Written by Nicco415

20 Aug 2011

Started on monday with a lovely mature couple where she wanted a small group of guys to pleasure her. they arrived right on time, and she said she was very nervous as they had only ever played with single males before, made them a cuppa and relaxed, chatted then the first two guys arrived and we adjourned to the bedroom - where she was soon stripped and enjoying herself, with oral and pussy fun and good hard fucking. The two guys cum and went!! and then the third arrived who soon had her screaming with his great oral dexterity, soon we were sat chatting and she had a big grin on her face.She has a figure and legs to die for and will be back soon.

Friday was party time, spent the whole day preparing the place, extra mattress etc as 20 were expected, however when the time came we only had two mf couples, one with both bi, a single bi fem and four single guys some bi.

We used the lounge as there was plenty of room and the ladies were soon in action, one couple were attending a party for the first time and she said she was very shy and nervous, however a glass of wine and away she went. I always like to have a surplus of guys as most ladies seem to be capable of dealing with more than one or two and so it was this time.

It was lovely to see and hear the ladies groaning and moaning as they were licked and fingered and their adorable nipples sucked and played with, and a few cocks were utilised too.

A continuous session with multiple cocks and pussies being pleasured by uninhibited people who love sex, and two of the ladies also enjoyed each other, a sight which drove the guys to greater hardness and efforts too.

Only too soon the party was slowing down, the air reeking of cum and pussy juice, we all relaxed and chilled and then they all went home, leaving me with some great pics and mmany happy memories.

One lady is a bit sub and I LOVE testing her each time we meet, her nipples seem to be connected to her orgasm brain centre, she soon is cumming after some mild play and then goes to greater heights as the play becomes more severe.

I think another party next week perhaps.