Written by Heather

22 Oct 2011

My name is Heather and I am a happily married 41 year old. Recently my husband Richard asked me to join him on one of his business trips so we could spend some more time together.

It was the second night of the trip and we had a romantic dinner at the hotel restaurant and it finished up with us having some wonderful sex. In the morning Richard left early for a meeting so I decided to take advantage of the massage service that the hotel offered.

I made the call to reception and with twenty minutes my masseuse arrived at our room. I answered the door in my robe and was greeted by a handsome guy in his mid twenties named Ben. I let him in and after a brief introduction he got to work. I was naked on the bed only with a towel covering me when Ben went to work.

His hands felt fantastic rubbing my shoulders and back. Soon he worked his way down to my legs and as he hands moved towards my thighs my pussy began to tingle. At first I couldn't believe that this was happening as I had always been faithful to my husband.

All I could do at this stage was spread my legs and let Ben's hands move up to my bum and continue to rub. I let a sigh out and Ben moved his hands to my pussy which by now had become rather wet. He began to rub my pussy and I was getting incredibly turned on, and lost all thoughts of being faithful to my husband.

I reached around and felt Ben's cock through his pants and it was beginning to harden and felt like it was fairly large. I rolled over and pulled down Ben's pants to reveal his manhood. It was about nine inches long and very fat and his balls were huge. I don't know what came over me but I put my mouth around Ben's cock and began to suck. It tasted nice, but I had to have it inside me. I told Ben to remove his clothes and reached over to the bed side table to get a condom. (My husband and I are using them as I am taking a break from the pill.)

I rolled the condom over Ben's cock which took some doing because of his size. I told Ben to lay on the bed and I mounted him. I held my breath as I lowered my pussy over his cock and it was stretching to fit him all inside my pussy. Once he was fully in I began to slowly rock my hips and it was not long and I could feel my orgasm building. I quickened my pace and came hard on Bens massive cock.

My pussy was on fire and I needed more and I told Ben to enter me from behind. As Ben pushed his cock in me I nearly came again. It didn't take Ben long and he was thrusting into me quite hard. Ben was rubbing my clit with one hand and he stuck his finger up my bum with the other. This was enough to send me over the edge for a second time. When I calmed down I noticed that Ben had not cum yet, so I rolled over on my back and Ben entered me again.

Ben told me he was close to cumming so I wrapped my legs around him and told him to fuck me hard. Soon Bens pace quickened and he stiffened and burried his cock deep inside my pussy and unloaded. I could feel him shooting inside me which I thought was strange as he had a condom on. After his orgasm subsided Ben withdrew with a sigh from me. It was then we discoved that the condom had broken, and he had flooded my fertile pussy with a massive ammount of cum. All that was left was the ring around the base of Bens cock. He appologised for this and I told him that it was ok, eeven though I was not so sure.

I gave Ben a tip and he left, and I had a shower to wash as much of Bens cum out as I could.

The next few days went quick with me and my husband having protected sex on a number of occasions. That was six weeks ago and I have just taken a home pregnancy test and it is positive. That was a business trip to remember for the time I spent with my husband Richard but not so for the unexpected pregnancy that happened.