Written by JamesB

17 Jul 2008

had known Geoff and Susie for a long time, I had enjoyed lots of mmf threesomes with them, and occasional foursomes with my wife Sarah joining in when she was up for it. Geoff is tall, very fit and a good-looking guy, but he had always been submissive and a cuckold, and Susie was delightfully submissive too. Then they split, and although I continued to fuck Susie 1-2-1 for a while, she found a new guy and that was the end of that. I kept in touch with Geoff and we met for a beer occasionally. His new partner is very young and pretty with 32ff boobs, but is very conventional about sex and he missed the fun of threesomes. I met a new lady friend, Annie, who was married but her husband had lost interest – though she certainly hadn’t. We got on very well, and gradually the idea of threesomes with her and Geoff seemed obvious so we arranged it.

The date had been fixed, I booked a nice hotel room for a Saturday night and Annie was looking forward to getting to play with an extra cock. Then just a few days before the meet, her husband became ill and had to go into hospital. She wanted to keep the date with me and Geoff, but I could see it probably wasn’t going to happen. Then my wife Sarah volunteered to take Annie’s place. I was very unsure about it, this would be our first mmf, the few other meets with her and Geoff had been as foursomes with Susie as well. I didn’t feel too jealous, that would have been stupid after I’d fucked Geoff’s wife countless times, but I had doubts about sharing Sarah with him and not having Susie to play with.

On the day it all seemed to happen around me. We checked in to the hotel mid-afternoon and Sarah took a lot of trouble to prepare for the meeting. She used a douche in case he wanted to take her anally, (something she won’t allow me to do), then bathed and shaved beautifully for him. She had bought a new set of retro undies – the kind that Geoff likes, with wide suspender straps and metal clips, seamed stockings and a quarter cup bra that showed off her hard nipples through her top. She wore the kind of short skirt I like but she normally won’t wear, and a new pair of very high heels that made her legs look terrific. By the time she was ready to meet him I was getting more worried about the idea of this good-looking young and very fit guy playing with my wife, and my cock had gone from hard at the sight of her to soft with the worry of her getting well fucked by Geoff.

We met in the bar, and had a light dinner with a couple of bottles of wine. Sarah was flirting madly with Geoff, and he was teasing her with soft touches on her hands and bare arms. At one stage during the meal I saw them hold hands for a moment and it was clear they were hot for each other. My stomach was getting more in knots, and I tried to look calm and unworried, but the whole scenario was getting more difficult as they got more into each other.

We had only just finished the meal when Sarah invited Geoff to our room, telling me to stay and sort out the bill. They were gone in a flash, and it took me a few minutes to get the young waiter to bring the bill, so I was getting very worried about what would be happening. He brought the bill and said ‘They will be having fun tonight, won’t they’. I was struck dumb as it was obvious Sarah was with me and Geoff was too young to be her husband, and the waiter had noticed the flirting. I couldn’t think of a reply, so I just signed the bill and left.

I got to the room and Geoff let me in. Sarah was on the bed in just her undies, or most of them. I hadn’t realised but she had put her pretty knickers on over her suspender belt, and now they were on the floor beside the bed. He had no shirt on, and I could see the bulge in the front of his trousers. ‘We started without you’, he said, and climbed back onto the bed between Sarah’s legs to resume licking her pussy. Sarah smiled at me but she was lost in the feeling Geoff was giving her, so I just sat in a chair and watched. He made Sarah come loudly with his tongue and fingers, then she grabbed at his trousers and pulled them off him. She immediately took his stiff cock in her mouth and started to work on him. She’s never been that keen on giving me oral, but she was eating Geoff alive, wanking him and sucking on him like crazy. He was fondling her tits at the same time, and it wasn’t long before I heard him groan and saw his bum clench as he shot a load into her mouth. She smiled and let a bit of come escape down her chin, then wiped it with a finger and put it back in her mouth, licking her lips and savouring his taste. When I do occasionally get oral from her she always spits, which I hate, but here she was greedily sucking every drop from his messy cock.

They lay together on the bed kissing and cuddling like lovers, whispering things to each other that I couldn’t hear. She was gently stroking his cock and of course he got hard again, then he took off her bra and played with her breasts and nipples, sucking on them and making her squirm with pleasure. His cock was rigid against his flat stomach, and I couldn’t even get a semi I was so jealous. They whispered again to each other, and my wife quickly got on all fours, her sweet tight bum pointing at Geoff. I saw her hand go between her legs and find his cock which she greedily placed at her pussy, telling him to fuck her hard. I’m usually very gentle entering her and she often complains I’m too rough, but Geoff just shoved his hips forward and sank his full length into her. Sarah groaned with pleasure, and started to push back onto his cock, setting up a good rhythm as his balls banged against her pussy. After a few minutes I could tell she was getting near to coming, something she rarely does from just my cock inside her and as she started to shake her head he increased the force of his fucking until she screamed out as she came.

I was getting more upset at her obvious enjoyment of Geoff, and although he had been submissive when I was fucking his wife, he was now definitely in charge of my wife and me. I couldn’t face the idea of joining them, Sarah was so clearly enjoying herself without me and Geoff was loving it. I went to the bathroom and tried to wank, but my cock wouldn’t get hard whatever I did. When I came out Geoff was full length on top of my wife and fucking her hard, her legs were on his shoulders and I could see his cock driving in and out of Sarah’s wet pussy. She had her eyes closed and was pinching her nipples as he fucked her, her face and neck flushed with excitement. I went to Geoff’s jacket and found his room key, took it and slipped quietly out of the room.

As I lay on top of Geoff’s bed, I was hoping Sarah would ring me, but I got no call and eventually I gave up waiting and fell asleep. I woke in the early morning, got showered and dressed and went back to our room, intending to knock loudly and make Sarah feel guilty when she saw me, but when I got to the door of the room I could hear Sarah crying out as she does when she’s coming – they were fucking and she was obviously having a great time. I went back to Geoff’s room and tried to wank again, but I was too hurt to get excited. I was still hoping for a phone call, but nothing happened and eventually I went down to breakfast. I sat at a table for four, and the waiter from the previous night came to take my order. He laughed and said ‘I don’t suppose the lovers will be wanting anything, will they?’ and all I could do was mumble something then give him my order

As I was finishing my coffee, Geoff and Sarah came into the room and instead of joining me they went to sit at a table for two. I was going to make a fuss, when Sarah came over to me and said that she was going back with Geoff to his house for the afternoon, and that I should go home and wait for her.

As I drove home I was wondering where this would all end, and I was really worried that Sarah had fallen for him in a big way. I waited all afternoon, and eventually at about 7.30 I heard a car in the drive. As I heard Sarah open the front door I was worried about facing Geoff, who had clearly fucked my wife to heaven and back. They came in smiling and laughing, Sarah radiant and obviously very happy. Geoff came over and shook my hand, then said ‘thank you Jim, Sarah is wonderful and I really enjoyed our time together. We’re going to fix a weekend away together soon, I will look after her for you’. I didn’t know what to say, so instead of protesting I just said that was fine. Then he laughed and said ‘Sarah’s a bit sore after all our fucking, so please give her time to recover. She’s very full of come though, if you want to lick her out’. I mumbled something and Sarah said ‘That’s a good idea, I’d like that’. Then Geoff said he had to go home and he thanked Sarah for all the pleasure she had given him. They kissed sexily with tongues, his hands still wandering all over her body. Then she saw him to the door and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Sarah came back into the room, sat on the sofa and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She had no knickers on, and as she opened her legs I could see the wet on the insides of her thighs and the messy state of her pussy. ‘Come on then, get on with cleaning me up’ she ordered. Like a fool I got on my knees between her legs and started to taste her – but it wasn’t her at all, it was Geoff’s come, literally dripping out of her. She pulled my head towards her pussy and my face was covered in wet from her – the taste was awful and it smelt of his come.

Now they meet regularly and often go away for a night together. I get left behind and Sarah always comes back happy, satisfied and full of his come.