Written by johndoe

22 Nov 2010

This is not the fantasy story of a lonely business man who walks into a lift of a hotel and finds a hot mother and daughter in mini skirts and stockings and they take him to there room and fuck him sensless.

This is real life about family and friends.

This all started about nine months ago. My godson, a newly qualified doctor had moved to the home counties with his bride to be to set up a new practice and home together. Time passed and contact between them and my wife and I became less frequent but my wife and I kept in touch with his mother,During such conversation with his motherJudy, the vibes that all was not well with Jon and Debbie began to surface. In July this year Jon's mother rang and asked my wife and I to attend a family party to celebrate a birthday,the young couple where to attend on a rare visit home. The party was the usual laid back affair with loads of good food and drink. Jon and Debbie arrived and looked every inch the young professional couple she bring a school teacher and him the village doctor. Upon seeing my wife and I warm greetings and a rare kiss on the cheek for me from debbie. I must explain I am 47 some 20 years older than the young couple and she always considered me to be old and she has said in the past how she considers old people like her mother and my wife and I to old to have sex!. The kiss came as a shock to me as there had been no affection between us at all before. As the party progressed she spent more time with me than ever before,and eventually got me to one side on my own.

"Can i ask you something" she said

"yes" I replied

"we are planning our wedding next year and as my dad died when I was a child I wanted you to give me away on the day"

My reaction to this was pure joy as my wife could never have children so I was thrilled. It seemed as I was the last to know as the subject had been discussed with my wife and her future mother on law.

the party ended with another kiss on the cheek from debbie and fond farewells. The next few weeks bought a number of texts about her wedding plans and hopes but the tone of the texts were more friendly even flirty.

Then came the text that I was somehow expecting.

It was along the lines of am I pretty,would you want to marry this girl etc. My interpretation of this was that jons career was on the up and she was'nt getting the attention she wanted. The texts slowed and last week it was judys birthday and as it falls near bonfire night a party with fireworks is the tradition. We always attend and the young couple were to attend also,we arrived fashionably late and Jon and Debbie were already there. He looked so different since I had last seen him,he seemed to have grown and become more confident. Debbie to looked different her hair was now long and dark and shoulder length and as she turned her dark make up and lipstick made her look alluring. She saw us and came across and greeted my wife and then turned to me a kissed me fully on the lips!, I couldn't beleive it,

she turned away and the party gathered pace. Later in the evening I was talking to Jon and his ex uni mates as my text tone went off.a glance at my phone displayed debbies photo as the sender, the text message just said "can I speak to you?" I texted back and I said of course, her text back said meet me on the upstairs landing,I made my excuses about going to.the toilet to Jon and went indoors. As I climbed the stairs the bathroom door opened and Debbie motioned to me to enter. My mouth was dry,my heart racing as I stepped into the bathroom. When I got in there Debbie was sat on the sink in her coat,scarf,jeans and wellys looking very tearful. "i need a hug" she said and held out her arms,I stepped forward and as I did she turned her head and kissed me fully on the lips,not a quick peck but a long lingering kiss and then the dart of a tongue. I stepped back in shock as she started to kick of her wellys, I was now completely stunned as the whole episode unfolded before me. Within seconds her jeans were off and was sat on the sink again , I was now at the no going back stage and started to undo my jeans,Debbie reached for my stiffening cock and pulled me towards her,glimpsing her neatly trimmed pussy as she pulled her knickers to the side made me fully hard and she gasped as I entered her, she bit my lip hard ,the pain was exquisite and she was tugging on my hair. It was just frantic fucking, the harder I stroked the louder she became and as she came i was thankful to the fireworks in the garden. I could feel the power of my ejaculation like an express train coming out of a tunnel, I came harder and stronger than ever before, she held on until we were both spent. We dressed hastily without a word and made our way downstairs seperatly. As the party progressed my wife commented how swollen my lip was, I told her it was a cold sore but as I sucked my lip the taste of debbies lip gloss made my loins stir again. About an hour afterwards my mind is racing, no condom and I knew they want children,will she tell my wife. I am now in quite a flap, Debbie appeared on the otherside of the bonfire with Jon looking very mischevous and mouthed the word thanks. Debbie is back home next week and wants to go for lunch and discuss what she wants from her wedding.