Written by ArlingtonOne

16 Aug 2013

I understand the other day my posting about Bryant’s new “assistant” hire, Amelia, elicited some criticism of me… I was considered pompous and lacking respect for her role to serve Bryant’s sexual appetite. (Of course, her job description is far more business-driven than my candor here…)

What some SH members failed to recognize, Amelia is the one who’s taken far too much liberty and become pompous. She believes she can do no wrong as Bryant’s assistant. After all, he’s the senior partner in the firm…who’s going to challenge her! When she brought my wife into our meet-up…suggesting if I didn’t offer to invite Amelia to my home to meet Judi…Amelia would simply have Bryant invite my wife, with Amelia, to his home…AND bed!! To speak of ‘pompous,’ and suggesting my wife has an ongoing affair with Bryant, I’m going to look into the matter and challenge my colleague!!

Before addressing the issue with Bryant, I quietly checked with some colleagues…determine what if any substance to Amelia’s suggestion about my wife. I learned that there may be some modest truth to my wife fuck-engaging Bryant, but no major long-tern pattern. It seems at our Holiday party last December, Bryant’s and Judi’s “relationship” became a gossip source! I wanted check further and validate.

Our Archivist is also our Videographer…oftentimes keeping a photo/video record of our firm’s events. Good for PR reasons…BUT also a protection of sorts against those who may attempt taking advantage of our firm. I asked Lyle if he had a record of last year’s Holiday party…I recalled he took many pictures and some video. I privately explained why… Lyle said that several other colleagues wanted the same type of “review”…for their various, personal motivations. He was amused I hadn’t asked earlier…since he recalled some substance behind my wife’s activities that night. It would take him a few days to frame and timeline pics and video of segments involving my wife. What he prepared last week was nothing less than impressive…almost CSI-like…!! Tuesday evening, in our secure multi-media room, he walked me though his “presentation.” No audio, but he was familiar enough to recall actions related to the pictures I was about to see…

Each image/vid was time-stamped…sequenced through the party evening. The first pic showed my wife with Bryant at one of the service bars. Judi had a black Bolero jacket…almost vest-like…short. The Vest covered a Lame-like, sequined blouse with plunging V neck cut. While Bryant held his drink with left hand, his right hand was positioned under my wife’s Bolero…clearly working my wife’s left breast OR both. The Lame style blouse would do little to shield my wife from his probing hand…NO other interpretation for me…Bryant’s was groping my wife’s breasts…!

The 2nd pic…minutes later…still at same bar, Bryant’s hand lowered to my wife’s back…while one of his young interns on the other side of my wife. He had a drink and smoke…not touching my wife…but up close…real close. A 3rd photo then showed Bryant and my wife kissing…while the intern appeared to be stroking my wife’s derriere. Minutes later in sequence, Lyle had a brief video…showing Judi holding onto Bryant’s arm…while the intern was holding her right hand…both men guiding my wife to one of the conference meet rooms off the party area. The intern opened the door… all three walked in…as it appeared another colleague already in room. Door closed!

Minutes later, a photo showed Bryant out of the room…having a drink with some other party members. There was a substantial lapse between that photo…and the next video clip. Apparently, Lyle was shrewdly determining several “interesting things” going on that evening…he was keeping up with all the “activity”…;) The video showed Bryant returning to the room…he knocked on the locked door. As it opened, the video captured one of my colleagues holding a woman’s legs in upright position……a little spread…slightly angled over the gal’s torso. NO question whose legs from the pumps she wore. It was my wife on the conference table. As Bryant walked in…and before the door closed…he removed his jacket, and appeared to unbuckle his belt… NO question for me…Bryant was preparing to fuck my wife. Furthermore, as I viewed the video, who else had already shagged her during that half-hour absence…and would there be more to follow Bryant, before my wife met up with me late that night…

You see…I can’t claim total innocence. While Judi was romanced…and savored…I had been working our Cafeteria Manager, Louise. Louise partied with us…without husband! I had been nurturing her for months…finally that December evening, I had my opportunity to engage her… She’s a gal in her early 40’s, a little on the ‘plush’ side…nice titty rack, over-size ass, and most importantly, a willing pussy…!

Back to the picture sequence…the next photo…about an hour later, showed Bryant and Judi coming out of the room…along with 3 other gentlemen. Lyle casually asked one of his friends who was among the group…”what went on in the room…?” The lad shared they just had a great time with one of the partner wives… The gent identified Arlington’s wife, Judi…”What a hot cunt she is…once we got doing her, she kept pleading...begging for more!! The only time she shut up...when Gerry stuffed his cock in her mouth...even then...she was gagging for more!! My wife NEVER asks me for more once I've done her...can't believe this guy's wife...she's instatiable...why don't we get her with us more often...!!” Lyle casually asked for "more"…as if what he just learned wasn't enough... Apparently Judi was a little circumspect about her being partied. However, with a little ‘influence and prodding,’ she capitulated. (Likely my wife was under influence as well…) The men helped undress her. When it came to the “first player,” she again expressed reservations… It seems that’s when the video showed her legs held and spread…for Bryant’s cock. Lyle learned…once Bryant had his way with my wife, the other gentlemen had it easy…she wanted more every time one of the guys banged her... They each fucked Judi…even as one of them fed his cock into my wife’s mouth. Lyle learned they ALL used condoms…they didn’t want to “mess her up” for the evening…everyone’s spunk would have been apparent on my wife when she would return to the party…AND me. It worked…! When Judi and I met up late in the evening, at the time I had no clue her cunny played hostess to 4 men…maybe more…including my senior partner, Bryant.

At home early morning, I suspected my wife may have played with someone, BUT NO idea the extent of her group fuck tryst. After all, I wasn’t planning to cast stones any way…I had earlier been playing and fucking Louise for nearly an hour…before I shared her, by her approval, with another colleague… No…my wife and I took a ‘partner shower’…laughed over some of the party activities…had another drink before we went to bed. Innocently…unknowing…I went to play with my wife. We both engaged…I realized she had to have been fucked earlier that night…her cunny seemed stretched and open to depth…her shower didn’t altogether eliminate the “after-effects.” BUT again, I had NO idea…until this week…how many gents had her that night…!!

Here it is mid-August. If Amelia suggesting she can access my wife via Bryant, obviously my wife continues her play connection with him. For all I know, Judi may continue to be a “casual” bed partner with Bryant and his wife Cassidy...AND NOW, soon, Amelia...! What the hell am I missing...!!