Written by Badboibuilder

11 Aug 2017

There we were Another site she was leaning bent over a disused washing machine with her firm round arse facing me I couldn't resist so I came up behind her once again pressing my hard cock up against her she didn't push me away but instead loosened Her joggers So that I could slip my hand down into her pants and already her pussy was dripping wet so I pulled them down to her knees and proceed to slip two fingers in deep into that very juice pussy and slipped a finger a couple of inches into her arse. She had started to moan and push back on to my hand as I built up a steady rhythm her moaning was getting louder little by little as she gripped my fingers with her pussy and I could see her legs beginning to buckles as she came over my hand repeatedly. She was even moaning oh God oh God yes then she stood up straight as she was coming down from her orgasm and looked at me with a flushed face and devilish smile and kissed me deep and said there is always tomorrow...... And by God I hope there is