Written by A Good Friend

2 Mar 2007

With her eyes looking towards the floor and hesitating for a moment Ann opened her robe and pushing it it off her shoulders it let it fall to the floor leaving her naked. Ann is 57 years old 5'3 tall with short blond hair and while her breasts sag a little she has a slim figure kept in shape by her line dancing classes. I have known her from when I played cricket with her husband before moving away and while she is 10 years older than me we have always got on well. I had gone to the cricket club annual dinner and they asked me to stay over with them to save travelling. Ken was pretty drunk when we got back to their place and I helped her put him to bed kissed her and went to bed. She brought me tea the next morning thanked me for bringing her husband home and leaning over kissed me on the lips. Putting my hand behind her head I held her kiss and slowley slid my hand under her robe massaging the inside of her thigh but she closed her legs trapping my hand. As I pushed my tongue against her lips she started to pull away but I held her head and her lips opened allowing my tongue to slide in and out fucking her mouth. Moving my hand her legs parted and I could feel her trembling as I worked my hand slowly up the inside of her thigh until my fingers felt the wetness of her pussy. Pushing slowly I entered her with one finger playing with her clit until she was soaking wet and clinging to me her breasts pushing in to my chest. I told her to strip and slowly she undid the belt of her robe pushing it off her shoulders leaving her naked and looking away shyly as I continued to stroke her clit while taking hold of one of her breasts and rubbimg the erect nipple between my fingers. She was now swaying and moaning and moving her hips backwards and forwards as she impaled herself on my fingers desperate to get satisfaction. Pulling her on to he bed she lay on her back and opening her legs I moved between her thighs and put may cock at the entrance of her pussy. She said "please be gentle, my husband does't use me and its over seven years since Iv'e had a man inside me. Pushing slowly I could feel her opening up as I worked my cock halfway in to her then pulled out as she started to go riged then again worked it in until the whole length was embedded. Setting up a staedy rythem I fucked her until she was moving under me and biting in to my shoulder as she pushed herself upwards to meet my thrusts. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around me pulling me in to her aaaand screamed as she came and I could feel her juices running down my cock as she held it inside her pussy.

Rolling over I pushed her face down telling her to suck my cock but she shouted "no no, I can't do that, please don't make me put it in my mouth, please don't put it in my mouth. Pulling back the forskin I held the bell end to her lips until she was started to lick her juices of it. Pushing her head forward she took most of the length in to her mouth then started to gag and pulled of it shouting "you won't let in come in my mouth will you, please don't come in my mouth". Ann then took it in her mouth again this time getting in the whole length and holding her hair I worked her head up and down until she was sucking like an experienced whore. I could feel myself coming and turning her over pulled out and shot a stream of warm come on onto her breasts. Having broken her in I lay back as she leaned over to suck my cock clean. When it was hard she lowered herself down taking the full length in to her pussy and rode it as I sucked her nipples until with a shudder she came and I felt her juices running on to my balls as I shot my hot cum deep inside her.

I missed my train home and had to stay another night and by the time I left the next day Ann who I had always seen as a quiet and devoted wife was fucking and sucking like a dirty little whore.