Written by Angie & Martin

22 Mar 2016

Hi. I'm Angie and my partner is Martin and we have been together for six years. We are both in our mid thirties and, I think, an attractive couple. I've never had a problem with my weight, slim, just under 9st, 5' 7” tall, long shapely legs which along with my pert bum I think are my best assets. I was fairly happy with my 34DD tits, which had always been round and firm, until they begun to sag a bit, which got me down. My combined Christmas/birthday present from Martin in late 2014 was an expensive boob job. After discussing the options with the surgeon I had them enhanced to 36FF. Smaller than Martin suggested but that was a size I was comfortable with and didn't make me look to top heavy. I was delighted with the results which I think look quite natural.

Martin and I have always been quite sexually adventurous. I like him going down on me and making me cum with his tongue and lips. Similarly I delight in sucking his cock, letting him ejaculate in my mouth and either swallowing his spunk or kissing him and sharing his cum with him. I'm fine with Anal Sex if I'm in the mood for it and well lubricated. Martin is keener on bum play which started with him asking me to insert a finger in his arse while I wanked him off. It wasn't long before graduating to using a vibrator in his bum while we fucked which added to both our enjoyment.

One of his birthday presents from me was a strap-on dildo so I could take things to the next level and fuck his arse. My surprise present was a great success. Before we went out for his birthday dinner he insisted I put it on and fuck him with it. It took plenty of lubrication and care to insert it up his bum. Once it was in I fucked him slowly while he wanked his cock furiously until he shot his load on the leather sofa. Fucking him had made me horny. I quickly removed the harness, got on the sofa, legs either side of his head. I started to masturbate, while he licked this spunk off the sofa from between my legs. He swallowed some, but transferred most to my cunt, probing my fuck hole with his tongue while I frigged my clitoris until I orgasmed. After that, fucking him with the strap on became a regular part of our sex play.

Initially I fucked him from behind before suggesting we try another position. I lay on the bed, holding the lubricated dildo steady, he straddled me. Facing me he lowered himself onto the dildo, lifting himself up and down and I slowly guided it into his anus. Propped up on the pillows I could reach his cock and masturbate him while he rode the dildo. The effect was amazing. His cock got incredibly hard, looking and feeling thicker and longer than his usual 8 inches. When he came he ejaculated powerfully and copiously spraying my belly, tits and my face with his spunk.

My tits were a great confidence boost and I allowed him to resume taking photos and videos of me naked and dressing up in sexy clothing for him. A new selection of sexy bras for my larger tits, with matching suspenders and G-strings. Stockings, worn with short skirts and shoes with “fuck me” heels. The usual things that turn on men. The pictures and videos soon became more explicit as I relaxed in front of the camera and progressed from topless and full frontal. He videoed me shaving my pussy then posing with my legs spread wide open. He didn't ask me to be ruder I just started doing it, holding my cunt open, masturbating using my fingers or with vibrators and dildos. We videoed ourselves having sex, though the results were shaky and not that great. The only good bits were at the end when he videoed his spunk, running from my gaping cunt, or me rubbing it into my tits if I'd been giving him a blow job and he'd cum on them.

One evening he'd undressed me down to my panties, playing with my tits while we watched some of our videos. I mentioned that I could hardly wait to get my tits out on the beach in the summer so that men other than him could admire them. He immediately asked why wait till then when we had a wireless HD webcam and I could go online. “You can flash your tits or be watched doing that if you dare” he suggested looking at the monitor. On the screen I was pumping a largish dildo in and out of my pussy and fingering my clit. I watched myself for a minute or two, talking about it and how he could find an adult video chatroom for me to “perform”on. Excited by the thought of exposing my naked body to guys and them watching me masturbate, I agreed and asked him to set things up in the bedroom.

Excited but nervous I opened a bottle of wine and poured myself a large glass to help me relax. I thought it would take ages for Martin to sort things out, but had only just finished the glass and was drinking a second when I heard him calling to tell me he was ready. The wine was taking effect and I was feeling mellow and relaxed as I went upstairs to tell him to give me a few minutes to shower. As soon as I walked into the bedroom. I saw myself, on the large monitor, standing in the door, only wearing panties. I struck a pose, sticking my tits out, then cupping them, playing with my nipples, not realising he'd already connected until he told me I was being watched. I stuck my tongue out at him then hurried passed, into the en-suite and told him I'd be as quick as I could.

I turned on the shower over the bath, pulled my panties down and kicked them off. Bending to pick them up I realised that Martin had followed me in with the webcam. He was looking through the door at the screen on the opposite side of the bedroom, making sure he was videoing me. I turned fully towards him, smiling I hoped sexily at the cam, squeezing my tits together between my arms, hands covering my pussy, acting surprised. I posed for a few seconds before turning and climbing in the bath, flashing my pussy. Once under the shower I slowly and sensuously soaped my body, caressing my tits, stroking my erect nipples. I turned, bending, bum towards the cam as I rubbed my bottom. Spreading my cheeks, revealing my bum hole, I ran my fingers along my crack, suggestively touching my anus, momentarily sliding a finger into my bum. I turned back around and began to soap my pussy, rubbing the bar between my legs, back and fore along my gash. I put the soap down and began to rub my soapy pussy, slipping my fingers in and out of my hole.

I'd shaved the previous night but could feel a bit of stubble and decided to continue my show and shave my pussy. I rinsed the soap off my body and from between my legs, picked up my shaving foam, squirting it onto my fingers. I spread it over my mound and between my legs. I reached for the razor, turned to face the cam and shaved my mound first. I put one foot on the side of the bath, legs open, exposing my pussy. Martin moved closer, crouching with the cam between my legs as I gripped my pussy lips, stretching them, as I carefully shaved either side of my cunt. Glancing up I could see my pussy practically filling the screen, my pink hole gaping open, my clitoris peeping out from under the hood as I finished shaving, wiped the remaining foam off and rinsed between my legs. Feeling incredibly horny I climbed out of the bath, picked up a towel and walked into the bedroom drying myself.

I decided to continue with the things I'd normally do after a shower and fetched my body moisturising lotion. One foot on the bed I poured lotion onto my thigh. Martin positioned himself between my legs again. My cunt once more filling the monitor, until he zoomed out to include my upper body, my tits jiggling as I moved. I rubbed the lotion on my legs from ankle to pussy before sitting on the bed, making sure I kept my legs open. I picked up the moisturiser and dribbled the lotion onto my tits. It looked as if several guys had cum on me, running down my boobs, dripping off my hard nipples onto my tummy. I rubbed it into my skin, taking my time, caressing and squeezing my tits, teasing my nipples erect, until it had all been absorbed. Laying back on the bed I moved my hand to my tummy massaged the remaining lotion in until my hand reached my smoothly shaven mons.

I was really getting into it, aroused, nipples poking out hard and proud. On the screen I could see my open sex, pink and wet, juices trickling out towards my bum. Teasingly I moved my fingers over my mound, closer and closer to my cunt, slowly spreading my legs wider as I did so. I shivered with excitement when my fingers brushed my clitoris. Touching it again, I began to stroke it. Feeling my clit perceptibly grow harder under my touch aroused me more. I pushed a couple of fingers into my cunt, rubbing my clit as I began to masturbate. I lay back wantonly fingering myself. “Use this” Martin said after a couple of minutes, dropping one of my larger vibrators on the bed next to me. Grabbing it I immediately pushed it into my cunt. It didn't need lube, I was so wet and sexually excited it slid into me easily. I switched it on, turned it up to maximum speed and started to fuck myself with it whilst frigging my clit.

I took my time, wanting to prolong my show. I fucked myself slowly at first, then faster, my cunt squelching as my juices flowed. I could feel my orgasm building, and began to frig my clit harder and exuberantly. The first waves coursed through my body. I rammed the vibrator in and out vigorously, arching my back, forcing my cunt against the vibe. Grunting and moaning I had an intense, shuddering orgasm as I climaxed. I collapsed back on the the bed, with the vibrator buzzing away in my cunt until Martin withdrew it and switched it off.

When I caught my breath and opened my eyes, the monitor was blank, Martin had undressed and was climbing between my legs stroking his erection. He slammed his cock straight up me. I wrapped my legs around him and he began to fuck me. We had one of the most frenzied fucks I can recall, almost falling off the bed. We rolled over, with his cock still inside me and I rode him, cumming again incredibly quickly. He waited until my orgasm subsided before rolling me onto my knees, entering me from behind, fucking me doggy until I came again and he emptied a heavy load of spunk into my cunt.

I enjoyed it so much that a couple of hours later I spent another 30 or 40 minutes masturbating for guys in the chatroom. Afterwards I got him to show me how to log on and enter the video chatroom. Within two weeks I was going online practically every night, whether or not Martin was there. Dressing up, slowly undressing until I was naked, getting on the bed masturbating. Some times I'd perform sex acts guys asked for, bananas and cucumbers that sort of thing. Toying my pussy with a vibrator in my bum was one guys request which I particularly enjoyed. On another occasion I needed to stop for a pee and was asked to take the cam with me so they could watch. A bit kinky, but Martin gave me the nod. He suggested I use the bath and I was watched pissing.

It was about a month before we were watched having sex. With the cam in a fixed position it was difficult to see Martins cock in my cunt as we fucked, unless I was on top facing the cam. We did that sometimes but Martin likes to see and play with my tits when we fuck. We finished with him holding the cam showing his spunk running from my gaping hole. We both enjoyed it and a couple of weeks after he first fucked me on cam, I put on the harness, attached and lubricated the dildo and his anus and fucked his arse. It went down well, especially when he came all over my tits and I rubbed his spunk into my skin. Not only that from the comments his cock had two or three admirers amongst the guys watching.

My exhibitionist streak had been well and truly released. Much as we, and particularly I, enjoyed being watched, I found that though I was turned on performing sex acts and fucking on cam the novelty began to wear off. As you can probably imagine I'd received numerous offers from guys wanting to fuck me. Martin was keen to see me having sex with other guys. The idea of being fucked while Martin, and perhaps a few guys watched, appealed to me much more than the remoteness of cam sex.

We talked about arranging it, deciding I could invite more than one guy, perhaps 3 or 4 to fuck me to satisfy my desire to be watched. I set about listing the things I was looking for. Willing to be videoed, age 18 to 35, fit, well endowed, able to remain hard, recover quickly and fuck without cumming to soon. It wasn't quite as easy as I expected, so I won't bore your with the details. It took about three weeks to weed out the timewasters, dreamers and fantasists, you know, fat guys much older than I wanted or who thought six inches was well endowed. A number of guys were bisexual. I asked Martin what he thought. I can't say I was surprised when he said he was bi-curious and suggested including one. I was as eager to see Martin with a guy as he was to see me being fucked. Finally we chose three guys. We chatted to them, they had no hang ups letting us see them naked, showing me their cocks to prove they measured up, and masturbated while I watched. We agreed to meet them at a bar in the city centre Saturday evening and provided we hit it off take them home with us.

I'm going to have to stop at this point. Martin is going away on a course. As this is a joint effort (he makes sure I don't miss anything out or make to many grammatical or spelling errors) the next part of our story will have to wait. We'll continue on his return. Hope you don't mind.