21 Jul 2017

I have driven passed the layby many times but I have never had an excuse to stop “. But today is different. I pull in to answer my phone and when the call is done I get out and walk to the toilet block for a piss.

I walk past a guy in a car he winds down his window as I pass. I wonder but I don’t stop. I go into the loo and piss. I finish and as I come out the guy from the car walks in. I look over my shoulder as I walk away we make eye contact. I’m sure he’s looking for something a keep walking but when I look ageing he’s wanking his cock. I turn and walk back in. We walk into the only sit down. I drop to my knees and start sucking his cock. after a minute or two I stand and he releases my stiffening cock.

He starts peeling off his clothes. Under his shirt he has a bra on. Off comes the bra to reveal genuine tits they must be in plats because they are firm. I bend and suck his nipples. He turns and offers his arse. “I don’t do unsafe I whisper” between gasps, (I curse to myself that I did n’t bring condoms and lube from the car

He starts sucking my cock. I’m rock hard I hold the back of his head and face fuck him. It’s too much for me and I must stop.

I put my cock away and leave the loo heart racing an hands shacking. I’m going to to have to pull over and answer another phone call soon.

Sorry if this is a but messy but I wanted to type this up as soon as I got in as all this happened this afternoon