3 Aug 2016

I am a 43 year old married woman. This account is about something that happened when I was twenty five years old. At that time I had been married about two years, my husband and I have always had an open marriage. In fact he we ways says that the reason he married me was because I was the most highly sexed person he had ever met and that I was a slut.

On this particular day I was off from work and popped around to see my brother to drop something off for him. I was dressed in a low cut mini dress no underwear and bare legs and heals, it was a warm day. I got a taxi round to Lees and got to his house. He let me I. And I found he had his black mate Joe there. I knew Joe a bit but knew his older brother Steve he had fucked me on and off for around three years, in fact him and his mate fucked me the day before the wedding. Anyway, Joe said hi and good to see me, I sat next to him on the settee. Joe had always been arrogant, but I had not seen him for ages, he was 22 very athletic, shaved head a bit of a thug, like his brother. Lee, my brother, went to get me a vodka, and whilst he was gone Joe had his hand on my leg and said that Steve told him was a good fuck I was, and that he was going to find out for himself. His hand going fight up my leg and onto my smooth pussy, Steve said you were smooth.

Lee came back Joe behaved, until he answered his phone in the kitchen and Joe had his hand up my skirt and did a poor job of telling to to stop and stop being so rude. He just smiled and said I know what a slut you are. After about an hour I asked Lee if he would call me a cab, but Joe insisted that he gave me a lift instead. My brother agreed without asking me. We left and got into Joe's car. As we left he stroked my leg, and then stopped at the traffic lights lent over took my face into his hand holding me quite roughly and gave me the most sensuous French kiss ever, it took my breath away, he was very passionate.

We arrived at our house, and he followed me in. Once in the house he pushed me two the wall kissed me again and had my dress off, he pushed me down and told me to get his cock out, and blow him. I unzipped him and out came his wonderful cock and like his brother a very big boy! I started to lick and gently suck him he held my hair tight then pulled me away by my hair. He then pushed me back I took his cock into my mouth and he then pushed his cock right in and into my throat. I almost gagged but quickly accommodated as I was and still am an expert deep throater. He fracked my face until I felt him grow and tense then shot his cum down into my throat.

He pulled me up and said I am going to fuck you on your bed bitch. We went upstairs, once in the bedroom he undressed and he had a fantastic body hard muscles and a rock hard cock, he pushed me back on to the bed, went down on me licking my pussy and arse hole. Then he stood up put my legs over his shoulders and entered me in one huge push, he was so big I screamed but then quickly started to most in pleasure, he pulled my nipples hard then built up momentum and fucked me like he was an animal, it was amazing; calling me names all the time telling me I was a slut, white, fuck trash. He fucked me for a good twenty minutes before shouting and come hard inside me. He pulled out and laid down telling me to clean his cock, so I licked him clean taking my juices off him. We then cuddled fir a while and he told me that Steve had shown him photos of his brother and me fucking and some nude photos he had taken, And Steve told his mates I fucked like a cheap whore. He was pinching and pulling my nipples hard, he said he was going to fuck my arse. He then told me to suck him hard, he picked up the phone at the side of the bed and called my brother Lee, he said guess which whore I have just fucked and is now sucking my cock, he then said your older slut sister mate. I don't thing Lee believed him, because the next thing I knew Joe had hold of my gaff pulling up to the phone and told me to tell Lee it was true. Lee sounded cross, but we did not have the chance to talk, Joe told me to get his cock down my throat. He ended his call by saying your older sister is a dirtier fuck than your younger one. Later he told me that he and Steve had fucked my younger sister Emma. He got me on my knees and doggy fucked my pussy, pulling on my hair. He then picked up he belt from his trousers and put it around my neck and pulled so hard I almost passed out. Then he pulled out and greased my arse and slowly entered my arse hole, once in fully he started to fuck me hard, leaning over and rubbing my clit hard I cam about three times two massive orgasms, he fucked me like that for ages then alternately fucked my arse and pussy, making me tell him how good he was and better than my white husband. He made me shout to him that I wanted his huge cock in my cunt, and that I was his bitch. He came again and I then had to clean his cock again. He took some photos of me in various poses, then asked me what toys I had, he then told me to get the nipple clamps and cane, he put the clamps on tight and I then to bend over and he caned me hard, then I felt him rub my pussy and fuck me again.

We were in bed fucking for about three hours. At the end I had really bright reels on my arse and tits where he had caned me, my nipples were sore and swollen, bruises on my arms and legs and teeth bites on my tits and love bites on my tits, pussy area neck, cum in my hair. He left me wrecked but very satisfied and happy.

He showered and returned to the bedroom, and told me he was going but that he would be back; he said be free Friday I will collect you and I will invite my brother and mates to my flat. He left a note for my husband telling him that he has a dirty slut for a wife. I did meet him on Friday and my husband asked for a video to be taken. I fucked Joe and his brother on and off for. Further two years until we moved to London.