Written by Paul and Lorraine

11 Dec 2007

My partner Lorraine 38, and me 47, have shared several experiences over many years and are now I suppose in whats called an open relationship, albeit we`re selective and need the others approval before an encounter.

Lorraine has been working for 4 months with a man of 25 named Gavin, they had been flirty and touchy feely at work but had never gone farther than that due to him being married only a year, but mainly because she did not want to complicate a good job that she was happy in.

She used to come home in the evening after spending the day working with him with her boiler stoked and said in the right circumstances she would fuck him.

They had joked (or tested the water) about sexual positions and cock size and it used to fire her up for me in the evenings and I`d reap the rewards.

Lorraine came home one evening looking glum and said Gavin had given one weeks notice of resignation as his wife was home sick and they were returning to Derby. She looked genuinely sad and said the job would not be the same.

I asked her if she wanted to seduce him before he left and her answer was affirmative. She thought it had been left too late as there was no chance of works nights out or any time for subtle canvassing.

They text each other ten times a night from the day he tendered his resignation with each text more encouraging than the previous. Gavin text that he`d loved to have slept with her but couldn`t get away for an evening.

Lorraine lay in bed stroking her pussy as the text became more explicit and I lay next to her egging her on.

They agreed that on his last day they would go to the Brewers Fayre next to their work at the 5 o`clock finishing time and have something to eat and a drink.

This would only be for an hour as Gavin`s wife would have to pick him up if he had been drinking. Lorraine`s took her sports bag with her swimming costume to work that morning as her brother was due to collect her as they had planned to go swimming immediately after the meal.

At 6pm Lorraine text me to say the swimming was cancelled and could I collect her? I jumped in the car and was there in 20 minutes to see her waiting the door with a beaming smile on her face.

She jumped in the car and asked me to park at the far end of the pub car park and turn the engine off, she then said \"listen to this\" as she turned on the media player on her phone.

It was a 12 minute recording of Lorraine and Gavin riding! I`d love to relate the entire dialogue but it would take too long as I`d have to stop typing to have another wank to it?

It began with her saying \"kiss me baby\" and moved on to \"feel my pussy baby\" \"let me taste your cock baby\" \"put your cock in me baby\" \"I love your spunk baby\".

As you can imagine the entire recording was punctuated with background noises, gasps, sighs and panting breath?

I was gasping with excitement! \"How and where did you manage\" I asked? \"In there\" she said as she pointed to the pub grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Lorraine said that they flirted all day and said to each other they`d loved to have slept together. Once in the pub they sat side by side behind a table in an alcove and held hands and nervously pawed at each other, both saying they did regret not having shared so much as a kiss?

Lorraine asked Gavin to wait a moment as she went to the toilet and on her way back spoke to the lone waitress behind the bar. Gavin asked what it was about and Lorraine explained she asked the waitress if they could use the disabled toilet to change a wound dressing Gavin had on his back, also explaining to the waitress that Gavin was her younger brother.

Lorraine lifted her swimming bag and motioned Gavin to the toilet. The toilet was out with the dining area behind double doors with tinted glass and not visible from the bar. Lorraine said \"we can have that kiss now\" as they walked through the doors, she also pressed record on the media player on her mobile at the same time.

You can hear the toilet door close and them saying they are going to miss each other and then \"kiss me baby\" from Lorraine. Lorraine had a long maxi type skirt on that day and a loose fitting blouse, both were black matching her underwear. She unusually had tights on as it was cold, and little black booties.

Lorraine is pretty with shoulder length blond hair, has 36F tits (bigger with age) and a narrow waist and a wonderfull full rounded bum with gorgeous legs. She`s also highly sexed when there is risk involved and her shaved pussy flows like a fountain!

After a minute or so of kissing noises Lorraine said \"feel my pussy baby\" as Gavin replied \"oh yes\" next you hear Lorraine say \"hold on and I`ll take them off\" as she lifted her skirt and removed her tights and panties.

Due to it being in a toilet, and there being a slight echo, the groan was so audible as Gavin slipped 2 of his fingers inside her pussy. Lorraine was gasping for breath and asked Gavin to get his cock out?

You then heard Lorraine say I`ll put this down as she took her towel from the bag and spread it on the floor. Lorraine took her skirt and blouse off and pulled her bra up over her tits to release them.

She was now naked apart from her bra and pulled Gavin in and asked him to suck her tits. As he did so he was again fingering her and she was wanking his cock as his trousers and boxers were now at his ankles.

Very quickly the familiar moans and groans could be heard as Lorraine climaxed. Lorraine then asked if she could taste his cock and due to her phone being placed on the sink the slurping noises were being recorded from only a few inches and the sound of her excitedly wanking his now well salivated cock were mind blowing!

Lorraine then pulled Gavin to his knees on the towel and knelt down herself and offered her exposed pussy for a doggy.

Gavin quickly penetrated Lorraine from the back and between the gasps and the sighs you could hear his body slap off her arse as he rammed his cock home.

He barely managed a minute when he said \"I`m coming, can I come inside\" Lorraine replied excitedly that she was coming too and to fire his load inside and not to spill a drop!

If anyone was passing the toilet at this time they must have heard the demands of \"fuck me hard baby\" \"give me all your spunk\" and the shouts of \"oh fuck me baby, I`m coming\".

When they were finished they kissed and dressed and calmly returned to the table and acted as though nothing had happened giving the waitress a thank you nod on the way.

Gavin was collected at 6 as arranged and they agreed that if ever they had anoher chance when he was home visiting family they would make a night of it.

Lorraine was great fun but the only disappointment was he was only 6 inches or less but being a massive spunker fairly made up for it!

On the way home she lifted her dress and opened her legs to allow me to finger her swollen fanny. Needless to say, we shagged all night!

I do love riding Lorraine after an encounter but I don`t think I`ll ever be able to clean up after someone else as so often described?

I love her retelling how it happened and the thoughts and feelings as she triumphs, I love the feel of my cock in her gushing spunk filled pussy and seeing and feeling my cock soaked in spunk, clean ups though, no!

We`ve had many adventures now and only one regret when we played close to home, we are honest enough to admit that we have little in common and despite such experiences causing couples to split, it has and does keep us together and does bring us back together when we`ve ever had a huff and split.

As long as you`re honest, discrete and consenting and keep it remote from home it`s great fun and you can really live the fantasy.

You experience arousal, excitement, nervous anticipation, anxiety, fear and strangely triumph at times? I would not and now perhaps could not change it? I could never go back to the fuddy duddy jealous control freak types I used to know. Life`s too short!