Written by Val

11 Jun 2014

Before i begin this story, let me tell you a couple of things. Firstly, its 100% true. Every part. I havent written this as a graphic, blow by blow account of all the sex involved - each experience woukd require its own story!! - its instead a retelling of a situation which has occurred over the last 8 months. Enjoy.

Myself and D always had a strange relationship. I was married, and he was in a long term relationship, but right from the start, there was a chemistry bewteen us. We were both with pleasant, nice, but, sexually unadventurous partners, and, as the affair continued, and we became more open with each other, we begin to explore some more 'unusual' sexual practices.

We attended a swingers club, went to fetish nights, and fantasised a lot about me with other men. After a while, 3 years or so, I became less enthusiastic about the sex - D struggled to make me cum, and, eventually, the fantasy began to move more into the mistress/slave realm. I began to taunt him about his cock ( a little smaller than average), and began describing my husband fucking me. I told him that he had to masturbate thinking about what I was doing, and I would take extra pleasure in making sure he would do this, whilst she I fucking. She'd text me as she was about to start. If he didnt accept it, or argued, I would go into further detail, sometimes sending pictures of what I was wearing, or my hands covered in cum. On a couple of occasions I wiped his cum up with a t-shirt D had leant me, and made D wear it the next day, saying 'i want you to be reminded of what a real mans cum smells like'. The truth is, although my husbands cock was bigger than D's, the same length, but quite a bit fatter, i'd grown tired of sex with him years ago. Incredibly, this new experience made me enjoy it again.

It was tough for me - i cared about D a lot, but we had both acknowledged the relationship was over, in terms of an actual affair. This was what was left, and i enjoyed it - I was happy to push it as far as i could. To see what D would do. And although it made him feel sick, he could never refuse me.

During the latter stages of the relationship, a guy (F), we both worked with began to show a lot of interest in me. D didnt like this, and, although I was friendly with F, I assured D -honestly, at the time - that nothing would happen. This was, primarily, due to the fact that he was muslim, a pakistani. Myself and D both came from religious, christian countries in eastern europe, and had always said neither of us would ever engage in interracial relationships. But still, D didnt like it. I was friendly with F and D felt I was leading him on. I always denied the fact, repeating what had always been said, and he accepted that. What i never really considered, at the time, was that D probably saw it. After all, he'd been there himself with me, 4 years before. And I was flirtatious. F was clearly into me, and was handsome, fit and muscular. I saw him, regularly at the gym, during lunch or after work. We began working out together, and the flirting, and touching, lingering contact increased daily. It was invigorating. One day we went for a drink, following the gym. F admitted to me that he had a fetish for white girls, specifically blonde, slim ones like me. At 32, we were the same age, and tipsy, i let him kiss me.

It was wierd. I had conflicting feelings - i knew it would really hurt D, that my family would be aghast, that this was another affair - something i shouldnt have been doing with anyone - and yet the feel of his strong arms around my waist, his tongue probing my mouth, it was amazing. On the train home that night, i knew i'd want more. How much more i didnt know, but i began to wonder what his body looked like, even about his cock. He was a strong, manly indivudual, and, i missed that. D had begun like that, but had become more and more submissive. Although i enjoyed our games, i wanted a real man too. Did F's cock match the rest? I had to know.

I had to decide about D, too. I'd grown tired of the mistress/slave thing, and was excited at the thought of the developing relationship. I wanted to dedicate my time to that. I came to the conclusion that D would never accept it, so i decided to tell him.

'Went for a drink with E after work. Got a bit tipsy. Kissed him. He's a good kisser'

I awaited the response. Nothing. Silence. I worried that night, but, come the morning, was prepared. I'd make my statement first.

'I'm going out with him again this weekend'. If you complain, we're through. I'll leave work, change my number, and you'll never hear from me again. If youre good, i'll carry on being your mistress. You always said humiliation was your fantasy, so lets see how much you REALLY want it. If you dont do what you're told, then nothing will ever happen between us again. If you're good, and obedient, you'll get treated better. I might even give you a handjob one day'

He was stunned. It literally was the last and the worst thing he could think of, that I would do.

'Are you going to sleep with him?' I asked.

'Possibly. Probably. I dont know. If I want, I will. But it'll be because i want to. Because i dont care what you think. And the second you start complaining, i'm gone. We're done. If i want to give him head and kiss you with the taste of his muslim cum in my mouth, i will. And if you complain, or say no, then we're done.'

It was his turn to shock me. He agreed. Clearly angry, dejected and hurt, but he agreed reluctantly. He adored me too much to walk away.

Over the next 6 weeks, I went out with F a few times. I teased D more and more about what I was going to end up doing, and how when we kissed sometimes I could feel his cock through his trousers, and, despite the rumours about asian men being small, that it was bigger than mine. It was true. Thick, like my husbands, but longer, at least, thats how it felt. My 'might sleep with him's' became more regular and more regular and seemed increasingly serious. In my own mind, there was no question. At some point i would hold, feel, taste, and fuck, this thick, brown cock.

I tried to give D another chance to walk. Myself and F had decided to take a holiday, to spain, together. Obviously, we'd fuck. The second i'd pressed 'confirm booking' that much was guaranteed. And so i told D.

'I booked a holiday with him today. I'll go for a week. And he WILL be inside me. I'm not going to give you details, its pointless for now. But its going to happen. I WILL let him fuck me. A lot. Might not even get him to use a condom'

Again, I knew how to get Him riled. I wasnt on the pill, and, in the past we had talked at length about having kids. He begged me not to. I shrugged.

Th next couple of weeks, were quiet. With the holiday coming up, and the affair getting more serious, we decided to take no risks. I couldnt wait. My pussy was constantly wet, and i knew that the second we got to the hotel i'd be ripping his clothes off.

That was pretty much the case. F tried to take it slow, kissing me softly, exploring my body, but i needed to see. I tore at his trousers, his pants, and his thick, hard cock sprang out. It was roughly the size of a 500m bottle of water, around, slightly thicker at the base of the long, brown shaft, which tapered up into an even thicker head, slightly lighter in colour. It was around 9 inches, but had a curve running inwards, which probably meant it was an inch or two longer. Running, in a thick, sticky line, from the tip, down the entire length, to his swollen balls, was a trail of precum - evidence that his excitement matched my own. I put my hand around it, my long, painted black nails, running softly over the circumcised head. I slowly pulled on the shaft, and literally, 4, maybe 5 strokes later, he began to moan..

'Hmm, looks like someone's been saving up for me' I smiled.

I pulled my hand away. 'First time you cum, its not going to be from a handjob'. I'd try and cool down a bit if i were you'. I grinned, kissed him once, slowly on the head of his cock, grabbed my phone, and went to the bathroom, where i texted D.

'His cock feels fat in my hand. Really nice. My black nails look great around it'

I wanted to give him a taster. Nothing more, and i didnt want to be distracted from the upcoming week. This text, maybe one more, and then i'd concentrate on my lover. I couldnt wait.

I made my way back out to the bedroom, where F lay, completely naked. His cock was still rock hard, still glistening. I'd put on a set of sexy, turquoise (matching my eyes) and black lace underwear that D had bought me a few months back. I'd never worn it, and the thought excited me. I ran my tongue down the palm of my hand, moistening it, as i approached the bed. Once again, i slowly began to pull his shaft, up, and down. After 20, 30 seconds, pre cum spilling from the head, i stopped.

'Ok, we have a decision to make. The first time you cum, it needs to be from fucking me. Dont worry, i'll be sucking that thing a lot, you wont go without. But i want you to fuck me. Now, i didnt want you to use a condom, i wanted you to withdraw, and cum on my stomach. I want to see how your cum is after youve saved it up. Problem is....' I stopped midsentence, running my index finger over his gland, and raised the finger to my mouth, darting out a tongue to seductively taste his precum. '....this. Its a bit of a risk'

The next 30 seconds are a blur. Not much was said, but he was on top of me, pushing his thick, dripping cock past my puffy lips. As it pushed home my walls tigthtened around it. My legs were around his back, my feet high in the air as he drove it home. It didnt take long. He shuddered once, twitching, then pulled out, just as the first, thick, shot of cum flew out, clearing my head, splattering the wall behind. 6,7,8 more shots, thicker each time followed, by which time he'd controlled his aim. I was covered, from belly button to neck. It wasnt just the quantity, the consistency was crazy. So thick, like wallpaper paste.

'You'd better clean him up, shower, get him ready' i told him. 'Next one's going to be much, much longer'

While he showered, i took the opportunity to text D. 'Better, bigger, harder cock, thicker, better cum. Im going to enjoy this week'. I pressed send.

'Aah fuck' i cursed,

'PS, F loved the turquoise underwear you bought me. Didnt even take it off before he fucked me :-) '

That should do it. Smiley face the clincher. I laid back and waited for my lover to come back.

And that was it. A week of hell for D, of not knowing. No calls, texts, emails, even though it was usual for us to speak daily. I bary remembered him, in honesty. F fucked me, quick, long, hard and soft. I did everything i could to him, getting more excited when it was something that D used to enjoy. We were more sensible for the rest of the holiday, using condoms mostly. F didnt have the staying power of D - D could fuck me for hours without coming - but in all other aspects, he was superior. When we returned, my pussy was well used. I never thought i'd fuck someone of a different colour, especially a muslim. But here i was. Addicted to it.

We went for a drink just after I returned, me and D, and I told him I'd fucked F a lot. Sucked his dick, tasted his cum, fucked him doing things D liked me doing to him, when we were having sex. How his cock was thicker, and longer. How his cum was thick and manly, and almost certainly could get her pregnant. How if D kissed me right now, he would find a certain taste on my tongue. I played on that a bit - 'go on, kiss me' i mocked, knowing he'd love to, but not if it meant 'that' taste.

'So, your move' I said. D couldnt say anything. He was terrified of losing me. This was literally the worst thing I could have done, and yet he accepted it, because he still adored me. So I upped the stakes. I'd become irritated, and, after the week i'd just had, i couldnt be bothered with this anymore. I didnt want to have a physical relationship with D, its not like he was really getting anything from it anyway.

'Im going to carry on seeing him. I dont really want to be your mistress anymore, but, i will. Trust me though, you're not going to like it. This might end up with it being really bad for you. Maybe even 'ultimate' punishment' (I meant getting pregnant, ending up with a muslim baby). So, its up to you. We can finish it, and we're done. Or we can carry on, and, for a few kisses with me, maybe a handjob, you will have to live a nightmare. Are you ready for that?'

He wasnt, but again, he just could not give me up. Despite the anger, and baseless humiliation he felt, the thought of kissing me, of me touching his cock just one more time, turned him on so much, he couldnt bring himself to end it. He explained this to me, later on, when i questioned why he was doing it. Its sad really. I never wanted to hurt him, degrade him, and i can admit now, it has got out of hand. I should have just stopped. But, like i say, at the time, i got irritated at his insistence. And so i began.

For the next few months i'd dissapear to F's house after work, sometimes staying over. Sometimes i'd tell D about it, about how I loved feeling his smooth brown cock push inside her wet pussy, and how they never used condoms now. He didnt come inside, but would pull put and come, sometimes on my body, my ass, my tits, my stomach, once or twice even my face. And I was enjoying it more, and more. I loved sucking his cock, letting his seed spill down my throat.

Other times i'd say almost nothing, I just couldnt be bothered, and then sometimes I'd punish D. A picture of my hand around a brown, circumcised cock. A tissue, stinking of cum, wiped over his face. A picture of me wearing clothes, shoes, jewellary id bought her.

And I kept going further. A used condom, leaking cum, was put into his coat pocket when he wasnt looking, soaking the pocket with a smell he could never get rid of. A pair of used, sticky knickers, shoved in his mouth.

'Its amazing. You fucking hate him and i've been letting him fuck me stupid, and then ive been making you smell of his dick. You really are pathetic' I told him one day.

And still, he couldnt stop. It was degrading, horrific, but he couldnt stop. I texted one night 'answer your phone and listen'

It was me fucking. For hours.

I saw him the next day. 'Did u enjoy it? Because this.....' I threw a condom into my face, hard, and it split, splashing his face, nose, lips, with F's cum .....'is what he was wearing. See how he stretched it compared to what yours used to do? Well im going to call you again tonight. And your going to put that condom in your mouth, and listen to me fuck him. You're going to touch yourself, and cum over yourself, while i'm fucking a muslim with a big cock, and you can taste his cum from that condom. Cum that he made while fucking the woman you love, in clothes you bought her'.

Later that week, I gave him a dress to wear, and a cum covered pair of knickers which I ordered him to wipe over my face when i was wearing the dress, so 'you can understand what a girl feels and smells like after shes been cum on by a real fucking man' He looked horrified, but this just encouraged me further. Since it started, he'd hated it when I said F's name when taunting him, and avoided saying it himself. 'Do you understand, slave? You're going to wear a dress, while you stink of his cum, and youre going to do it with no complaint'

'Yes mistress'

'What do you understand?'

'That i'll wear a dress while his cum is on me'

'Who's cum'

'Umm, your lovers'

She slapped me, hard. 'Say his fucking name you bitch'

'F's cum mistress'

'What about it?' She was enjoying this now

'I'll smell of F's cum'

'Yes. Yes you will. And why?'

'So i'll understand what a girl smells and feels like after fucking'

I slapped him again, harder, pinching him under the arm so hard I drew blood. 'Right, you get one more chance. You say his name, and you repeat what ive told you already. Leave anything out, and every fucking nightmare you've ever considered, is going to happen. Youve got no idea what i could get you to do, so fucking tell me, this second'

'Im going to go home and put on the dress. I'll wipe his cum , umm, i mean E's cum, over myself and think about, and understand how a girl feels and smells to be covered in a real mans cum'

'Close enough. Im not happy with you though. You're going to have to masturbate now, after all this fucking about, wasting my time. When you're wearing the dress, you'll have to masturbate, and make yourself cum with his smell on you. And none of this "i cant" bullshit. You will. Otherwise.....well...put it like this. Im ovulating. I might have his baby anyway if i choose, but if you dont stop mucking around, and dont follow orders, it'll be tonight. And it'll be your fault. You may as well put his big dick inside me yourself. Are we clear?'

It was agony, but the alternative horrified him. He agreed.

That was the last. I went on a months holiday, to visit my family in the ukraine a few days later and i havent spoken to him in almost 3 weeks. I warned him, when I came back, that it would be nearly over.

'You might get your kiss, or your handjob when im back. But its going to cost you. Maybe i'll make you wear a condom hes already used so your dick smells the way i really like it now. Maybe i'll make you meet me straight after ive sucked his cock so that your kiss has my favourite taste to it. Maybe, if you're really lucky, i'll let you lick my pussy after he's come in there, give you the chance to clean me as best as you can before his cum gives me a baby'

I come back to london next week. I have a lot to decide. D has emailed me, telling me he's still a loyal slave, but he knows, theres nothing but humiliation left for him. Im not sure what form that will take. I miss F's cock, and i miss the excitement of the power i have over D, but it cant go on. F has given me my own little fetish now, but, again, an affair cant continue. Part of me would love for him to fill me with his seed, to give me his child, but i have to decide whether its possible.

What i do understand now, is, sexual adoration is a powerful thing. No one who knows D would ever believe that he would allow me to degrade him like that. And, although i havent decided what form it will take, one punishment remains....