30 May 2018

I first met Hazel at my slimming club and was instantly attracted to this vivacious, attractive young woman.

In her late-30s with two teenaged children giving her the runaround, she joined the group more to give herself a social life than because she needed to lose weight.

I’d been a member for several years and was at my target weight, but stayed on for the same reasons.

Neither of us had much of a sex life at home I discovered when Hazel messaged me out of the blue one night and started chatting me up!

I was astonished, as our conversations on club nights had always revolved around her kids’ latest misadventures, the weather or whatever was topical at the time.

She told me later that I had a bottle of prosecco to thank for her unexpected, frank approach that night, in which after the minimum of preamble she suddenly blurted out with: ‘Do you like my tits?’

Now, I am definitely a boobs man and had naturally clocked Hazel’s impressive pair, which still looked firm and perky despite the two babies they had nurtured.

‘Don’t deny it,’ she continued. ‘I’ve seen you sneaking a peep down my cleavage and then having to cross your legs, you bad man!’

Although she was quite slender and not too tall – probably about 5-5 I’d guess – her well-stacked bosoms were definitely her best asset and so I told her so.

‘Thank god for that!’ she came back. ‘I thought you might be scared off with me being so blunt.’

‘What about you?’ I asked. ‘Seen anything of mine that takes your fancy?’

‘Well, there seems to be quite an impressive bulge in those trousers of yours, but I can’t really be sure without copping a feel and we might both get thrown out of the club if we start groping each other! LOL’

‘Sounds like we need to meet up then,’ I ventured. ‘When are you free?’

‘God, really? This is all a bit sudden isn’t it Jimmy? . . . How about tomorrow? LOL’

We agreed to meet for coffee at a local garden centre the next morning, after she had dropped the kids off at school.

I phoned in sick at work, shaved and showered, slipped a packet of condoms into my jacket pocket, just in case I got lucky and headed off to the rendezvous.

It was summer and Hazel turned up wearing a thin floral print knee-length dress, with an elasticated top that hugged her 36DD breasts and left her shoulders bare, her short chestnut-coloured hair tucked in against her slender neck.

We sat and chatted quietly over our drinks while we discreetly checked each other out, until Hazel leaned forward and whispered: ‘Your place or mine?’

‘I thought somewhere neutral might be safer, so I went online earlier and took the liberty of booking a day room at a Holiday Inn ten miles from here,’ I told her, grinning.

Hazel blushed, but her eyes were sparkling and she quickly squeezed my knee, which I took to be acceptance of my cheeky proposition.

We travelled in my car, leaving hers in the garden centre car park and were soon outside the hotel.

‘Best not be seen going in together,’ I told her. ‘I’ll check in and text you the room number.’

Hazel unclipped her seat belt and leaned across to kiss me, her hand brushing against my crotch as she did so.

‘Nice bulge,’ she said. ‘I hope to meet him in the flesh as soon as I get to the room . . . oh and by the way, I seem to have forgotten to put any panties on this morning . . . thought you’d like to know! Now, off you go . . . ’

Walking into Reception was not easy with the raging hard-on I’d got from this revelation, but I made it and was soon established in room 129, with its king-sized bed (I paid to upgrade) and views over the rolling Essex countryside.

I texted Hazel the room number and, to my surprise, got an instant response: ‘Draw the curtains, leave the door ajar and wait for me naked under the duvet, with the lights off ;)’

I did as I was told, slipping the condoms under my pillow and then leaning back, with the duvet tenting over my eight-inch erection to await her arrival.

I couldn’t see the door from the bed, but heard Hazel slip quietly into the room and the click of the lock as she shut us in.

She walked from the entrance lobby area into the main room and came around to my side of the bed.

My hand reached out to touch her leg, sliding up the silky soft flesh of her inner thigh under her dress until reaching its goal. I could feel that her pussy was already swollen and leaking her juices, just ripe for a good seeing-to.

‘I am EXTREMELY wet,’ she said, moaning as my fingers rubbed her dripping slit, ‘so you might want to skip the foreplay . . . ’

Her sentence was cut short by my pulling back the duvet and grabbing her around the waist, dragging her down on top of me and then rolling her over on to her back.

‘Steady Tiger,’ she laughed. ‘Let me get out of this dress first, so you can feast on my tits as well as filling my fanny with that monster cock. Be gentle, I’m still quite tight down there.’

‘Best I get rubbered up then,’ I said as I helped her get out of her dress and bra, feeding hungrily on her liberated orbs.

‘That won’t be necessary,’ murmured Hazel, stroking my blond thatch as I suckled her rock hard nipples. ‘I’m on the pill and he hasn’t touched me for months. I want to leave here knowing I’ve been properly fucked!’

‘Access all areas?’ I asked as I kissed my way down her flat stomach towards her smooth mound.

‘I’ve brought some lube, so yes . . . access all areas . . . mmmmmm,’ this latter moaning when I slid between her open legs and pushed my bulging knob against her pouting pussy lips, sliding in like a knife through butter as she lifted herself towards me.

She hadn’t lied about being tight, but as we built up speed I felt her relax and was soon pounding her hungry pussy hard and fast.

Pausing from my labours, I pulled out and lifted her legs up towards her shoulders before diving back inside fucking her harder and deeper until I felt her hit her climax and heard her squeal and moan as her orgasm shook her to the core.

Knowing that I had yet to unload, she told me: ‘Splash my tits where I can lick it off!’

I was virtually there, but pulled out and began stroking my cock, still slippery from her hot juices, until my tight balls emptied and I sprayed my hot load around her stiff nipples.

I then watched in fascination as Hazel lifted each of her magnificent mammaries up to her mouth and licked my cum from around each one.

‘Mmmm, nice,’ she purred. ‘Next time cum inside me and then lick me out . . . Oh and before we leave here I need you to ravish my arse, if you’ve still got any stamina left!’

That was over a year ago. I have ravished her arse many times since then and fucked her in all her holes, making full use of my access all areas pass as well as burning off hundreds of calories! It beats dieting that’s for sure!