Written by legswide

13 Nov 2011

I have just got back from a Hen weekend at the Bognor Regis Butlins and i had a grew time. I am in an open relationship which is cool, and i am 43 size 10 35c good body and legs I am told. We were a group of six women celebrating a birthday. When we got there we changed for the Friday night disco, I was dresses in black half basque, stockings and a low cut and short blue party dress. We had lots of drinks, lots of dances with different guys and lots of gropes with a few guys discovering I had no knickers. As the evening wore on I was getting a lot of attention from two nineteen years old guys, one black and one mixed race Scott and Andy. They were really dirty dancing with me, rubbing up against me groping my tits and when Scott was behind me he was fingering me; at about midnight they suggested we went back to their chalet and drink some vodka, so the there of us went back to theirs, and as soon as we were through the door, Scott grabbed me and his tongue went down my throat and Andy undid my dress and slipped t off me Scott took me to the bed and I bent over and undid her trousers and revealed a very large cock and Andy started to lick my fanny and bum, then he took his clothes off and started to fuck me, Andy felt big and was very energetic. They then swooped places, after a while I was told to ride Andy and as I did Scott edged me forward and was greasing my arse then I felt him enter me as the same time as Andy was fucking me. The fucking went on for a couple of hours,with me falling asleep between them and when we woke up we had another fuck. I went back to our chalet and went to sleep.

Later we went into the pool and met few guys who were messing around and after an hour or SE we went back to our chalet we showered, then there was a knock at the door, and one of the guys from the pool was there, he had a dressing gown on and he had a chalet opposite ours and he asked me if I would check something out for him, I said of course and followed him to his chalet; Peter was his name he was about fifty, I don't usually go for older guys other than my husband. When we got into the chalet he took off his gown and was totally naked underneath, he said just wanted to know if you though I had a big cock, well it was about 8" and soft I love massive cock,so I told him he was really cheeky and went over to him and took his balls in my hand and said that it would be big if it was hard and knelt down and took him into my mouth and he grew hard very very quickly, he took hold of my hair and held me head there and fucked my face, then he pulled away and we went to the bedroom and I stripped and he fucked me and he was really good quite rough which I like and his cock was massive; he spunk into me and said see you later. I dressed and left feeling we fucked. I went back to the chalet and went to sleep for while.

We all dressed for the evenings and our theme was air hostesses' we were all dressed in red uniforms, short skirts low-cut blouses and stockings I had a red basque on and really slutty red high heals shoes. We all went to the bar and disco we had a lot t drink again, I was dancing with loads of guys dirty dancing with some fence kissed by most tits felt and fanny fingered I was so wet; the guys who fucked me earlier came over and danced with me hands everywhere and raised my skirt so everyone could see I was commando, and then held my bum cheeks with both hands, the next thing I knew was a pair of hands undoing my blouse from behind and groping my tits and another guy to my right pinching a nipple. These are my mates said Peter, Jeff and Steve, both about forty or so. I could feel a hard big bulge pressing against bum, and Peter's large cock against my fanny, then Peter and Steve who at my right started to french kiss me, and Jeff was pinching both nipples now; Peter said lets go and have some fun, and I was led out of the floor and back to their chalet, they had me stripped dow to my half basque, stockings and heals and they were naked too, very fit bodies and all well endowed, Peter pushed me on to the bed and Jeff started to lick me out Steve cock went to my mouth and Peter started to bite and kiss and suck my tits and nipples, then he went to fuck me first, followed by Steve and then Jeff, I was sucking a cock as one was fucking me, they then did my bum legs around my shoulders and a cock deep in my bum, Then I rode Peter as Steve entered my arse and I sucked on Jeff's cock.This went on for a bout three hours, they dp my fanny and came in all my holes and mouth; we feel asleep and they all had me again in the morning, I went back to the chalet and quickly showered, changed and had to drive back home. My tits were covered in teeth bits and love bits with some love bits around my fanny, and Angie came back and saw me naked and laughed saying they had written great fuck on my bum, and it would not come off.

I drove home tired but happy a well fucked; my husband was delighted to hear the events when I got home, and we had a lovely shag as a result.

I had to rite this as it was s exciting I wanted to tell everyone and if you saw us at Bognor Butlins this weekend, or danced with me, groped me or fucked me tell everyone in the comments below.