me was because I was braless.

The next day I decided to go braless again and this time wore a pair of smart grey trousers and a nice crisp whit shirt. Before I left the house I experimented with the number of buttons I could leave open on the shirt without looking like I’d forgotten to get dressed properly and finally decided to undo the top three. I had one last look in the mirror before I left the house and off I went to work.

Once in the office, a few people commented how smart I looked and a couple people pointed out that the buttons on my shirt were undone. I fastened them a couple of times and then undid them again later. Eventually people stopped mentioning it. My new friend was attentive again and I made the most of it. We chatted a few times during the morning and to cut a long story short, ended up arranging to go for a coffee at lunch time. And I suppose that was the start of our affair.

It was about a three weeks after we’d been for coffee that we had sex for the first time. We’d been for a quick drink after work and we’d ended up back at his place. Almost as soon as we got through the door we were kissing and groping each other. He soon had his hands all over my body and was massaging my braless tits through the fabric of my dress. He stopped kissing me for a moment and guided me to the bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on next to him and started kissing again. I was feeling quite desperate to get him inside me and I soon had his trousers on the bedroom floor and was slowly wanking his dick to a raging hard on. I then lifted the hem of my dress up to my waist and straddled him. To see his face when he saw that I wasn’t wearing any knickers was a sight to see and I felt is dick getting even harder in my hand. I went down on him for a few seconds and could feel his bell-end filling my mouth. It was now time to get him in side me. I positioned myself over him and using my fingers to open myself up a little, I lowered my shaved fanny onto him. The was a few seconds of careful positioning and a little gentle movement to get him all the way in but once in I started to fuck his brains out.

It took a few minutes for me to come for the first time, but after that I came easily and often I reckon I had about six or seven full on orgasms before I slowed down and took a bit of a breather. As I sat over him, slowly rotating my hips and enjoying the sensation of his dick stirring inside me, I noticed that he had mirrored wardrobes at the side of the bed and I could see he was looking at us in the mirror. He told me that he’d never been so turned on as he watched me on top of him with my dress up round my waist and my high heeled shoes still on. He told me how much he was enjoying seeing my boobs move under my dress as I bounced on him. At this point I felt another orgasm starting and pushed myself down onto him to get him deeper inside. I almost screamed as I came with the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. He moved me off him and lay me on my back, dress still around my waist and positioned himself between my wide open legs. I was so wet that he was inside me in a second and banging his rock hard dick into me like jack hammer. I could feel his balls hitting my arse as he pounded into me. I raised my legs higher in the air to get the maximum amount of dick inside me. Being able to watch myself getting the banging of my life in the mirror considerably added to the pleasure of the fucking I was getting. It looked so sexy; me with my dress up round my waist with my shinny stilettos kicking in the air and him flexing the muscles of his tight arse as he banged into me. I came again with a shuddering orgasm and just as it was fading, he slowed the speed of his pumping and pushed even deeper in to me. I felt his dick throb inside me and he groaned he off loaded his warm come inside me.

That was the first of many sessions of excellent sex and over the months I have continued to go to work from time to time without underwear. I love him knowing about my lack of underwear and I know it gets him good and randy and ready for our regular teatime bonking.

I don’t think my husband expected that when he talked me into going to work braless. Stupid boy!