Written by Happy Hubby

9 May 2017

It was now the final week of work to be completed at my home. I had been fed tales about the activities the two builders Peter & John had engaged in with my wife Jane, by mutual friend Chris.

This is the final instalment that he relayed to me.

On this particular day of week 4, I had left before builders arrived, Jane was still in shower when I left for work & had noticed how much more attention to her appearance she had taken over past 3 weeks....little did she know that I knew exactly why!

As the guys arrived she had finished her shower, but was wearing a silky gown, which was very clingy...even more so because she was not completely dry....her 36c nipples were very noticeable!!

She walked into kitchen to make them coffee,,, Peter followed her as John went straight into garden to continue working.. Peter stood behind her at the sink...nibbling her neck, his strong hands on her shoulders, he began letting his hands run down her back...before sliding around the front to untie the cord.....Stop it, she said but with little force....he laffed and continued!

He slid robe off her shoulders and it fell to the floor,, his hands moved down her body to her hips, he squeezed them and turned her around. He pushed her down over the kitchen table and began probing her pussy with first one finger, then two as she got wetter! She was moaning as he finger fucked her....he looked over his shoulder & could see John chatting over the fence to the neighbour who had witnessed them fuck her in the garden. The neighbour, George, a retired fireman about 70, was straining to see as he chatted with John.

Peter was smiling to himself as he pushed his cock into Jane & began fucking her,, slowly at first but increasing his pace as Jane moaned & then screamed! She shouted 'FUCK ME!!' , it was loud and both John & George looked over,, but could not see much.

Before too much longer Jane came followed by Peter exploding into her!!. They collapsed onto table.....both panting.

When Peter had got his breath back as he lay over Jane's back,,,he whispered that John & George, the neighbour had been trying to watch. OMG, she said he is such an old letch....he decided to tell her that he had seen them previously fucking in the garden....O No she said, he will tell hubby.

Peter laffed and said he might not if...... O no she said I can't... he is so horrible,but he smiled and said it might be the only way.

Peter told Jane to put smallest bikini on & go sun bathe on lounger.....face down.....leave rest to me he told her.

When Jane cam back downstairs....Peter could not believe his eyes,,, the bikini was tiny, Jane said it was an old one of her daughters, so was at least one or two sizes too small.... it was white, barely covered her 36c tits and was thong style so cut her ass in half! Before she walked out, he flicked water onto bikini top, for two effects, turned it slightly see-thru plus got nipples erect!

He watched from kitchen as she walked up garden to lounger.... both John & George were stunned, she lay down as Peter had instructed.

He left kitchen & walked over to fence to chat with the guys,, he winked at George, and simply said, what u think? George was speechless but had a lustful smile, Peter gestured to come over.

George didn't need second ask....Peter told him she needed oiling.....he walked over, didn't say a word, just picked up cream and began to apply to her back, Peter had told Jane not to open her eyes....just let it happen.

He untied her bikini top....and slid it from under her....the two builders simply watching him.

He put top to his face & sniffed her perfume, he clearly had wanted her for a while.

Slowly he applied cream to her legs & thighs....he was enjoying every moment of the woman he had letched over for many years. This was his moment,,,he put his hands to the sides of the ties on the bikini bottomm and slowly pulled them undone....the bikini bottom was then free for him to pull from under her. He repeated his action and sniffed the bikini, only this time he pushed it inside his trouser pocket.

He stood up whipped his top & shorts off, exposing his erect cock, and began to climb onto Jane, he spoke to her saying how much he wanted to fuck her, he forced his cock into her and began fucking her hard, telling her she was now his slut!

He didn't last long before exploding inside her. Jane thought well at least that is over.....or so she thought!

He climbed off her, and simply threw her over his shoulder, fireman style, waved at the builders and marched off towards the house. The two builders looked on in amazement, he took her into the house and upstairs , where he ordered her onto her knees, she protested, but he simply said,,,,YOU will obey, as she knelt before him,,, he smirked and offered his by now reawakening cock....suck it bitch he told her.....Jane obeyed....he then face fucked her.....making her swallow his cum!

He fucked her a number of times before leaving the house, he waved to the builders, saying your now guys!!

Both Peter & John fucked her before the end of that day......I think they may want to do work for us again!!