Written by Needy

25 Aug 2019

Over the last few years my wife and I have been having about as much fun a couple can have. We are both submissive but she much more than me. She longs to be forced and dominated. Before she met me some of her previous boyfriends had realised what she needed but I struggle to provide the DOM part for her. I am ok to a point but then fail. I don’t like to hurt or shame her especially in public. So she has found someone and has taken him as a lover. She found him on a web site. She picked him as he lives quite near.

She went to meet with him for the first time and he didn't fuck her. When she came home she told me that even though he didn't fuck her, it was the best sex she ever had. He blindfolded her and proceeded to fist her. She said it was the best. I could not believe it. She is not big at all. She said he started with one finger in her, then 2, then 3 and 4 and then bent his hand over and soon was fisting her. She said she squirted juice over his hand and arm, everywhere. The rest of the evening, he played games with her. They walked around a mall, they were dressed of course but he made her hold his cock which was covered by his pants instead of holding hands. They went in to a public toilet and he had her get his cock out and hold it while he pissed. Other men came in and saw them and watched.

As he was bringing her home, they stopped by a jewellery store and he purchased a anklet for her. It is inconspicuous, but if she is wearing it, I am not to touch her. He calls every morning or previous night and lets her know whether she is to wear the anklet or not. He usually makes her wear it 3 or 4 times a week. On those nights I am not to make any advances on "his" slut. I have to sleep in the spare bedroom as more humiliation.

She went with him for over a month and I still not met him. Yet, right from the start, I let this man control my sex life. I never thought I would let that happen. When she returned from him, she was to show me any marks or welts left by the beating he has given her. She also had to show me her used pussy. When she took of her panties which had caught his cum that had ran out of her, she had to roll them inside out and I had to place them inside my underpants with my cock and balls. He wanted me to feel his cum on me.

I am totally aroused by this man's power over my wife and me. My wife says she is constantly wet. My wife does not work and can do as he orders every day. When he calls he tells her what to wear for the day. One day I came home to find her sitting in the corner on her knees with a black dildo (I had never seen this before, turns out he bought it for her) shoved up her pussy and clothes pins on each nipple.

I asked her what was going on and she wouldn't answer me. About 10 minutes later the phone rang and it was him. I answered, it was the first time I had spoken to him. He told me to hand the phone to "his beautiful girlfriend". He ordered her to get up, put clothes on and tell me what they had done today. She told me that he called approximately an hour before I got home and he told her to sit in the corner that way until he called back. She was only to get up if she was in immediate danger.

Then the next time she went with him he told her he would come and meet me and that he would fuck her in front of me. He told her to tell me and we were both to be ready. I was to answer the door naked and she was also to be stripped and kneeling, waiting to suck him. We did exactly what he asked. My humiliation was so intense. When I opened the door he walked straight past me to my wife. She took his cock out and took it into her mouth and began to suck it. It was not yet hard but quickly stiffened up. He is bigger than me. He told me to stand in front of him and to play with my cock.

I was ready to cum. Having to wank myself in front of him while my wife was on her knees blowing him was so cruel. He was holding her head and fucking her mouth and throat. She was chocking and gurgling as his cock plunged in and out repeatedly. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He told my wife to get up, he was going to fuck her. He made her lean over the back of a lounge chair. He told me to spread her legs and open her cunt. Then he told me to guide his cock into her. I did as asked. He told her to make noise like a slut should. She groaned and screamed. This helped her get off and she came and then again. He then said he was ready to cum. He told me to kneel beside them. He pulled his cock out of my wife and had her wank him. My wife had to finish him off and to do it over my face. She held his cock very close and he shot cum all over me. Then he had her lick it off my face, hold it in her mouth and then kiss me.

He asked me then if I enjoyed seeing his slut being fucked? I could only agree. It was what I craved. He then told me that I wasn’t to cum that day. If I did then he would hurt her with a much more severe beating than normal. Even though she likes pain, I struggle to see her take it. Of course, I accept not being able to cum.

It was 2 days later he returned and fucked her in our bed with me lying underneath it. I could not see them of course and it was very cramped. Firstly, I was told to get under the bed then he stripped her and put her over his knee and then he hit her with a strap he had brought with him. He showed me the strap when he arrived. She screamed every time the strap hit her buttocks. He asked her if she had had enough. She answered only if he thought it was. Then he fucked her. My space under the bed decreased every time he drove his cock into her. She came quickly. The beating had made her so highly sexed. He asked her who was her best lover? She answered that he was.

When he had finished fucking her, he had me climb out from under the bed and lie on the floor. She had to quickly get off the bed and straddle my face. I was not allowed to lick her pussy but just let his cum run into my mouth. She sat there for at least 20 minutes until he felt that I had it all. Then he had her return to the bed and he told me I could watch them until he was ready to fuck her again. So, I sat on a chair as they kissed and they played with each other. My wife sucked his nipples and then sucked his cock and balls. When he was fully hard he told me to return under the bed or I could wait outside the closed bedroom door. I should kneel and listen only. I was not to touch my cock. I choose this as it was so cramped under the bed.

The second fuck was a longer one than the first. My wife was again vocal. Every now and then I could hear him slap her. He continually called her a slut and he made her call out that she was a slut and loved his cock. I was rock hard but didn’t dare touch my cock for fear of cumming myself. When they finished they came out. My wife bathed him with a cloth and warm water. He instructed me not to cum that day and I could only cum next morning after he called. He dressed and left. My wife and I were still naked and instructed to stay that way, sleep like that and wait for his call.. She was not to wash until he called.

I never went to work the next morning and waited for the call. It was so hard to be naked and so near her and not touch her. He called about 11 am. She answered and he told her I could cum. She asked me how I wanted it. I desperately wanted to fuck her. I did. It felt divine. I fucked her standing up with one of her feet on a chair. We fucked an hour later in our bed where he had fucked her. We were both so happy.

He has taken her away for weekends. He fucks her for the 2 days. I have such a constant hard on thinking of her used up pussy and arsehole. Yes, he arse fucks her, I have never done that. She would not try it but submitted to him. She now tells me that she is ok with it but really likes it because he does it to her. When he found out that we had never done it, he forbade me from ever doing it.

When they return home to me on Sunday, I have to service her in any way that he chooses. I am not to touch myself until she returns on Sunday. He has tested me then by making me wank myself. When I cum quickly he knows I have obeyed.

She talks to him every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times.

It really turns us both on that we are so subservient to him. He cums in her mouth (something I have never done). He has instructed her that she will not suck my cock or let me cum in her no matter what (unless approved by him). She has always hated to suck cock anyway, but she says she loves sucking his cock.

On Wednesday he came for dinner. I prepared it while he fucked my wife. He stayed the night and slept with her in our bed. He gave her a super short skirt and a very see through blouse. He told us that he was taking her out on Friday evening. She is to be dressed for him, as he has planned on using her in a very public place. We don’t where or what she is to do.

He also instructed that I was to sleep in the spare bedroom for the rest of this week and I am not make eye contact with her. On Friday, I am to finish early from work and get her ready for him.

I can't wait!!!!