Written by jock69uk

21 Jul 2009

As we walked back I felt a little weird,a woman on either arm not knowing what Charlotte was up to .She had obviously let Allison see at least part of the film,and now who knows what.During lunch it was obvious to me that Allison was a very dominant individual,used to getting her own way,and it seemed able to manipulate Charlotte .However during our walk back Charlotte seemed happy,and at ease with the situation so who am I to worry,she chatted to both Allison and I as if we were all long lost buddies.I was adamant that I would not be the one to ask what was going on,so acted as if everything was normal,this I think confused Allison she seemed less confident as time went on.When we arrived at Charlotte\'s she went to make coffee,Allison removed her coat and sat on the sofa,crossing her legs allowing he skirt to ride up her thighs,\"are you going to join me ?\" patting the seat next to her,\"I\'ll just see if Charlotte needs any help\"I replied,leaving the room quickly ,entering the kitchen I flashed Charlotte that what\'s going on look,\"just go with the flow ,enjoy\" was her reply,\"you go look after Allison, I won\'t be long\" shrugging my shoulders I returned to the lounge,joining Allison on the sofa.So the ladies had a plan ,well the only polite reaction would be to join in,hey ho what a bugger,and smiling at Allison I just thought if you think you\'re pulling the strings think again!!!

Allison turned directly toward me \"you look a little surprised ,what\'s Charlotte been saying?\" all the while wearing a smug ,knowing look,\"she says I\'ve got to look after you,\" I replied,smiling she got to her feet,straddled my thighs with her legs and sat down facing me,her skirt riding up to expose the top of her thighs.Placing her lips directly to my ear \"and how do you intend to do that?\" she whispered,\"well first you\'re going to show me your massive tits \"I replied ,immediately she started to unbutton her blouse,just leaving the bottom button fastened,then slipping her hands inside each cup she expertly flipped each huge orb into view.Her bra left to support her chest,each breast pushed out ,her nipples huge \"suck me \"she ordered,gaining confidence as I openly stared at her impressive tits,leaning forward a nipple touched my lips,one gentle suck and it was between my lips,thick and hard,she pushing the tit into my face,\"now the other\"moving her chest to introduce the twin to my mouth,as the nipple entered my mouth I felt her hand in my groin,\"this chaps going to need some attention soon\" I just nodded \"fell free he\'s all yours ,Charlotte\'s seems happy for you to do whatever you want!\" I muttered her nipple growing in my lips,\"O she is ,she\'s desperate to watch you ,having us both, so I hope you\'ll be able to manage\". Sliding a finger into her pussy,and bringing my teeth together around her hard nipple I felt her tremble,releasing her nipple I looked directly into her eyes, \"don\'t you fucking worry lady,I\'ll be taking good care of you, and Charlotte will have an afternoon to remember\" sucking her nipple back to my mouth as I finished speaking.

I sensed Charlotte had entered the room,and was watching her friend,my fingers in her ,she pushing her tit to my mouth,as she did not speak I turned my head toward the doorway,releasing my grip on her nipple but leaving my fingers inside,not attempting to hide what I was doing .Charlotte just stared ,taking in her friends state of undress, and my fingers inserted deep in Allison\'s pussy,this was the moment of truth,how was she going to react to the reality of her scheme? I need not have worried,her eyes and lips suddenly registering a smile \"well you two aren\'t hanging around ,let\'s take our coffee upstairs and make ourselves a movie\"....