11 May 2017

An impulse to go to a burlesque Night at a local theatre had us ready to go with the fun of the occasion. We dressed up in fancy dress as we had been told that it was a great help to go in vogue and join in the fun. I had a poncy looking waistcoat heavily embroidered and the wife had a leopard skin dress which showed a generous amount of bust. A tiny hat and heels she did her make up a bit extra slutty and she looked gorgeous and I was extremely proud of her. knowing also that underneath she had authenticated there as well with stockings and suspenders. We caught the bus into town and she drew long gazes from each stop which collected city bound punters out for a few beers or a night's entertainment. As we were early we called in for a drink knowing that the theatre ripped people off in their bar and also that it was an unholy crush due to the archaic state of the building. For all that it has atmosphere and we looked forward to the entertainment.

A small group of lads near us asked if we were going to a party and when we explained our reason and the destination of our evening they seemed very interested. We suggested they might enjoy the fun too if they could get tickets. They agreed it would be novel and as we drank off to leave they came with us to the box office. Unfortunately it was a sell out and their eyes were popping out of their heads when they saw the voluptuous display was not just confined to my wife. Disappointed we said we were going into a local pub after the theatre and they were invited to join us if they wished.

As we went in Liz said that she thought their eyeballs were going to disappear down her cleavage. I hugged her and said she looked gorgeous. The show was a great laugh and very sexy at times with stripping being very professionally done. the dancers were all in time and quite beautiful. At the intermission we had an ice cream and before the lights went down they made an announcement for best dressed lady. Amazingly Liz won and was presented with an autographed programme and a bottle of quality bubbly, she was a bit embarrassed but elated her effort had been approved without her even being aware she was being scrutinised. At the end of the show we made our way out and into a nearby pub. Lo and behold the lads were there and came straight over when they spotted us. The pub was less full than usual and there were plenty of seats so i suggested we went upstairs where the seating was a bit more comfortable. I told liz to get us a seat in the corner where we could see the riverside which was always great at night when the lights reflected off the water and happy drinkers sang bawdy songs and made a general nuisance of themselves while trying to chat up the young women with microdresses on and very little else. One of the lads stayed down to assist while I bought the round he said how fabulous my wife looked and I thanked him and said she enjoyed younger company and said 'Just wait and see if she likes you there could be a bit of fun going on later'.

We got our beers and sat round chatting, Liz the centre of attention. I was sitting back and generally watching as she was showered with chat and suggestive nuances which she took with the air of a confident woman knowing she had four lads around twenty years her junior watching her every move. She said she felt very special after winning so unexpectedly especially as she was among the oldest people there. Cue compliments in showers and more suggestive talk. The drink had loosened tongues. And that charged the air sexually. It was very soon last orders as this pub shut at the traditional time of 11 despite later hours being available in ninety per cent of the surrounding pubs. Liz said to the lads that if they wanted a late drink we had a holiday flat which was empty this weekend and they were welcome to come back for a few more beers with us as we were staying overnight. All four cheered and sank their beers. With Liz in the centre of them and me bringing up the rear we walked the ten minutes to the holiday let and went inside. Liz was on kissing terms with them all by now and the talk was very smutty and I knew where it was leading. The lads had said they wanted to see what was beneath her dress and she was leading them on saying they needed to be patient and maybe something might happen. She was winding them up no end and loving it. Eventually she stood up and said she needed the bathroom and tottered out of the room. I asked whether they were up for fun and four broad grins spread across their faces.

Liz came back and lowered the lights then put on some music from her i pad using spotify. Stripping music no less. Heavy drum beats and saxophone led a sultry score. Liz knew how to move and seemed to have memorised some of what she had seen earlier, turning provocatively and waggling her bum tantalisingly before, with her back turned to them, she slowly unzipped her dress, the black strapless bra revealed and her very sexy lines of her back now on show. All talk had stopped, the lads were watching avidly and gently rubbing rising erections. Once her dress was gone she turned to face her audience of five, her stockings and suspenders and sexy black thong all revealed and in the process of captivating her admirers. She danced on, gyrating those sexy hips, easing her fingers across her thong, tugging the sides but keeping her sexy secret unrevealed. I was as turned on as the lads and had my cock out, gently wanking it. Liz had seen it but as I was at the back of the room the lads were not looking at me when a woman was about to get naked for them. The music was almost through when she slipped the string down and turned her back before stripping them off from behind, throwing them over her head to be caught and sniffed immediately by one of them then turning to reveal her very neatly trimmed pubic hair, a narrow strip about an inch wide and four long. She then sat on a large footrest and opened her legs wide, displaying a shaved cunt, the lips swollen and wet.

She sat posing as the music finished and then smiled and asked if that was what they wanted. Without waiting foor an answer she told them to get undressed and give her a good time. A flurry of male clothes brought four naked bums to my view and four hard cocks to hers. I could see as they undressed they were of average size and all uncut. They gathered around her and touched breasts, back, neck, kissing her and feeling her, one ventured down to her naked cunt and slipped a finger in and said 'She is very wet, beautiful' In the silence I heard her juices squelching as she was fingered. She voiced her definite approval and took her first cock in her mouth. The atmosphere was absolutely electric, sighs and moans of utter approval from each of then as I took a back seat, very happy to watch my wife about to be fucked by four new cocks. She had a cock in each hand and one in her mouth. I whispered to the one not involved other than sucking her left breast,'Why not be first and fuck her?' 'Can I, I haven't got any protection' 'You will be fine she loves bareback' Liz had heard me and said 'Yes fill me with that lovely young spunk, fuck me now, I want you all in me' I was now a very happy observer of a full on gangbang. Her cunt was now being pounded by an eager young cock and he was making her groan with joy. The first lad did not last all that long but Liz was delighted as he shot several spurts of spunk deep in her loving cunt. He dribbled a load as he withdrew, his cock still stiff. One had already come in her mouth too and the other two were taking their mates places. Within another ten minutes she had another load in her cunt and mouth, her stockings were now streaked with cum.

It was now that Liz stood up and saw the stains on the footrest and announced that she was going into the bedroom if anyone wished to join her for more fun. Everyone debunked into the bedroom. The lights were low, a four poster bed and the curtains drawn. Liz lay on a pillow and took more cock as her studs pummelled her receptive body, fucking her non stop for another hour and a half before she said she was getting sore and needed to stop. The lads were still stiff and said they would love a repeat. Liz said they should all leave her their mobile numbers and she would give them hers.

Another hour passed and we were on our own, still on a high but with a full and sore cunt now out of action for a couple of days or so. Liz said she had loved the attention and the night seemed unreal except for the soreness it could have been a dream. Reality came when each of the lads kept sending texts asking for a meet but she said they needed to be patient and she would indeed help fulfill any fetish or desire they had within reason, (no water sports, pain or BDSM) but if they wanted outdoors she was up for that. So far she has had a few interesting meets but just individually, no gangbangs as she said they are hard to continue after so long and they should really be spontaneous and infrequent or the thrill risks being lost