Written by Didaktic

28 Dec 2013

It has been a long time since my last update of how Janice has been introduced to the pleasures of sex with others. This year has been very problematic and has only allowed us the opportunity of a few adventures. I thought I would post the results whilst I have time over the Christmas. As I have said before, one of the problems we have found is the poor reliability of people who show an interest but do not follow through. To some extent we are now in the fortunate position of having established several male friends who do not let us down and who have shown themselves more than capable of pleasuring Janice to her complete satisfaction. We live in the Newport area of South Wales and we are still looking for males and couples who would enhance our sexual experiences.

John was a guy who had been the first to get his cock into Janice and she liked his company. Patrick was an older guy who had been an excellent voyeur because of his wonderful filthy language and dirty encouragement. We had chosen a scenario where Janice would be my new virgin bride and I would prepare her for someone to break her in ready for me. John was the ideal person for the role so I set it up with the added twist that I would have Patrick film it for us. Janice was up for the fantasy but did not know any of the details. On the arranged evening she showered and got dressed in her bridal gear, a flimsy white lace dress, white suspender belt, bra and pants and white stockings. I then tethered her spread eagle on the bed and blindfolded her. I left her to wait downstairs for my guests, they arrived more or less at the same time. After small talk and a glass of wine I checked Janice to make sure she was ready. I slipped a finger inside the gusset of her pants to find her pussy seeping her slimy sex juice. The lace of her pants clearly revealed her thin strip of pubic hair and the damp patch was evidence of her readiness for fucking.

I returned to John and Patrick who were eager to get started. I led them upstairs into the bedroom. John stood one side of the bed and I, the other. Patrick was at the end of the bed with camera in hand. Now in role I spoke to John saying “This is my new bride and I want you to break her cunt in for me. Just enjoy her.” He grinned at me and although he had already had the pleasure of fucking her before he had the look of someone who was going to have her for the first time. He climbed on the bed next to her and holding her face towards him he started to kiss her. She was firmly tied so he had no resistance when his hands started to roam over her body. He caressed her tits as he continued to kiss her deeply. I had my back to the wall as I stroked my cock and Patrick was moving around the room trying to capture every move that John was making on Janice. Easing the lace of her dress up her legs John was soon gently rubbing her pussy over the dampening gusset of her pants. When he was ready John knelt up on the bed and taking each side in turn he ripped her pants so that he could drag them from between her legs. Her pussy was now open and naked. John moved to one side and opened the flaps of her pussy to reveal the very wet pink flesh of her cunt. Looking at Patrick he said “Get a close up of this.” Patrick got right between her legs. “That is fucking dirty. What a juicy cunt. I think she is almost ready for some cock.” I loved the dirty way that Patrick spoke. John unbuttoned the front of her dress so he could ease the cups of her bra down. He then ran his tongue gently over her nipples. Patrick was still filming but was gently fingering her cunt. I wasn’t sure if Janice was squirming from the tongue on her tits or the fingering she was getting from Patrick. I could clearly see the wet slime on his fingers and every now and again he would lift his hand and the strands of juice hung in the air before gently slipping on to her thighs.

As Patrick continued to work her off with his hand, John stripped and climbed between her legs. He lowly licked the flesh above her stocking tops before nestling his tongue between the engorged lips of her red pussy. With one hand holding the camera and the other stroking his cock through his trousers, Patrick spoke filthy words of encouragement. I was well aware that dirty talk excited Janice so Patrick telling John to “Go on, lick the filthy bitch till she cums” was having the desired effect on her. Very quickly she started to spasm as her first orgasm hit her. John didn’t stop and she was soon heaving into another climax. The red neck showed the power of her second cum. Soon John had a condom on and was easing his cock into her. With a few thrusts he was balls deep and then started to hammer her. The comments from Patrick had stopped and all you could hear was sex. The slapping as John almost violently pummelled her and the sound of her panting and whimpering filled the room. He built up a good vigorous rhythm till he started to give way to his own orgasm. His final thrusts were vicious as he pumped his seed into the condom. As he rolled away from her I got between her legs and fucked her like a whore. I felt complete lust for her as I growled “you filthy bitch, you’re mine now”. I couldn’t last long and I was soon filling her cunt with my spunk. Once I had subsided I lifted myself clear and said to John “are you done or would you like another crack at her?” He shook his head and told me he was completely fucked.

I released Janice and slipped the blindfold from her eyes. She did not recognise John at first until her eyes adjusted to the light and then she greeted him as an old friend. She politely shook Patricks hand and he made some appreciative remarks about how good it was watching her. In a way it was a relief that he had to leave us as it gave us chance to chat with John as we sipped coffee downstairs.

As always Janice and I discussed the adventure afterwards and she was very clear that the whole thing had been a very positive experience for her. She was happy to go on and to push the boundaries even further but wanted to take things slowly. In a way I would have liked Patrick to have fucked her but it was good that I didn’t let this happen as she thought that this may have put her off in the future. He is a dirty bastard which is exciting when he is spouting his filthy talk but she would have hated having him use her.

We did two other things this year which I will post on here if anyone is interested. We are having fun slowly introducing Janice to new and more adventurous scenarios. In our last session in October she actually took on John, Mike, another friend of ours, and myself. It was the first time that she was fucked by three men in one session. I was really proud of her and she enjoyed every second.

One scenario that we would like to set up is for her to be the centre of attention in a ‘lock-in’ at a small pub somewhere. If anyone knows of a landlord that would be willing to accommodate us in the South Wales, Bristol, Somerset or Gloucester area then let us know. For now, Janice and I would like to hear your comments regarding this posting and I will write up the other two adventures in the next few days. Thanks for reading about our experiences.