Written by Jack the loser

4 Sep 2018

Naively I thought my wife had always been faithful, but now I know that’s not true. I only found out after catching her being fucked by our 2 builders in our marital bed.

Debbie, like me is now 40, but she has a perfect figure as she spends a lot of time in the gym. She is 5’5, slim, toned with gorgeous 34 d tits and big dark nipples. She has long dark wavy hair and is cute and pretty. She has looked after her body better than I have mine, as I just don’t have time to work out due to working ridiculous hours. Saying that I’m not too bad.

Anyway Debbie has always been the boss and very open about who she fancies. She has named about 20 famous guys that she would fuck if they asked her despite being married.

Lately this has increased to guys she sees in the street and even a married friend of mine. Thinking about her with another guy makes my stomach churn but also strangely very horny.

She adores muscly guys and big defined muscles, and a good 6 pack sends her crazy. She is embarrassing with my muscly friend as she can’t keep her hands off him. When he visited she made him take his top off and her hands were all over him, telling him how lovely he is and asking why my body isn’t like that.

She even tells me that she has fantasised about him ducking her. I’m pretty sure nothing has gone on as he is loved up with his wife.

Debbie only works a few hours a week and I don’t really know what she gets up to.

Recently we have had a new kitchen fitted and two mid 30’s guys came to do it. I met them the first day to discuss the job and then I was off to work.

They were both in very good shape and one was muscly just as Debbie likes and she flirted with him from the outset, even with me there. She was asking to feel his muscles and was all over him.

Going to work I kept thinking the worst but hoped my wife was all talk and wouldn’t really do anything due to being married. Over the next week I didn’t see the builders as left at 7:30 and they didn’t arrive until 8, and they had left by the time I got home.

However each morning Debbie was up and dressed by the tine I left. Normally she dresses casually around the house but as the week went on she was wearing more and more sexy revealing outfits and some of her best sexy undies. When I asked her if it was necessary she just said that she had to make an effort as we had guests in the house. The muscly one was called Chris and she didn’t stop going on about how good looking and muscly he was.

She even told me that she had thought about him when using her rabbit and hoped they hadn’t heard her as she had moaned louder than normal. She had done this upstairs with them working downstairs. She told me that she had added him to the list of guys she would fuck if he asked.

Debbie knows how to wind me up and loves the reaction she gets to her taking about other guys this way. So I just didn’t know if she was on a wind up or not. I kept thinking that there is no way he wouldn’t try it on with her, flirting as she does, so would she say no to him?

I was a mess and not man enough to do anything about it. By the end of the week the weather had got hotter and Debbie dressed in a flimsy top and no bra. Her amazing tits were wobbling all over the place and nipples clearly visible.

She has only gone without a bra a few times in holiday, so I told her I thought she should put one on. She just told me that as she was indoors and it was hot then a bra would be too hot.

That day my mind was racing more than ever, so I took the afternoon off and returned home. I didn’t tell Debbie and planned to tell her when I got in that I had finished early to check the work.

I went round the back, which is the entrance the builders used and when I went round there, they weren’t there. I sneaked I and walked around downstairs and the heard voices upstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs I just stood and listened. My worst fear was happening as I could tell Debbie was being sexually pleasured as she is very vocal and was obviously being licked out.

She was moaning and telling someone to suck her clit harder (the way she loves it).

Gutted with my stomach churning I crept up the stairs and could see figures in our bedroom as the door was half opened. I didn’t want to be seen so just sat near the top of the stairs and listened.

It got worse as I soon realised that it was both of our builders in there with her. They were calling her a slut and encouraging each other to do things with her. Obviously one was licking her and she was sucking the other as I heard her sucking and gagging as she loves to deep throat.

Although they were encouraging each other, Debbie was controlling them and telling them what to do. I just froze listening. She instructed Chris to lay on his back and she mounted him, telling him what an amazing body he has. She had clearly lowered herself onto him as she was telling him he was soo big and that she wasn’t used to such a big one.

The she rode him fucking him hard in her favourite position on top. She was moaning and telling him to fuck her with his big cock. She then went quiet and I soon realised she was instructing the other guy to get behind her and fuck her arse.

We have only done anal a couple of times but here she was, with a cock up each hole being fucking in our marital bed. She has never moaned that loud with me and I knew she was being pleasured in ways I could not match.

I couldn’t move and my stomach was doing somersaults and I felt sick. However my cock was rock hard and I found myself rubbing it through my trousers. I must have been there half an hour as my wife was getting fucked senseless. I didn’t even think about going in there to stop it.

One obviously spunked in her mouth as she was told she was a good girl for swallowing. The guys also told each other not to cum up her as I’m guessing they didn’t want to fuck a pussy with the other’s spunk in there. This did tell me that no condoms were used.

As I listened to Debbie climaxing louder than ever she did with me, I must have rubbed my cock beyond my control and spunked in my pants.

After that I left the house in a state of total shock. I went to a nearby park that has public toilets and did my best with the water to clean up my spunk and use the hand dryers to dry myself. I then wanked myself again several times as I was hornier than I’ve ever been.

By this time it was my normal time to return home. I walked in as though I wasn’t aware of anything. I kissed Debbie and asked her how her day was.

Casually she said that Chris had tried it on with her and she was sorry but he was too hunky to turn down so she had fucked him. Even though I had heard everything I didn’t expect her to confess.

I was in massive shock and just listened to her tell me about being fucked. She lied as she told me that she had fucked him in our spare room whilst the other guy was working downstairs. She even had made a mess of the spare bed for effectiveness.

She then told me that she hopes that I was ok with what she had done, and that it was my fault as she had told me that she would fuck him if he offered and I hadn’t told her she couldn’t!

She then noticed that i was stood there listening with a hard on...