Written by Sue xx

16 Oct 2017

Well since my posting on 29th Sept, hubby has read it and my life has accelerated. We are now members of a swinging club and I have had my first nervous visit. More which later as I need to set the scene.

As you may have read I am sexually active and enjoy nothing more than a good night in or out with hubby giving me a good seeing to. One of my favourites is to strip down to my stockings and straddle hubby in the '69' position as I love to feel his tongue searching my pussy as I suck on his cock. As soon as I believe it to be as hard as I can get it I raise myself up and impale myself on him, riding his cock and using my muscles to massage his cock. Many of you ladies now what I am talking about, we can use our vaginal muscles to grip your cock which in turn gives us any number of orgasms.

And so my first visit to a swinging club, hubby suggested what to wear and of course I duly obliged. It transpired hubby had already visited the club and 'tested' the clientèle if you know what I mean. He had also registered us and paid our membership weeks ago, he must have know my little secret. Also it appears that the night he chose for my first visit was cabaret night, with the patrons providing the cabaret! And I was to be the star guest!!

There was a good crowd of people in the club, all smartly dressed waiting for my entrance. I was led to the middle of the floor by hubby and left there. Now we watch videos on xhamster the online porn site (which is where I learn a lot of my techniques) so when the music started, I started to dance, this was my chance to do a striptease in front of strangers. Now as I explained we watch xhamster, and so I took my inspiration form Lois in the stripping clip 'Secretary public nudity' and slowly removed all my clothes except my stockings. I gestured for hubby to join me on the floor and in no time had him stripped and laying on his back so I could do my favourite 69 trick for the audience.

As I lowered myself on hubbies huge vertical cock, I looked round to see the others stripping off and starting to enjoy each other. As I bounced up and down on hubby, I was offered another cock to suck, well it would be rude not to wouldn't it. After I had drained hubby, I wentfor a quick walk round the club to see what was on offer. There was a room full of naked bodies, for all intents and purposes an orgy, looked fun. There was another room where you could sit and watch, nice! A hot tub of course and a strange looking little room with holes in the walls, I was intrigued so entered the room, which really only had room to bend over. I closed the door behind me to see what would happen. I seemed to been in there ages before something happened, which was a hand reaching in and searching for something, as I moved closer the hand stroked my thigh moving up and down my stocking clad leg until it reached the giggle strip (the welt where the suspenders are attached for the uninitiated which makes you giggle hence the name). Then it ran up my inner thigh until it reached my clit, to which I gave out a moan of delight. Then there appeared to be more hands stoking my legs, my breasts, and diving deeper into my pussy. This got my body tingling and ready for more.

I left the glory hole box and made my way to the voyeur room and seeing it was empty went inside lay on the bed and waited. It was not long before I was joined by a very handsome man with what looked like a truncheon for a cock. I had to have this one and soon had it in my mouth, just.

As people started to gather to watch I lay back and spread my legs wide, as he entered me I gasped his cock was huge, this was an experience and I was thoroughly enjoying it.

So that was my first and fifth tick on my bucket list, now I now want to add dogging, an orgy and maybe a gang bang if I can find enough hard cocks.

Love Sue xx