Written by Gary

26 Oct 2009

I had received a DVD showing, Karen, my wife having her pussy shaved and being fucked by 3 of her workmates. I was shocked, but at the same time excited watching, as I'd long fantasised seeing her having sex with other men. Our sex lives had become routine and unadventurous and here she was being fucked and saying things like "Fuck my cunt, make me cum". I recalled that on returning from the trip she had said she was tired and when I joined her in bed she was wearing PJ's. Her period had started that weekend so it was about 10 days before we had sex and I saw her pussy which by now the hair was growing back, I'd commented and she said she'd fancied a change and had then gone to the bathroom returning with her beaver shaved and completely smooth. Great I thought until the DVD arrived. I'd watched it numerous times wanking and wondering how to deal with it. Her mother was visiting the following weekend so I had no opportunity and decided I would confront her on the weekend just past.

Karen got home about 6pm and after eating went for a shower, returning half hour later wearing a kimono which when she sat down to watch TV,fell open revealing her freshly shaved pussy. I showered and when I came back she was channel hopping saying "There's nothing on". My chance "Fancy watching a DVD?". "May as well" she replied. I inserted the DVD, sat opposite her and pressed play as I watched her face. The first 20seconds was of the erect prick being stroked. She looked over and said "Haven't you got anything else" obviously not recognising it. "Give it minute" I said as she turned back just as the picture zoomed in on a face - her face - and then out again showing her naked, wanking two cocks and having her tits sucked. A look of horror crossed her face as she let out moan and "Oh god,the fucking bastard. Please stop it. I'm so sorry". The frame froze showing her pussy being shaved and her cunt wet and wide open waiting to be fucked. "Well, would you like to explain" I said moving beside her. "I bet Griff sent this. He was made redundant and blames me. I knew they'd been filming but they told me it had been deleted". "Is this the first time? I asked. She just shook her head. "Tell about it, How did it happen?" So she started to to explain.

The first time had been about 6 months previously, she was away with Griff and Will and one evening they were messing about and they had ended up fucking her. They had had a meal and afterwards Griff had suggested going to a nearby lap dancing club. She'd been a bit tipsy and curious what these clubs were like had gone along. They had a few more drinks and as they watched the dancers they had said they thought she could do better than some of the girls. She said seeing the effect the girls were having on the men she was getting quite wet between her legs. As they walked to the hotel Will noticed a wet patch on the back of her dress and pointed it out to Griff. He said she must have liked the club suggesting she come to his room and put on a show for them. Will chipped in and she'd agreed thinking it will be exciting, a bit of a laugh, undo her dress, give them a quick flash of her undies then a kiss goodnight and off to her room.

In the room they turned on one of the TV music channels and they sat on the bed to watch Karen dance. She was just wearing a button through dress, matching bra and thong set, and high heels. She began running her hands over her dress before going down on her heels and undoing the lowest buttons parting her knees a little further with each one until her thong was just visible. She stood up and undid the top buttons until her bra was on view. She could see that they both had hardons as she undid the final buttons and held the dress open. She could feel her nipples poking through her bra and her thong was soaked with her juices so when one of them said "Don't stop" she just dropped it to the floor turned her back and unclasping her bra it joined the dress.She turned to face them caressing her breasts and nipples and told them to get undressed while she got rid of the thong. She moved her hand down to her pussy and inserted a couple of fingers into her cunt and stood masturbating in front of them as they wanked their cocks. She was now so randy and knew she couldn't stop, knowing she was going to be fucked by both of them just made her wetter.

She joined them on the bed and kneeling between them took a prick in each hand and stroked them before leaning forward and sucking them. They had both got their hands between her legs and worked several fingers inside her and were frigging her. She was sucking cock and pushing her pussy against the fingers as she felt her cunt tighten as she came. Will had a really thick cock and she wanted to feel it inside her so she lifted her leg over and turned facing his feet before taking hold of him and guiding it to her soaked pussy. She had hold of Griff's prick and pulled him to her head, lent forward and licked the pre cum from the tip before opening her mouth and closing her lips tightly round his cock and sucking him as far into her mouth as she could. She was being fucked from underneath and having her mouth fucked. The sensations of having them both were so intense she soon came for a second time as felt Will thrusting faster and harder and cumming inside her. Griff was holding her head and moving in and out of her mouth stiffened and squirted 3 or 4 times as she tried to swallow it all. They all collapsed on the bed and spent the night together, fucking her again before breakfast in the morning.

By the end of the story my dick was throbbing. I looked at her and said "How many times has this happened?" "About six, there are 5 on the team and I've fucked them all. It felt so good having two or three cocks at the same time I couldn't stop once I'd experienced it. I wanted you to be there, join in, but I was afraid how you'd react if I'd suggested a threesome. What are you going to do, throw me out, are you you angry?" I undid my dressing gown and taking her hand placed it on my erect cock and said "Does this answer your question. I'd have jumped at the chance to join in".

She then stood up took off the housecoat and parting her legs reached for my cock before sitting on my lap holding me against her pussy as I slid inside her. She then reached for the remote and said "Fuck me while we watch the rest of the video". Watching her fucking, sucking and being arse fucked while I fucked her was so erotic we had both cum before the end.

Yesterday morning in bed she was wondering how to arrange a fuck session, not involving people from work, when I remembered that I have to attend a trade show this week. She is owed some time off and I suggested she ask for the time off from Tuesday and accompany me. I explained that there would be several men I was friendly with and that two in particular, who were single, I am sure will be up for it especially when they see her. We discussed the idea and her plan is to act as if we have never met before so she can dress and behave like a total tart something which she has wanted to do but never dared.

She has just phoned me and her time off has been approved. If our plan works, before the week is out I will have fucked her and watched her being fucked with at least one other man.

Hopefully there just may be another part to this story!!