Written by jock69uk

26 Jul 2009

As Allison lay on the bed Charlotte took her opportunity,she pushed me onto my back and straddled my chest,leaning forward she slurped my prick into her hot mouth,sliding her body back until her moist lips were covering my mouth.Lifting her mouth from my cock ,"now eat me you fucker,stop paying her all the attention,look after me !" obviously she had forgotten that we were supposed to be teaching her dominating friend a lesson,jealousy had reared its ugly head!! As I tongued her pussy she continued giving head,but it was angry,her teeth scrapping across that sensitive area just behind the tip,I could tell she was doing it on purpose,"fucking hell Charlotte are you trying to bite it off?" her only reply another nip with her teeth.

In an effort to mollify her I concentrated harder on her pleasure and slowly but surely she began to respond,as her pleasure increased her mouth worked on my prick ,no longer trying to remove it from my body,now trying to get it to explode in her mouth. As her body responded to my attentions she spoke again "that's better,now I'm getting some,don't you dare keep ignoring me,you bastard." As her mouth returned to its task I felt Allison move beside us,she was getting off the bed,she had obviously heard everything and I assumed was clearing off whilst Charlotte calmed down.On reflection I should have known better,this was the woman who took total control in the films we had watched,using her sex to control and subjugate all partners.She returned to the room carrying a small bag,a wicked grin spread across her face .Opening her bag she removed several items before settling on a strap on,a massive black member,complete with belts and buckles.As Charlotte continued to suck my knob I watched Allison fasten herself in to this contraption,she took infinite care to ensure its perfect fit,and when satisfied,looking directly at me placed her hand around the shaft and simulated wanking.The thing was so big she could hardly get her hands around its girth,as I gawped at the monster she spoke ,"Charlotte ,get off him and lie down beside him,I'll show him just what you need" as if in a trance she obeyed,lay back legs open ,ready.Now I just wondered whether all had been planned, and I was the one being set up.

Before I could react Allison was between Charlotte's legs her tongue taking over from mine,the black penis between her stomach and the bed,Charlotte was moaning quickly reaching a climax,as she lay there ,the warm glow passing from her groin to the rest of her body Allison's voice interrupted her pleasure,"now you're going to meet my special friend,and you'll love him," with that she knelt between her friends open thighs,grabbing the monster phallus in both hands,guiding the huge bulbous head towards Charlotte's gash.Charlotte's eyes were closed,still feeling her climax she was unaware of the monster about to invade,Allison leaned forward ,kissed her full on the lips and whispered into her ear "and now your going to get the fuck off your life," with that the head moved to her pussy,she guided its position with her hands ,using her hips to try to get the massive head to start its journey.Charlotte was now staring down,watching open mouthed as Allison concentrated solely on penetrating her friend,easing the tip between now stretched lips,"Allison that won't fit,please you're going to hurt me," easing her hips back Allison started to rub the tip up and down the slit, each time easing more black rubber into the stretching hole. Charlotte was already gasping,"relax Charlotte,you're going to love this,stop moaning and enjoy the fuck" I was motionless as Allison now thrust her hips ,ramming the swollen head into Charlotte,and almost at the same moment slid half the shaft in as well,"fucking hell it's going to split me in half," shrieked Charlotte,her hips lifting off the bed,almost as if she had received an electric shock.Ignoring her friends plea's Allison slowly slid the monster back then immediately slid more back inside,slowly fucking Charlotte,with each move more of the enormous black dick invaded her hole,until she was taking the lot.Charlotte's reactions were incredible,initialy frightened and halting she was now totally absorbed,Allison having achieved full and deep penetration,took up the male missionary position,her massive tits resting on Charlotte's, as she continued to to push the strap on cock into her friends body.I now sported a huge hard on ,mesmerised by the raw animal sex taking place,Charlotte now matched every thrust ,I was amazed as she bucked against the massive prick,almost throwing Allison off in her frenzy,her hips no longer on the bed, she was taking its length easily "come on fuck harder ,come on bitch you're supposed to be good,give it me " she was screaming at the top of her voice,"come on ,when I've had my fill I'll do the same for you " this spurred Allison on,her thrusting more urgent,Charlotte responded by dropping her hips to the bed and wrapping her legs around Allison's back.This move quickly achieved her wish,climax after climax ripped through her body,sweat dripped from Allison's brow ,her face showing relief that she finally had satisfied Charlotte's needs,surprised how easily she took the cock.Now I knew this was not planned,Allison obviously not used to another woman taking her attentions and overpowering them.Even more surprising was Charlotte's next comment " OK Allison,get out of that belt and give it to me," winking at me as she said it,whilst Allison obeyed and removed the cock Charlotte sat on my rigid cock,her fanny,hot,incredibly wet and still twitching .Allison watching Charlotte's wanton behaviour,fumbled with the buckles,"for fucks sake Allison be quick,I'm going to fuck you senseless with that thing if you ever get it off",Charlotte was now totally controlling the situation. As the buckle finally gave way Allison placed the appendage on the bed,Charlotte,easing herself from my dick looked at her friend,"get on that until I've put the contraption on,get yourself ready for me" meekly Allison obeyed,I took the opportunity to start shagging her,intrigued by her puzzled expression,she knew she had met her match.

I watched as Charlotte confidently fitted the belt and straps,locating the cock precisely in position,smiling as she felt its girth and weight.Smiling she knelt on the bed "lie back Allison,now it's my turn" lifting her body from mine she obeyed,no sooner on her back she was overwhelmed by Charlotte,the black monster vanished up her with the initial violent thrust.Charlotte was like a tornado,slamming the tool deep into Allison,pounding into her ,like waves crashing against cliffs,Allison consumed by the raw energy,joining the thrusts,trying to repel the onslaught but knowing she had lost.Charlotte withdrew the monster,laying its length on Allison's belly,"now let me lie down and you can let me watch you shag it",they quickly changed position,Allison straddling Charlotte guiding the monster into herself.Easily taking the length she slowly increased her speed,adjusting position to maximise her pleasure,Charlotte laying back felt for my cock,stroking my length ,turning her face towards mine "get ready I want you to join in soon,only do what I say,now let's get you ready" as she expertly brought me to maximum hardness Allison was still enjoying her penetration,still bucking hard on her rubber friend.

Charlotte now started to thrust her own hips increasing Allison's pleasure,again turning to me "get behind her now and do nothing" as I took up position she slammed into Allison with more intensity, "rub your fingers around her fanny" I reached forward ,the black rubber sliding past my fingers as they felt the wet pussy,"now finger her arsehole and get her ready,Allison gasped as my finger slid into her hole,no resistance she accepted its presence,"now stick it in her arse and fuck her with me" removing my finger I inserted my cock,using her own juice as lubrication.I could feel the enormous cock still ramming her fanny as her hole grabbed around my prick,Charlotte's energy was bringing its reward ,Allison gasped as the intense orgasm gripped her ,instantly Charlotte removed the strap on ,"now really fuck her arse,let her have it," I held her hips as I slid easily into her,"o yesss ,harder,harder!" reaching forward I grabbed her pony tail,pulling back as I continued to slide into her backside,Allison was coming again,she was fucking insatiable," come on you two is that all you've got" she was trying to establish her control again,Charlotte slid from underneath her ,pulling at my arm "let me at her I'll fucking show her " pulling me out off the way ,she knelt behind Allison.The black cock between Allison's legs,glistening with her come,slowly and deliberately she lifted it to her friends distended hole "now you can see what we've got ,enjoy!" with that she fed it slowly into Allison.I was amazed at the ease with which she took it,Charlotte ramming away and Allison receiving every thrust with pleasure.Sometimes a man is surplus........