Written by Harrogatedude

27 Aug 2013

I've just got back this weekend from Marbella where I'd spent quite a bit of time on the beaches of Marbella, Puerto Banus amongst a few others when I looked up nudist beaches as I like the all over tan and the vibe on a nudist beach. I found a place online called Cabopina beach and it was about 10k east of Marbella so on a scorching Sunday afternoon I headed up there to check it out.

Parking was a little tricky but I got parked up and headed for the beach towel in one hand, still wearing my shorts at this point. I walked onto a "textile" beach as they call it where everyone had costumes on but the reviews said to keep walking down the beach and it becomes nudist. The review wasn't wrong and the beach slowly merged into being a few nudists until everyone was nude and I was the only one wearing shorts. I stopped and whipped them off so I didn't stand out, I'm sure my white bum made me stand out more though!.

walking down the beach there was all shapes and sizes, some couples relaxing naked and some gay male and gay female couples just chilling out and some lovely sights. There was a couple walking on the edge of the water, where the guy had what can only be described as a comedy cock, it was more like a trunk, just swinging from side to side as they walked along, getting some admiring glances.

I walked to the end of the beach and then back again to find a nice space to park myself near a few couples and a few single males. It was time to stretch out and enjoy the peace. I was laying on my back with a bit of a semi, that the heat and situation does to you when I noticed a number of people would walk into the raised rushes and dunes at the back, though it looked too hot to walk around as it was 36 degrees. I stayed put for a while but ventured up a few minutes after one of the couples sitting near me ventured up there and one of the guys who was sitting by me. I couldn't see them when i arrived but heard some voices behind a bush and tiptoed around to get a better view, i was treated to the sight of the lady with a cock in each hand, her boyfriends and the guy from the beach. She was wriggling around looking v excited when the guy shot his load, made his apologies and left. They made the way back to the beach and a few minutes later I followed.

There was a pattern over the next hour as people disappeared off into the dunes and i saw a few nice sights but didn't intrude. I did however have a few smiles from a couple who were sitting near me as they were both checking out my cock, the chap nodded towards the dunes and got up and off they went, i followed a minute later and followed them into the bushes, 50 yards or so back from the beach. As i caught up with them i noticed that the chap was already fully hard with a nice thick cock with a nice head on it with his wife gently wanking it. She held out her hand towards me and softly cupped my balls, my cock had already sprung to life by this stage. As she slowly stroked it, i was surprised that it was her husband who lent forward to put his mouth around my cock, licking and sucking, then she, getting into a squat position with her pussy open wide got down to take over from him and took me in her mouth. It was so erotic I could have burst there and then. I noticed a chap watching who was playing with his cock slowly walking over and before I knew it there was 3 guys and the girl on her knees. What i quickly realised when the 4th guy joined in was that they were interested in the girl but just as interested in my cock as i had three of them trying to suck me. The girl stood up whilst two of the guys were sucking me and kissed me, i used this chance to roam my hands over her body and to put my hands between her legs and feel her pussy which was so wet and lovely to play with.

This all continued for a little while until one of the guys pushed on a little further and i could feel a really large cock nudging at my arse, i put my hand behind me and pushed it away, it was really thick but there was no way I was letting him go near my arse. I continued playing the girl, sucking her small nipples and playing with her clit. Again i felt the big cock nudging against my arse and again i reached around, gave him a little squeeze and if i'm honest a small wank but pushed him away from my arse again. Back I went to the girl when I felt a warm wet feeling on my back, the dirty sod had come over the small of back and a fair amount of it. I reached around and felt the cock, still pulsing and this sent me over the edge, the thought of cum on my back, one hand full of cock, the other in a pussy whilst a guy with a shaved head was sucking me in the heat was all too much and shot my load in his mouth, I think I almost passed out in the heat with the excitement. The girl was panting though I cant remember if she came or not as I was so dizzy.

I made my way back down to the beach, cock still fairly hard and grabbed some water and sat down for a cool off. That was my first time on Cabopina beach and the sand dunes, I don't think it will be my last.