Written by ellie

7 Mar 2009

my name is ellie,i am 26yrs old,considered attractive,and although i was far from being a virgin,i never jumped in bed at the first oppurtunity either,then one night my current b/f suggested we visit a health spa,i knew it was naturist,but i decided i would wear a bikini,that would stay in place no matter what,we had a quick look around then went to the refreshment bar for a coffee,i was quite amused at the amount of guys walking round naked trying to catch my eye,i dont say so much to chat to me more like look at this,in the corner was 4 black guys,and what kind of attracted me to them was the fact they were all wearing towels and the white towels against their black skins really was doing something to me,i have mever been racist but until then had no attraction to anyone other than white guys,but i could not stop looking and it seemed every time i did they looked back,perhaps it was because they had towels on,i was willing one of them to show me a black cock,as if reading my mind one of them stood up and draped his towel over his shoulder,and looked straight at me,i could not help myself but stare at it,my b/f sensing what was happening made the excuse of going to the toilet,as soon as he had gone the guy came over,and his first words were like what you see,that would normally be enough to put me off but i just found myself nodding yes,he then said fancy a sauna,again i just nodded,we spent the next 15mins just talking really but the sight of the beads of sweat rolling off him was turning me on so much,he lead me from the sauna but instead of going back he took me to a room at the back,i can only assume it was where they gave massages,even though this was me it was like i was watcning a film of me,as soon as we were there i found myself just going down and taking him in my mouth,it just seem so natural,i thought i was going to orgasm,just sucking his black cock,it felt so good in my mouth,obviously i do suck cock but its not one of my greatest turn ons,but maybe the fact it was blk was making it so exciting,he lifted me on the table and removed my bikini bottom,and without a word slid himself into me,by now my top was up and his hands were on my breasts,of course i was getting pleasure from the feeling of him in me,but the sensation and thought of it being a blk cock,seemed to be making it all the more exciting,soon my head was spinning in pleasure,as i felt him speed up and empty himself deep in me,i could only lay there as i felt his cum gently trickle from me.then as if nothing had gone on he just said thanks,and you had best clean the table and he was gone,i cleaned myself up a bit wiped the table and made for the shower,i felt a million eyes were on me as i left the room all knowing what had happened,but even though in reality i had just been treated as a total slag,the pleasure i had just got from it out weighed that,the following day i thought i would have bad thoughts but in my heart i knew it was going to happen again,and even though it was the end of my relationship with my b/f,it was the start of a new begining for me,i have lost count of how many guys have used me just for sex,and i dont care what others say about me i am loving the life i am now having,